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Vighnaharta Ganesh 2nd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Jalandhar creates his own kailash.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 2nd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with jalandhar building his a new kailash as the exact copy of mahadev’s kailash. Jalandhar and vrinda go in their kailash and jalandhar says I am greater than everyone and I am the god for everyone now, I will rule this universe from my kailash here. Jalandhar goes to the place where mahadev sits, vrinda comes. jalandhar says see this place looks so dull, a god doesn’t live like this, I will live a royal life not like this. I will sit on a throne with you my wife and love, we will rule everyone as gods. Jalandhar then uses his power and brings up a throne in place of mahadev’s seat, jalandhar then sees the throne and says we both will sit there my love. Vrinda says I don’t doubt you my strong love, you will rule this universe with me. Jalandhar sits on the throne and

laughs, he says I am jalandhar, I am great and no one can defeat me. Vrinda goes to jalandhar and sits beside him.
There ganesh, kartikeya and parvati see. Ganesh says who has dared to make an exact copy like kailash and place it beside our home, kailash! There vrinda says to jalandhar, I will be your devi shakti like parvati is devi shakti of shiv. Vrinda says and I am the wife of the great jalandhar, I wont live in such an ordinary palace like parvati does, I will live in a grand palace, everyone should look at us. Jalandhar says that is right then, I will make you a palace using my powers. Jalandhar uses his powers and turns the entire palace into gold and decorates it, jalandhar then uses his powers from his trishul and turns all rocks and ground into gold on his kailash, he turns the mountains into gold. Jalandhar gets up and says whenever all the gods, yaksh, gandharva, kinnar, nag and even brahma and Vishnu will go from here, they will see my kailash and will have to stop here to give me pranam and bend before me by seeing my greatness. Jalandhar says I will now go and give my introduction to all gods. Vrinda says no my love, have you seen shiv? Does he go and give his introduction to everyone? No. all the gods will come to you themselves by seeing your powers, strength and our kailash. Jalandhar says you are right wife. Jalandhar says I will not eat any simple food, I will eat the delicious fish from the lake on our kailash. Jalandhar’s kailash starts shining due to the gold everywhere.
Parvati says who is this person who dared to build a same kailash near our home? Kartikeya says it shines due to gold so much, there is so much maya in that place there? Ganesh says who can do this? He has used gold everywhere and made the name of kailash impure.
Indra dev and all gods see and indra dev says there are 2 kailash? How is that possible? Suryadev says devraj we should go and see what is happening. Varun dev says suryadev is right devraj, I don’t feel right about all this, we should go and see. Indra dev says you are right and he and all gods go.
They stand outside jalandhar’s kailash and see. Indra dev says there is all gold everywhere, who has done this? Has mahadev done it for some purpose? We shall go and ask him, as they are going suddenly the sound of trumpets and dhols is head. Indra dev says what is that? We should go and see. Indra dev and all gods go inside the palace and they see jalandhar coming in front of them. Indra dev says this is mahadev, as they are doing pranam vrinda comes and all gods stop. Indra dev says who is she? Vrinda keeps her head on jalandhar’s shoulder. Indra dev and all gods are shocked. Suyradev says so much gold everywhere, I don’t think mahadev has done this, who is this person who looks exactly like mahadev? Kuber says yes suryadev is right, mahadev is known for his simplicity, someone who lives in animal clothes with a nag around his neck and bhasma powder all over his body, he stays in meditation always, he has everything yet he stays away from all pleasure things and meditates. Indra dev says who are you? Jalandhar says welcome gods, I am your new god jalandhar, everyone is shocked.

Precap: indra dev says how dare you do this? You will be punished, you are no one and not our god, mahadev is everyone’s god. Kartikeya and ganesh tell mahadev to kill and wipe out jalandhar from his existence.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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