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UNFORGETTABLE LOVE :SHIVIKA (Part 52)( First step and mysterious men)

Thanks and sorry 4 late update so without bak bak lets start

Aanika room

She was crying when both raghav and kriyan enter and pacify her

R: u can’t become weak

Kr: yes u have to face it

A: i m not weak bt u know na it’s so difficult for me to stand in front of him u know na i just can’t

R: we know how much it is difficult 4 u bt this is our first step 2wrd our mission

Kr: and for this we have to to keep them near us so we can keep eye on them

A: i know and now i will not cry anymore now i will show them who am i??

R: that’s like my sissy

A: toh chale

Kr: where

A: to meet our guest an to give them welcome which they deserve

They left bt unaware that shivaay and adhiraj heared them


Gauri room

She was restless bt don’t know why

G: why i m so restless

K: i will tell u

Karan enter

G: bhai

K: i know gauri why u r so restless


K: it’s all about ur and anu past

G: our past

K: when u both separated frm us

G: expalin clearly

Now both scene simuntaneously

Guest room and gauri room

K: u know who r they

A: hello mr. Alok (i hope u all remember) and mr. Samarth forwarding her hand

G: jinke saath hum 17 saal pehley

Alok: u remember us

K: yes

A: how can i forget u guys afterall u are responsible 4 all this

Samrath: responsible

G: how

K: he was not able to protect u both

A: aapki wajah se me apni chutki se door hui bhool gaye

Alok: we r sorry 4 that

K: do u remember any incidence of that day

A: how can i even forget that

G: no

K: u were very small that tym

A: itni bhi choti nhi thi ki sab bhool jau..i remember each and everything

Samarth: wht u know

K: not everything

A: everything bcz i never forget anything specially which is related to my family that day also

G:what exactly happened that day how we lost

A: sb kuch whtever happened that awful day

G: than y u didn’t tell me till day

A: bcz i don’t want my family and specially chutki take any kind of stress

Alok: so why u didn’t do anything till now

A: who said that i didn’t do anything…now i m back na let see wht will i do

G: wht u did

A: that u will soon come to know

K: don’t worry we r here na

A: i will make everything fine..u just wait and watch sb ko apney apney karmo ka hissab milega …who ever is responsible for our loss

G: loss

K: that day we didn’t loss u guys only bt someone very close to us

Alok: who

G: do i know

A: how can we forget them

K: Mo…..(cut by phone call) okk i m cmg

K: chutki i will talk to u later

G: hmm

A: wohi…bhool gaye pr me nhi bhool skti

Alok and samarth: wht u can’t forget

A: you

Alok and samarth: we

A: yes u …everything is clearly written on ur face

Samarth: wht is written

A: yhi ki how much u r scared …..and burst into laughter

Alok: why r u laughing

A: look at ur face guys how much u r scared i was just kidding

Samath: kidding

A: yaa actually bhai told me about u guys and how we lost so i decide to put prank on u and u took it serioussly

Samarth: that mean u didn’t remember anything

A: ofcourse not bt y r u asking …wht r u both hiding

Alok: nothing wht can we hide

Samarth: there is nothing to hide

Raghav and kriyan whom r enjoying all this come

R: hey stop mahi don’t scared them

A: why will i scared them darta toh wo h jisney kuch galat kiya ho bt i don’t think they did something like this ?? Do u?? ( Suspeciouslly)

Alok and samarth: ofcourse not

Kr: stop it mahi stop this prank now

A: okk okk sorry guys don’t feel bad

Alok: it’s okk beta why will we feel bad

Samarth: afterall u all r like our own child

A: really like own child ( raising eyebrow)

Alok: yes

Samarth: waise i must say u r very naughty and good actor

A: i know that

R: she is even angry bird too

Kr: and dangerous too for culprit who ever try to harm inocent u should know naa

Samarth: meaning

R: how can u forget she is police officer

A: waise y u guys came here

R: wo i forget it’s time for ur medicine so come

A: okk

Alok: byy beta

Kr: why byy abhi toh or mulaqat honi baaki h

A: and i make sure i will never forget us

Samrath: how

R: arey uncle u r staying here only naa so we will meet naa and she will also play this kind of prank in future also

Kr: so prepare urself to face her

Saying this trio left

Adhiraj and shivaay heared this


Unknown men pov.

I was scared that she remember everything bt thank god she don’t bt till when one day she remember everything than wht will i do that tym..i can’t let this happen i have to do anything and i know what saying this he take out a packet frm his pocket and smirk evily


Shivaay and adhiraj pov.

Wht r they talking about which plan and wht is first step and is she really lieing bt i don’t think so …her eyes were speaking something , anger was there , and wht she remember, wht happened even both raghav and kriyan are hiding something ….kahi wo 17 saal pehle/3 saal pehley …if it is like this than she regain everything bt if she than why she didn’t say anything to me ohh god i m confused i have to find out asap


A door of small house  is open with bang

A girl enter in dark

She reached to men who was sitting on corner fully scared and his condition is not so good

G: no need to get scared i m here

Men look at her

M: u

G: yes me

She is none other than aanika

M: i know u will come

A: i have to come naa??

M: wo log

A: don’t worry everything is under control

Raghav and kriyan enter

Men get scared

A: don’t get scared they r with us

Men nodded

A: we can’t complete our mission without u afterall u r also victim of them

R: so will u help us

M: yes bt wht should i have to do

A: we will tell u later

Kr: bt for now we have successfully complete our first step

R: now they are 24×7 in front of us

A: and don’t worry we will give justice to u as well so come with us


Screen freeze

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