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Udaan 2nd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Chakor encourages Gauri

Udaan 2nd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Imli getting conscious on hearing Chakor’s voice on tv. Minister comes to temple and praises Chakor. She asks him to work for village’s welfare. She asks Pakhi to click Suraj, Saanvi and her pic with the idol. She likes the pics and says send it to me, its good pic. Chakor asks Chagan why is he angry, Gauri might be busy in work. Chagan says she doesn’t respect me, she went to make that cheap purse, why did you advice her. Chakor says I showed her a way to live life well, see her talent, think once, if we do its business, it will prosper, we can involve more girls of the village, the village name will shine, don’t get angry on Gauri, she is your wife, support her. Chagan refuses to support.

He says wife’s work is to look after husband and inlaws, Suraj you explain Chakor.

Suraj says its tough, but not impossible, what happened to you, Chakor thinks about village’s betterment, it will be good if Gauri works. Chagan says don’t involve Gauri in this. Suraj says he has gone mad, Gauri will explain him. Chakor says Gauri didn’t say a word, will she obey her husband, fear makes a woman recessed. Suraj takes Saanvi and they leave. Chakor says you know I can’t see injustice, Chagan is not able to see Gauri’s talent. Suraj says its easy to prove husband wrong, then husband understands mistake. She says you are best husband, I will use this idea, thanks. She kisses him. He thanks her and kisses her. They kiss Saanvi and leave.

Imli wakes up and sees nurses sleeping. She goes to some old man. The man scolds her and asks her to leave. She injects him. He faints. She thinks now this old man can’t tell my truth to anyone. Its morning, Imli is at ashram. A lady asks Imli why did she try to end her life, Lord has right on their life. She asks Imli to do aarti. Another lady cries and says head of ashram isn’t getting conscious. Imli washes clothes. Chakor talks to Gauri. Gauri says sky is just to see, not to touch, Chagan is right.

Chakor says don’t insult art, we have sent your artwork, we got a response, you are getting a chance to present your artwork, you are allowed a pandal. Imli hears the ashram people. Imli sees a little girl crying and runs to console. The man says your devotion is amazing. Imli says this ashram is everything for me, I got shelter and support here. The man blesses her. He asks her to do a work, she has to take the ashram donations box to head branch. She says I can’t take this. He says your heart is clean, so I m giving this responsibility to you. Chakor says I did this for you and all the girls, Gauri will go Mumbai with us. Gauri says I m happy, but Chagan won’t let me go. Chakor asks her to break the chains and get free, this is the chance to get free. Kaki comes and asks is Gauri pregnant.

Chakor says no, Gauri is very talented, I sent her artwork pics to Mumbai, Gauri got an invitation, she is going Mumbai with me. Kaki says we heard Mumbai is not a good place, Chagan won’t send Gauri. Chakor says place isn’t bad, people are bad, Chagan will agree. Gauri says I have to make new samples. Chakor asks what do you need. She notes down the items. She asks Gauri to work on old bedsheets and clothes. Gauri says I will succeed, I won’t let your trust break. Chakor says just be determined, you will succeed. Udaan hai….plays…. Imli says I can’t take this big responsibility. The man says you have served the ashram, I know you will protect the donation box. He gives her the keys. Imli agrees and goes. She smiles and thinks Chakor and Suraj, I m coming Aazaadgunj.

Suraj and Chakor dance. Imli is on the way and kills the ashram man. She says Chakor I m coming back to make your life hell.

Update Credit to: Amena

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