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Twist in the tale… Part 14


Hey guys… I am happy for the response for CD. Thanks guys😊😊. Now, I am posting Twist in the tale… it’s been a month since I posted this.

So, here is the link for previous episode: https://www.tellyupdate.co.in/twist-tale-part-13/

Let’s get to Part 14 now…


He happily ran to her.

“Thanks fu-Pragya… You are very easily convincible… so sweet” Abhi said and pulled her cheeks. Pragya was at first taken aback, but then she smiled.

“You can call me that” she said and smiled as her cheeks turned to a shade of light pink. But Abhi didn’t understand. “What?” he asked scratching his head! “That” Pragya said and showed somewhere and as Abhi looked in the direction, his smile reappeared, but a bit wider than before.

A large balloon of Mickey smiled at him from the place.

Both didn’t want to disturb the silence between them. They walked slowly, smiling for no reason.

And suddenly, Pragya broke it. “Ok Mr. Abhi. When are you joining your duty? I guess the marriage will be over by tomorrow evening. So, the day, after tomorrow…? I guess semesters are over, aren’t they. Yes, I know, they are… Purab told. So…”

“Duty? What duty?”

“Ha! You gotta work for me buddy”

It will be my pleasure to work for you

Pragya saw that Abhi was only smiling and not responding. So she shook him.

“You get it?”

“Sure… Sure” Abhi said *with a stupid smile, not even realising what he was doing*

“Ok. I didn’t know it would be that simple” Pragya said and walked faster. She ran and sat in the park-fashioned bench.

Abhi was left to stand. His smile only got stupider as he thought of accompanying Pragya. But why does she want me to work for her? Hey! Wait! Why should I work for her? He thought over it for a moment. His eyes then widened as his lips moved apart… the definition of a shock! He ran to her like he was going to catch a plane that would take off.

“What? What did you just say?” Abhi asked standing before her, breathing heavily. “You are my servant Mr. Mehra” Pragya said in a matter-of-fact tone.

Abhi didn’t understand why Pragya was so being pragmatic. How can someone act like this after telling something like that?

“PRA-GYA! Can you please come again? What do you mean by you are my servant’?

“Oh, were you dreaming all this while?” “Practically yeah, but that is unnecessary to you. Can you please come again and tell me what you meant?” “It is necessary. I am your boss. I got all rights on you” “Oh stop it please. That is what I am trying to understand. Does it hurt you so much to explain?”

“You lost your bet Mr. Mehra” Pragya got up from the desk. Removing her glass, she dusted it off with her hand-key and wore it back. And now, she stood giving her sharp professor gaze.

“What? Bet?!” Abhi almost screamed and only now did he realise what was happening around him. “B-Bet…? I… like… I… lost…” Abhi fidgeted with his fingers. “No… This isn’t fare. You told me to call you Fuggi and all?”

“Does it have anything to do with this?”

“But… I thought I was forgiven for—
for, laughing at me. Not for trying to look at me without my knowledge”

Abhi stood defeated. He couldn’t argue anymore. Looking at Pragya, who had crossed her arms fixing a stone face *Abhi knew she was trying hard to hide her smile*, Abhi actually was disappointed. He simply cannot lose the bet. Not just like that.

No way! ‘Think of something Abhi. You cannot lose it, you fool. How stupid of you! Urgh…’ Abhi scolded himself. Well this is the first time and he cannot afford the loss.

Suddenly there were two voices in him.

‘Abhi…’ it was a low, gentle voice. It sounded like what his voice would, if he was a saint! It went on… ‘This is the first time. And, you know there will be many more like this. You don’t think it’s shame to lose it to Pragya, do you? It’s your pleasure man. After all you are only losing to Pragya…’ Abhi smiled at the thought. That’s right! He was losing to her, to Pragya, wasn’t he? It would be great to even lose to her. I am gonna agree!

‘Arey wait!’ the other voice sounded bold. It was more intense, deep and sounded more like an angry Abhi. ‘I agree there are many more like this. So, why lose this. This is the first time and every time when something like this comes up between you both, she would taunt you, mentioning the first time!’ Abhi was silent. That’s also right! He found himself agreeing to both.

And slowly there erupted a commotion within him.


Pragya looked at Abhi, who was looking as if trying to solve an unsolvable jigsaw. “Abhi” she called. No response. “Abhi” she called again. No response. “ABHI” now she screamed.

Abhi came to the living world on her scream. ‘Stop it both of you’ he told himself. He looked at Pragya. Well, she wasn’t going to let him go. It was clear on her face. ‘Why did you even challenge her? Is it all wanted now? Your own gift to you! Idiot! Now pay the price’ it was all he could say himself to get convinced of the future.

Ok…one, just one last try and after this, it’s surrender! Abhi agreed to himself, helplessly. “But how can you be so sure that I came to look at you?”

“It is pretty obvious Mr. Mehra. Also, Purab told me, when you were laughing as if you smelled laughing gas”

Abhi couldn’t believe what he just heard. Purab told? How could Purab simply switch sides like that? He’s my friend; he ought to help me. His thoughts were reaching. But then they turned to anger. There is no doubt. Purab is by birth the son of a chameleon. Switching sides isn’t new to him. Purab! My villain! Just in minute you told everything to her. I will take care of you later.

“What am I supposed to do?” he asked after a long gap. It was some ten minutes and Pragya let him digest the fact that she actually won.

“OOOO… finally, reality hit you?” she asked smiling. Abhi thought she was smiling coz she won the bet. He had no other thought than that he had lost. But Pragya was the only one who knew the real reason. *Well, you could guess it!*

“Can you please stop giving me that smile?” Abhi asked irritated like anything.

“If you show attitude, I would make your life hell, Mr. Mehra. Better behave yourself. Remember, I am BOSS”

“Yes boss” Abhi muttered offhand.

“So, fine… Be a good boy and your punishment would be reduced. Now…I am not in a mood of ordering. But I may think of it any moment.”

“So what am I supposed to do? Roam like your guard dog behind you?”

“If that’s what you think of it, I cannot help” she simply shrugged her shoulders and turned the other way. Abhi clenched his fist in mid air and aimed it towards her. He had done that typical move of pushing his fist forward, so as to hit Pragya. But Pragya turned to him the right moment! Abhi suddenly dropped his hands and started smiling ear to ear. “Nothing, Nothing” he said as he shook his head from his far left to right like a goat! For a moment, Abhi was frightened as Pragya looked at him with her right-brow-raised stared. But Pragya just walked off gesturing him to come. Abhi was relieved. “SERVANT!” she called. Irked like anything, Abhi made a face and walked behind her.

‘Now I become a body guard! Urgh!’ wincing very badly, he walked forward. His expression was grave as ever. And he was disturbed so much. Again, his inner voice called for him. But this time, it helped.

Arey duffer! She just told you to follow her. Are you that dumb? Follow her man! Abhi’s inner voice sounded excited. It was ringing in his ears! “Oh my goodness! Did she just mean that?” Abhi wondered. “Did she just tell me to follow her?! ‘I cannot help’ well, if I think her way, this is what she must have meant. ACCOMPANYING HER ALWAYS! OH MY GAWD! I am coming Fuggi” he shouted, running to her.


Ok guys… I know this was silly. But, will come up with a better one next time.

Anyways… will see you all soon. I hope you guys didn’t forget this. So, do comment and tell your views. And yeah, do bear for mistakes! Spot them if you do find. Helps me improve…

Bye guys…

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