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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 2nd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Meera’s Plan Backfires On Herself

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 2nd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bhabho shows Kanak and Uma’s intimate photos to Kanak. Kanak is shocked and from where did she get these. Bhabho says these are disaster for her future. Meera organizes press conference and waits for Kanak. Aditya says he will remove Kanak’s chair as she will not come. Uma says Kanak is always punctual, if Meera did someething. Meera says he saw her compromising and apologizing Kanak, then why is he looking at her. Bhabho gives her moral gyaan and asks Kanak to go far away from here. Kanak agree. Purab asks Payal where is Kanak going. Payal says good she is going, people are already badmouthing about Kanak and Uma. Kanak and Bhabo walk near taxi when they see a mother dragging her daughter home when eve tease her. Daughter asks why she should stop her studies because

of eve teasers, what is her mistake. Mother says she cannot stop eve teasers, but can stop her.

Reporters ask Uma why Kanak has not yet come, if there is any problem between his ex and present wife. Uma says there is nothing like that. Meera says there were some issues earlier, but they are sorted, she does not know why Kanak has not come yet. Aditya says slowly that his source informed that Kanak must have gone far away by now. Uma starts conference and briefs about the project. Aditya starts presentation and everyone are shocked to see Uma and Kanak’s intimate photos. Aditya thinks who projected them. Uma asks Meera what is this. Reporters question Meera if her husband is not happy with her.

Meera She slaps Aditya and takes him aside and asks why did he do this. He says he does not know anything. She says if he is double crossing, she will not spare him, Uma is also blamed because of this. Aditya asks who must have done this. Kanak walks in and says she has done this, if Meera thinks she will cry seeing her defamation, she is wrong, she is modern woman and is immune to all this drama, along with her even Uma is questioned and reports are questioning Meera’s unhappy family life. Reporters question Uma if he is not happy with his wife, if he is continuing his affair wit his ex-wife, if this project is well planned drama. Meera fumes seeing all the drama.

Meera returns to press conference and says reporters that these photos are morphed as some third person has clicked them who wants to defame Uma and Kanak. She slaps Aditya repeatedly and says he is the culprit, asks him to accept crime, he will be in profits. Aditya asks not to call police and accepts. Meera says she will go to Kanak and apologize her personally. Kanak walks in and says she is here.

Precap: Uma says Meera that she always wanted him to get closer to her, now he will clear all their differences. He shouts at Kanak why she is back in his life again and ruining his married life, he is already married to Meera and does not her back in his life, drags Kanak out of house.

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