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Tu Aashiqui 2nd April 2018 Written Episode Update: JD chases Pankti

Tu Aashiqui 2nd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with JD telling Pankti that anita has accepted the deal which she rejected. He says the new notes have made Anita forget everything, Anita has sold her once again. He recalls bribing Anita. Anita demands diamonds and agrees to do anything that JD says. JD welcomes Anita back on his side and assures that she will get everything back if she does a small work for him to make him rid of his loneliness. Anita agrees to do anything. He asks her to get Pankti back in his life. FB ends. He says you have become mine again, your happiness, sorrow and most imp, your body… He touches Pankti. She gets shocked and gets back. She says I hate you. He says you had much innocence before, but now…. She tries to call Ahaan. He takes her phone. He asks her to show love, not cleverness. He shows

her Sheetal and jokes on her. He says I have made her such, I didn’t kill her as I hate ghosts.

Pankti asks did you do this with her. He says then what did you think, I have done this, you think I can’t do this with your family, I won’t do this as I love you. Pankti says this is not love, but lust. He says exactly, like sacrifice is also love, lust is also like love, I will show live show to Sheetal today. He catches Pankti. She runs away. He pulls her dupatta. He asks till when will you run. At some restaurant, Ahaan waits for Pankti. Kaira asks him to have patience. Anita comes and greets them. Aparna asks about Pankti and Poorva. Anita says no, I left them at home. Ahaan says then I shall leave. Anita says no, I have to talk to you, if you have to marry Pankti, you have to fulfill some conditions. JD looks for Pankti. Pankti hides. He asks her not to trouble, else his inner devil will awaken.

Ahaan says I accept all conditions. Anita says I just don’t want two daughters after marriage, I want to have a son too, are you ready to become my son. They all smile. Ahaan says sure. Anita says I know you love Pankti a lot, but I m scared, if Lord doesn’t unite you two. Manav says their love convinced you and me, their love will convince Lord too. Poorva waits for Pankti’s call and calls her. JD looks at the ringing phone. Pankti hides. Poorva says Pankti changed, let her come, I will see. Pankti tries to get the phone. She hides again. JD sings and asks Sheetal did she see Pankti. Aparna asks are you saying about JD. Anita nods.

Aparna asks her not to worry. Anita fixes the alliance and feeds sweets to Ahaan. She says we will have next month date for marriage. JD goes upstairs. Pankti goes to get her phone. He catches her and says surprise. She shouts for Ahaan. He smiles having her dupatta’s torn piece in hand. Anita and Aparna feed sweets to each other. Ahaan goes and calls Pankti. Pankti sees Ahaan’s call and goes to take the phone. JD reaches her with an injection. He injects her. Pankti’s phone drops. Kaira asks Ahaan to have sweets by her hands. Ahaan goes back to everyone. Pankti asks JD what did he do. JD says there is something I wanted to do with you. Pankti gets dizzy. He hugs her.

JD asks Sheetal not to close eyes, show is about to begin. He goes to Pankti. Sheetal cries. Door bell rings.

Update Credit to: Amena

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