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I know i know im a little late and im so sorry about it well had no idea that the party would go on for this late but i guess better late then never and so im here with the shot but before that the reason you guys are getting this shot is because of my friend Kashish she asked me for it as a gift , so babe your last and final gift of the day Happy happy birthday again Kashi I know its belated now but still have an awesome year ahead may all your wishes come true  love you loads babe

Before we begin a few key points to be known swara and sanskar don’t hate each other it was just that they were hurt , sanskar had taken Karma back and worked separately which increased the anger of the elders of the house and they had come to dislike sanskar and taunted him at every given opportunity , Anapurna Maheshwari hated sanskar as she thought he was the reason behind her son missing and when he was back she forced sanskar into accepting swara fearing if he dint her son would have to live without his wife and it wasn’t that sanskar dint want swara back into his life it was just that he wanted some time and also i haven’t seen the ending episode of Swaragini as what ever i know is by what i have heard so any mistakes please omit

Both the couples Sanskar-Swara and Laksh-Ragini stood at the grand entrance of the Maheshwari Mansion Anapurna Maheshwari and Sujata Maheshwari stood there with aarti thali in their hands to welcome the coples while the rest of the family stood behind the couples waiting to be let in

The mothers welcomed their respective son and daughter in law’s with all rituals once done they were led to the in house temple where the two Sansar and Laksh were asked to fill their wife’s hairline with sindoor

While Laksh completed the rituals with all smile along with Ragini one could see Sanskar sceptical , like he was forced into all of this , while the entire Maheshwari clan coercion literally force him to fill her hairline Swara could see something unseen by all it wasn’t that he dint want to mark her his again but it was just that he needed time a little that he could get back to the sanskar he was

When Sanskar was to open his mouth to speak up she (swara) saw badi ma moving towards then and in a jiff of moment he saw turned to face the heated rangeful eyes of the women whom her husband loved and respected alot she could she that very women duressing her husband through her eyes

Seeing the current situation Swara felt like she was in an alien place where she knew no one everything every dam thing looked so different what exactly happen after she left why did his entire family look at him like he was some criminal even his own  parent’s she could see an unknown disgust in every eye which dint know why

She was bought out of her momentary analysis when Sanskar filled her hairline with sindoor she looked directly into his and the minute he did it tore her soul apart she could clearly see the hurt pain angst in his eyes she nearly came apart when she saw his eyes turning red filling up with tears , they were now glassy making it crystal clear to Swara as to how much her love suffered , she moved a step forward to confort him when he shifted his eyes from her taking her mangalsutra from the thali Uttara was holding he ties it aroud her neck and the next second he was gone she rushed out like he would die if he stayed

She kept looking at his retreating figure when her mother in law and the rest of the family dismissed it telling it was common now seeing Sankar behaviour stating he had lost all respect for any person Swara stood shocked looking at the ignorant behaviour of the family towards Sanskar

Completing the puja the entire family got seated in the hall to catch of sometime while Swara excused herself stating she was tired and wanted to rest well it was quite late in the evening and hence no one questioned her and let her be

Walking towards their room Swara was all lost in her thoughts analyzing the recent even and mostly lost thinking about her love her Sanskar , once reaching her room she found the door closed pushing it she entered to find it all dark confused she moved towards the switch board and switched on the lights and the minute she did her tears streamed down her eyes looking at the scene

Her pictures covered the entire stretch of the wall leaving the wall hardly visible her saree’s along with a few more pictures lied at every nook and corner of the room she could very well imagine him those slummed against some corner seeking for her warmth

Trying to gain her composure she slogged against the couch trying to gain a composure over her emotion but she couldn’t all she did was to cry tears streamed down at a faster pace

How could she how could she do this to him what has she put him through , what has she put them through , how could see not see how broken he was , she knew how much she meant to him and still still she decided to put his through such pain………….. she did it she killed his soul she killed her Sanskar

But the next minute she wipes her tears away

No no shona you cant give up you are your Sanskar’s brave Swara I have put you through such pain jaan and it will be me who will get you back I promise she spoke to herself

Being determined she started cleaning the room removing her picture from the wall and placing them into the drawer she place a few of their pictures on the wall , she placed her saree’s back into the wardrobe setting it properly she threw the empty alcohol bottles into the bin and one filled she emptied in the basin controlling herself from falling right there due the small she later threw the bottles into the bin , she moved towards the bed which was filled with files picking them up she moved towards the wardrobe to place them when a few papers fell out reaching out to them she saw them filled with her name tears automatically made their way through her eyes

Moving her hand through it she word she see a few letters drained off her and tears which clearly indicated he was crying placing the papers against her chest she hugged them real tight , opening the file she found a few more papers she started reading then sitting against the wardrobe , it contained the pain he went through without her , how this family his so called family blamed and held him responsible for laksh mishap , how no one cared if he came back home or not ate food or not slept , probably it wouldn’t even bother them if he lived or not , his own parents his mom too dint care for him this time , it tore her heart apart reading the pain he went through

A few minute later she placed them back into the cupboard and around seeting everything back she looked at the clock which showed the time it was eleven and there was no news of Sanskar’s where abouts being tensed she moved out only to find the entire family already retired to their room not a bit bothered about him brushing of her thoughts she got seated on the stairs leaning against the banister her eyes at the door waiting for him

It was half past eleven when fear started gripping her she got up to speak to bade papa and dad when her cell rang indicating his call , she immediately received it firing questions at him

“Hello , Sanskar where are you , why aren’t you home yet , you are alright right , and why aren’t you speaking tell something” she said all in one breath

With a pause of a few seconds finally there was an answer from the other side

“Shona” he said

Swara released the breath she was unknowing holding just listening to his voice oh how magical it sounded each time he called her , but this time she sensed something else then love in his voice and that was pain and yearning

“Shona “he repeated again and she could sense his chocked voice her heart squeezed listening to the tone

“Haan Sanskar jana tell me where are your shona is here” she spoke composing herself

“I need you shona please come your sanskar needs you please………I’ll die without you please” he spoke crying she could very well feel how venerable he was

“Shh don’t speak such words jaan tell me where are you im coming”

“Sacchi you’ll come”

“Hmm im coming where are you jaan”

“The same temple where we first confessed” he spoke

Getting in the answer she hurried down the stairs to reach her Sanskar as quick as possible instructing him over the phone

“Acha sanskar listen to me im coming over there hmm , but you please don’t go anywhere be seated somewhere over there i’ll be there in a few minute hmm”

To which he just hummed as a reply

Opening the door swara walked out and was to get into the car when Sanskar’s drive Hari kaka interrupted her

“Where are you going this late betiya” the old man spoke

Turning around she gave him a confused puzzled small smile

“Kaka what are you doing here this late”

“Woh betiya sanskar baba has not yet returned he usually comes late so once he comes puuting him to bed i’ll make a move”

She could clearly see the love the old man held for her husband atleast there was someone who cared for him unlike his own family

“But where are you off to betiya” he asked

To which she uttered only one word


And that was all that was needed asking about the where about the old man drove swara to the place telling it was not safe for her to go out alone at this time

A few minutes later they reach the temple coming out they could see Sanskar’s car parked at a distance signing in relief was thanked the old man and asked to get back home and get some sleep , she started walking ahead when e called her


Turning around swara looked at him

“Woh baba must be drunk so here (passing her a bag) it will help you” he said

Looking into it she found lemon curd water and little food

“Thank you kaka swara said with a smile now please go home and get rest your wife must be waiting for you”

“But Sanskar baba” he asked

“I’ll take care of him I promise and you please take a day off tomorrow and have rest” she said

While the old man left Swara walked up the stairs , reaching the top she looked around and there she spotted him seated on a wall his legs hanging loosely and his back towards and panic immediately takes over her what if he fell , rushing she reached and very so slowly she placed her palm on his shoulder just as not to scare or shock him

Felling and sensing a touch Sanskar turns to come face to face with the love of his life his shona he gives her a weak smile to which Swara responds by a small smile

“Shona you actually came……… you came for me” he spoke in a tispy voice

Cupping his face she made him turn towards herself “ Haan Sanskar your shona is here now please get down from here you’ll hurt yourself”

Carefully she gets him down but the very next second she stumbles back to due the force of Sanskar’s hug , he drops his head onto her shoulder and pulls her close to himself leaving on gap between them , Swara could feel her nape and shoulder getting wet due the tears flowing down his eyes , she wraps her arms around him while her one hand moved up-and-down his back trying to comfort him the other moved to his hair caressing them

She dint stop him but instead hold him to herself strongly trying to take away all his pain all his suffering and hurt , she thread her finger through this tick black hair trying to smoothen his pain , and well that undid he his cries broke the silent surrounding , the cries that broke her heart into zillion pieces never had she even her wildest dream though of seeing his this venerable and to his it was like he found his solace to whom he could show his real self and not fear being judged

It took a good few minutes for Sanskar’s cries to turn into sobs all the while the souls hmm scratch that they were one soul holding onto each other tightly , sensing that his cries have subsided Swara broke out of the hug but Sanskar kept holding her to himself by her waist  , looked at his face which was completely tear strained cupping his face she wiped them away , taking him by his hand she walked and made him seat at the entrance of the temple and got seated infront of him , pulling out the bottle kaka had handed her earlier she makes him have water , of which he takes a sip tears still flowing down his eyes

She wipes away the tears while her tears were flowing freely down her eyes looking at venerable state “shh Sanskar baba bas enough how much more do you want to cry huh” she said wiping away the tears

“You……….you wont le…..leave me again na shona” he asked her i a broken fearful voice

“I wont I promise” she replied

“Pakka promise” ,  “Pakka Sanskar’s Swara’s promise” and these word got a small smile over his face remembering how she used his name to promise and always kept those promises

Taking out the lemon she squeezes a bit into his mouth trying to reduce the effect of alcohol that had taken over him and that did the job feeling nausea Sanskar ran a little far and started throwing up while Swara stood next to him rubbing his back , once done she handed him water and wiped his face by the corner of her saree while he looked and admired her with a tired small smile

Intertwining her finger with him she walked back to the place where they were seated , she then made him have a little food that she was carrying while Sanskar sat there admiring her , she looked up to meet his eyes and raised her brows asking what  “What happen do want to tell anything jaan” she asked

“You will never leave me again right” a now sober Sanskar asked

“Never” was her reply

Cupping her face he spoke “Why did you leave me shona , was it that easy to live without me”

She nodes in a no “I died every single day sanskar a day without you was like a year , im sorry i know i made a big mistake no no a sin but my anger blinded me i know i am the one to be blamed but when you told that no matter what we would never be together that broke me apart i felt like there was no reason for me to live and then ragini she……… she tried killing herself all this got into me and spoke and did things i shouldn’t have and i swear i still regret it  im sorry please forgive you shona” she said folding her hand which he immediately holds nodding in a no asking her not to do that

Caressing her cheek with his thumb “I understand shona you were equally hurt and im equally to be blamed for everything that happened with us will you forgive me (she nods with a small smile) , can we start again shona , can we be the same swara and sanskar we were” he asked

She nodes and pulls into a tight hug they stay still for a few minutes and then break apart thats when swara saw his eyes getting heavy , she cupped his face being tensed “Sanskar……..”

He immediately looked at her and the lines on her forehead clearly indicated how tensed she was seeing which he spoke “shh shona im okay just that my head is getting a little heavy drank a lot na”

“Chalo lets go home , you need rest but before that sanskar promise me you will stop drinking (he looks at her) please for me”

“Its not that easy shona but i will try (she smiles) only for you”

“And i will be there right beside you helping you at every step (he smiles a first one which reaches his eyes to which she as well responds with a bright smile) , chalo now lets get back home it quite late”

She caught hold of his hand and started walking but stopped sensing him not moving she turned around to face him who stood still looking at her “Can we just stay here for tonight shona I don’t want to go there” he asked looking at her hopefully

“Chalo” , she caught his hand and started walking towards the car a little disappoint immediately gripped him and the smile he was holding till now faded away yet still he followed her without an other word

Reaching the car she forwarded her hand towards him asking for the key which he place into her opening , unlocking the car she got it to back seat which confused sanskar bending he looked in to find her seated leaning against the window at the other side and her arms extended asking him to get him , the smile which he lost a few minutes back was now back yet again his eyes were shining with happiness

He immediately got in and lied such that he was almost above her , his head places on her chest and arms wrapped around her waist while she as well wrapped her arms around him caressing his hair , bending she placed a small kiss on his head to which he immediately looked at her cupping his face she pecked his forehead and placed hers against his ,smiling at her he moved ahead a pecked her lips which immediately made the two smile and swara’s cheeks started heating still gaining her composure she spoke “Sleep jaan you need rest” she said

Complying he placed his head back onto her chest and pulled her although more close if it was possible while swara with a smile kept caressing his hair and few minutes later she could hear his steady clam breath which sent a sense of calmness within her , promising herself to get her old sanskar back and also to show the entire Maheshwari clan who her sanskar was she too fell into a peaceful slumber after six months

It was a bright new morning in the life of our lovely couple who were sleeping peacefully in each other’s embrace though the place was small and uncomfortable both swara and sanskar had a smile on their faces

Sanskar moves his face pulling swara close to himself and that disturbs her sleep she opens her eyes feeling sanskar’s steady breath against her skin , looking at his peaceful face she smiles and pulls him close to herself hugging closely she closes her eyes feeling pacific , just then her mobile rings disturbing her looking here-and-there she finds it on the floor bending a little she picks it to see the caller id ‘RAGINI’ , receiving it she looks at sanskar still sleeping peacefully thanking her stars she speaks to her


“Where are you swara it is half past ten neither are you here nor is sanskar I had just come to your room to find it empty” spoke ragini

“We will be coming home in sometime ragini”

“We that means sanskar is with you , but can you both leave the house without telling anyone swara don’t forget you are the daughter-in-law of this house , we have some values and traditions to follow here and you…………leave forget about sanskar he does not care about anyone but you”

And that undid the anger swara had been holding within herself from the time she read the letter sanskar had written “That is enough ragini you are no blo*dy one to tell me what to do and what not to i haven’t given you that right so don’t and you better mind your own dam business i very well know what i should do and what i shouldn’t and as far as my husband my sanskar is concerned i don’t have to know about him from you i know better myself so you better keep out of it and look after your husband” , she disconnected the call without hearing anything further to get her eyes locked with his , those eyes that she love the most with held so much love for her within them

“When did you wake up”

“When you were firing at ragini”

She turned her eyes away , he cups her face and makes her look at him “Shona you know everything don’t you , you read those papers” he spoke softly

She nodes her eyes filling with tears , a lone tear skips her eyes “Hey shh (wipes her tear) you know right i hate these (showing her tear) in your eyes , don’t cry baby” , she hugs him tightly

Carefully pulling her over to himself he spoke “Shona please stop , do you want me as well to cry (she nodes no) so stop”

“I’m sorry sanskar”

“It isn’t your fault swara , i know i was broken but see now i’ll be the same sanskar i was for you but for that i need your help i want my warrior princess back to get you mr Wikipedia back”

The two laugh remembering how they use to nickname each other when ever given a chance “Finally you know I can do anything for this smile and laugh (she looked at him with eyes full of love) never cry again shona , remember i don’t you lets start over again so lets do that shall we” he spoke

She node “And Mr Wikipedia for that we need to head back home now we are already quite late” she spoke

“But i don’t want to go shona (hugging her tightly) i want to stay with you”

“I know but Karma needs you sanskar , your people need you , for them for me and for us you have to do it and show all who Sanskar is”

“I know and I will but just today please shona” he told in a childish voice making puppy face

“Sanskar jana you have an important meeting today right”

“How do you know”

“Well your remainder kept ring last night which i checked mister , your habit seriously wont change who keeps remainder for mid-night” she asked with fake anger

“Something don’t change like ‘YOU AND I’ jaan” he spoke in husky voice caressing her waist

Swara stiffens , her cheeks getting heated turning to the shade of pink she looks at him with big open shocked eyes “Aww you look so cute” he said pulling her into a kiss

He placed his lips over her , caressing them slowly with his he took her lower lip into hers sucking it , it sent shivers down her spine getting hold of his collar she responded back with equal love and longing the kiss turned passionate with both lost in their own sweet world

They break apart after a few minutes in need of air panting heavily the surrounding around them had turned heated , they could clearly hear each others breath and heart beat while swara turned a shade of red sanskar kept admiring her with a smile

“I love you” he said

“I love you too” she said with a smile “Now come on jaan we are seriously getting late (tries sitting up) come on sanskar”

He pulls her back onto himself “Shona please na just today , I promise i’ll go to offce from tomorrow without any drama promise”

“Sanskar…………..acha see its already eleven now by the time we reach home you get dressed have breakfast and leave it will be twelve , and i promise to make your favourite food and come to office as quick as possible and will be leaving back only with now , now please agree everyone needs you there”

“Promise” he asked

“Pakka promise”

He pecked her lips “Chalo lets go”

Both headed back home , reaching a few minutes later both walked in hand-in-hand with smile on their faces , when the maheshwari women who were seated in the hall spot them

“Where were you both from morning” spoke an angry Anapurna Maheshwari stooping both in track they turned to come face to face with the five ladies

Well yes fine Mrs Anapurna Maheshwari , Mrs Sujata Maheshwari , Mrs Parineeta Maheshwari ,Mrs Ragini Maheshwari and Miss Uttara Maheshwari , parinneta and adarsh were forgiven considering they were children’s and made a mistake and they realised it so why punish them now

Swara could feel Sanskar’s hold getting tight around her hand , she knew how much her husband loved and respected this women but she…….never mind “We had some work badi ma” swara spoke

“What work was it swara that you left without telling anyone” and this time was her lovely sister questioning her

“That is none of your concern ragini” said swara

“Swara that is not how you speak to your sister , you know how concerned and scared we were when we dint find you both in your room”  spoke her mother-in-law

Swara just shook her head rolling her eyes “Sanskar doesn’t care about anyone Swara  ,  God know what he has become but atleast you should have told us” yet again those were the harsh word of badi ma

“Thats enough badi ma , from the time I have come in I have heard you all speaking rubbish about my husband but not anymore i don’t need anyone to tell me how he is and give me his character certificate I know what he is and how he is and as far as answering you asking you or taking your permission is concerned then let me tell you this im not entitled to it im answerable only to one person and that is my husband so i don’t think anyone else should have a problem and as far as you concerned and scared drama is concerned mom you don’t have to do it in front of me (folding her hand) so please , chalo sanskar” holding his hand she walks up to their room while he keeps looking at her with love and pride while the ladies stood shocked looking at the retreating figure of the couple

On reaching their room sanskar turns her towards himself and locks his arms around her next “Thank you shona”

She pulls him closer holding is collar such that he falls on her “ Mister firstly you are breaking your rule so you’ll get punishment and second i did what i had to long back jaan but you know i don’t seeing you like this (cupping his face) i want my sanskar back jaan who knew how to speak and fight for himself, you will give him back to me wont you” she asked

He nodes “Chalo now it getting late go have your shower i get your clothes ready by then (pushing him towards the bathroom)  chalo” she said ,shaking his head he pecks her lips and moves in

Few minutes later he comes out to find his clothes all set getting dressed he checks his phone and gets busy answering the mails , swara walks in a while later with their breakfast in hand she rolled her eyes looking at the typical sanskar who dint care about anything when working sometimes she wondered whom did love more her or his work

Placing the breakfast on the table in front of the couch she called his “Sanskar have you breakfast first you can answer your mails later chalo” she said sitting beside him

“Five minutes shona these are important” he said till not taking his eyes away from the mobile, knowing what his five minutes meant she started feeding him and herself which he had without any protest

“Thank you jaan” he said pecking her forehead once done with both his mails and breakfast

“Sanskar again”

“Acha baba wont repeat it”

“Hmm good boy” she said putting his cheeks

“Shona im no boy yaar” he said irritatingly removing her hands from his cheek

“Acha baba you are not a boy but my sweet little cute boy” she said laughing

He felt immense happiness looking at her laughing “If this makes you laugh and smile then i have problem being called sweet little cute boy” he said with a smile

“I love you” she said

“I love you too , three………. infinity” he replies

“Okay so time up Mr Wikipedia , time for you to go to office so chalo here is you bag i have kept the files you laptop charger and all the other necessities but just check them once” she said handing him his bag

“Not needed (she looks at him confused) if you have kept everything then I know all I need is right inside”

Smiling both walked down holding each others had , outside they found Hari kaka waiting for sanskar

“Kaka I asked you to take a leave today still you came” asked swara

“Betiya I will take it when needed and anyways I get bored in the house my wife has gone to her sisters place hence I came” he replied

“Oh acha” she replied while sanskar kept standing there admiring his wife how much she cared for everyone

Turning her towards himself Sanskar asked “When will you come”

“By two max” she replied

Turning to Hari kaka Sanskar spoke “Kaka you come back home once we reach office and get swara to office safely when she says so”

“Theek hai baba” the old man told and got into the car

Pulling her close he wrapped his arms around her waist “I will be waiting for you shona come fast hmm” he said

“I will and leave me what if aka see’s” she said struggling to get out of his grip

“like i care” pecking her lips and forehead he released her “Come soon shona” he said getting into the car and the car disappeared from her sight

Moving in swara got busy making sanskar’s favourite food it look her a good hour to complete it moving into her room she got dressed and moved towards the kichen to pack the food to come face to face with the ladies again

“Are you going somewhere again swara” asked ragini who saw swara all decked up

“Yes” was a simple straight answer from swara , who got busy packing the food

“Where are you going and this food” it was his badi ma this time

“I guess it was just a couple of hours back that i told you that im not entitled to answer you badi ma but just for the record of love and respect my husband holds for you i would answer but do not expect this everytime and to answer you question im going to my husband’s office and i hope you have no problem and if you do that is your problem” she said

“What is wrong with you swara how can you speak to mummy ji like that” asked parineeta

“Bhabh is right swara apologize to ma now” said ragini supporting her sister-in-law

“Oh please i dint have to learn from you both how to speak or behave with elder atleast i dint make them servant’s like you both did” she said and that shut the two

“Swara why are you behaving like this what’s happen to you” it was his mom now

“You are asking this mom , remember you once told me you love and understand sanskar the most then what happened to that love where did it go how could you not see his pain how much he was suffering “ she asked

While sujata looked down not knowing what to answer

“You know what mom now i don’t care i committed a mistake in past of choosing someone else over my sanskar i wont be repeating it and when you all broke you relation with sanskar and no longer consider him a part of your family then i as well have no relation with any of you” she said keeping the packed boxes into the bag swara walked out

Half an hour later she reached Karma , as she walked in she was greeted with smile though Karma had seen success rather quick still it was not a big group it was a close association of around 50 people working in it where all had high standard of working and an attitude to get things done they bonded more lie friends who could put fort their ideas without hesitation as they all were of all most the same age Karma was runned by this gen with all young minds this was something that separated them from the rest , when Karma was bought under Maheshwari Industries there were many who were not happy with the decision yet they continued without another work for the love and respect they hold for sanskar

Swara had met them quite a good number of time over meeting and parties as she held half of the partnership and had grown to hold a close relation with them just like sanskar

Greeting them back swara entered sanskars cabin to find him slugged on his chair his head place on the table eyes closed , keeping the bag away she walked up to him and placed her palm on his shoulder “Sanskar jaan” she called

He looked at her with red eyes , cupping his face she ased “What happen jaan”

“My head is paining shona , i cant do this i’ll die i need alcohol” he said

She felt her eyes getting wet, sitting on his lap she hugged him tightly and moved her hands through his hair , pressing his head to relief the pain while he hugged her back dropping his head on her shoulder wrapping his arms tightly around her


It wasn’t an easy road for Swara-and-Sanskar , leaving alcohol was a big task for him he felt nausea and had severe vomiting , high fever , upset stomach , hallucinations , agitation , confusion and disorientation were a few symptoms of withdrawal that sanskar felt but swara stayed right beside him throughout she was there to comfort him, hug him, tell him everything would be okay

There were extreme time when sanskar could not hold himself back and that was the time when their love-making gave him comfort

A year passed by and now with the help of swara and his family nope not the Maheshwari’s but the Karma family sanskar had come out of his addition for alcohol , both swara and sanskar left maheshwari mansion a week later of their union as they dint want to live the family again though they dint cut off all the relation with the family still they spoke to each other like strangers

Swara and sanskar lived in a apartment quite near Karma not that big but enough for the two, while sanskar wanted swara always with him hence she decided to join Karma and now worked with them and now its been two years for their marriage today

Sanskar walked into the house in the evening , swara had felt home a few minutes before him stating she had some work, he called out for swara but not getting a response he started looking around for her

Entering their bedroom he found the lights closed with just a few candles at the night stand walking over he found a cute little box which had tiny legs made in to with buttons moving it a bit towards the candle he saw the word imprinted  “I AM COMING SOON PAPA”

He moved his hand through the box when the lights turned on , he turned around to come face to face with his life , placing the box on the table he walked towards her cupping her face he spoke “I want to hear it from you jaan”

Wrapping her arms around his neck she spoke “Mr Sanskar Maheswari you are going to be a father , our dream of our small family is finally going to be completed she said with all smile she could see zillions of emotions in his eyes at the moment

He wrapped his arms around her pulling her close he held onto her like his life depended on her and well it surely did pulling apart he pecked her lips and lifted her up twirling her in excitement, Oh how much he loved her

Putting her down he pulled her close placing his lips over hers, they kissed eachother slowly yet passionately she wrapped her arms around his neck pulling him close to herself while he wrapped his arms around her waist both celebrated the news of the arrival of their little one


It wasn’t that they never fought or argued over thing they did like every other couple but they knew how to respect each other and how to handle the other with love , they weren’t perfect individuals but together yes they were perfect they were essential for the other to live


So that is all guys i hope you all enjoy reading it cant believe i wrote the entire thing in a couple of hours in a single day you guys know how lazy i am right……so please do leave you comments down and let me know if you guys like the shot or not and yup before we end no proof reading done so forgive if any mistakes done

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