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Swasan don’t hate me season 3 (Episode 15)

Hello frnds… Ready for the shock

Swara was saved. Ragini’s truth out..

Ap looked at ragini sitting in dressed all white. Her heart ached. She felt warmth in her eyes. Tears fell down. She was unable to say anything. She put her hand on her head. Ragini looked at ap and understood her emotional turmoil at once. She smiled faintly.
Ragini: don’t cry ma… This is the day of celebration. Today the one who snatched the life of this palace has been caught.
Ragini wiped her tears.
Ap: beta… Please… Don’t be dressed in such clothes. My heart aches seeing you like this. Your life is not limited to whites.
Ragini: ma… Lakshya took the colour of my life.
Suddenly she looked at swara. Her lips were trembling. Her eyeball moved. She moaned in pain. Ap patted her hair. Finally swara opened her eyes. Seeing ap besides her swara felt a great relief. She looked at ragini staring at her.
Swara: rani ma…
Ap caressed her hair.
Ap: don’t say anything. This palace has given you lots of pain. I am sorry. I am sorry on sanskar’s behalf.
Swara: please don’t be sorry.. i am fine. Please..
Ragini held swaraa’s hand. Swara looked at ragini dressed in all white.
Swara: didi…
Ragini: everybody knows the truth now. Don’t worry. Adarsh is in jail now. Maharaj will do his justice tomorrow.
Swara nodded. Her eyes were searching for sanskar. Ap understood this.
Ap: still caring for sanskar ..
Swara: rani ma… I know he is drowning himself in great guilt. .
Ap: he needs punishment swara.
Swara looked at ap and then at the door. Her eyes were waiting for Sanskar.

Dp was standing in front of sanskar. Sanskar was listening everything he was saying with his head hung low.
Dp: a king must listen both side of the story. Remember. Your mistake could have destroyed her life.
Sanskar nodded. Dp patted his back.
Sanskar: ma is angry.
Dp: don’t worry. Her anger will go away soon.
A servant came running.
Servant: maharaj… Adarsh has run from the jail.
Hearing this sanskar’s blood boiled. He had left him for his father but he….
Sanskar: pitaji… I need your permission… The culprit of our family and kingdom cannot go away so easily.
Dp: go.. and remember… Bring him alive…..
Sanskar took blessings and went straight outside.
@swara’s room
Swara was sitting with ap and ragini when a servant came and informed them.
Swara: sanskar went….
Ap: he has two reasons….
Swara felt an uneasiness.

Sanskar was riding on his horse with a small slot of soldiers. He was searching here and there. Suddenly he felt something and looked behind. The scene gave shock to sanskar. Adarsh was standing there with around fifty goons. There were only ten soldiers with sanskar.
Sanskar: so… Is this your bravery adarsh..
Adarsh laughed a cruel laugh. Sanskar jumped from the horse.
Adarsh: so… Today are you ready to die the same death as your brother.
Sanskar: how dare you….
Adarsh: bechare sanskar ji… What will he do now.
Sanskar: don’t underestimate my sword…
Adarsh: goons… Attack…
And the fight started… Sanskar took most of the goons and killed them skillfully with his fencing skills. Adarsh felt his plan backfiring. So he started to run. Sanskar too ran behind him. His soldiers were busy fighting with the goons.

Sanskar was running behind adarsh. At one point he was not able to see adarsh. With sword in his hand and his senses alert he tried to find out him.

Swara was going restless in her room.
Swara: ragini didi… Don’t know why… But i am afraid…
Ragini: don’t worry swara… Believe on god…

Sanskar was searching for adarsh when he suddenly turned and blocked adarsh’s blow with his sword..
Adarsh: your sense…
Sanskar: you will be finished today.
Adarsh and sanskar started fighting with swords. Sanskar was almost winning. Sanskar threw adarsh on ground and was about to stab him when he remembered his father’s order”bring him alive” . Sanskar stopped.
Sanskar: i ll not colour my hands with the blood of a sinner like you.
Saying this sanskar turned back to take a rope to tie him when he suddenly felt a searing pain in his back.
His scream echoed in the forest. He turned around and find adarsh with the sword.
Sanskar: you are still a coward ….. Backstabber.
Adarsh gave him another blow of sword on his chest. Sanskar felt his blood wetting his clothes. He fell down.
Adarsh: you have done a grave mistake by leaving me alive.
Sanskar was lying on the earth half covered with blood and half with mud. He tried to take his sword when adarsh kicked him hard on his hand.
Adarsh: huhhh… You slapped me ..
Sanskar: a person like you deserve to be killed…
Adarsh: just imagine sanskar after your death what will i do to swara…
Sanskar: don’t take her name with your sinner tongue…
Adarsh bent down and held sanskar’s hair.. he pulled it.
Adarsh: today be ready to meet your brother.
Saying so he pulled out a dagger. Sanskar felt his last time was near. He didn’t have the power to keep his eyes open. He closed his eyes. He wanted to see his ma and pitaji for the last time. Suddenly two innocent eyes flashed in front of him. The mpst beautiful pair of eyes he had ever seen. He cursed himself for the day when he mistrust her. He wanted to confess his mistake one last time. He wanted to hug her one last time.

A drop of tear escaped from sanskar’s eyes. Suddenly he felt a searing pain in his chest. His breath stopped for a while. He felt difficult to breathe. He was gasping for air. Was this his last time? He asked himself. He wanted to say sorry to swara.. all he could remember was her voice and their first and last hug. He wanted to go to swara. He was missing her so much at the moment.
He tried to open his eyes. He saw adarsh lifting the dagger again. Sanskar was ready for another pain. But he couldn’t. With lots of difficulty he again opened his eyes and found a strong hand holding adarsh’s hand in middle. He tried to look at him but he was too weak to remain conscious.

Adarsh looked at the man with disbelief. He felt his eyes were playing a foul play. He went into a state of shock. Taking advantage of this the man took dagger from his hand and stabbed him. He fell down unconscious. Suddenly all the soldiers came there searching for Sanskar. The man looked at the soldiers and all of them were shocked.
Soldiers: you..
Man: it’s not the time to discuss.. let’s go to the palace as fast as possible.
The man caressed sanskar’s hair before putting him on his shoulder. He rode the horse towards the palace.

Sanskar was breathing heavily. He was wincing in pain.
Man: please… Please be safe… Please just a little courage. For me.. please…
Tears fell down from the man’s eyes.

Who is this man….. Sanskar’s pulse drops.

Guess friends whose this unknown man

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