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Siddhi Vinayak 2nd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Vin’s marriage gets cancelled

Siddhi Vinayak 2nd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Siddhi asking them to stop the marriage. Manjiri says its bad omen, Vin complete the seventh round. Siddhi thinks I won’t let this marriage happen. She sees kalash and takes it. She pours water in havan kund. The fire is put off. They all get shocked. Prachi asks what’s this drama. Gauri says just watch it. Manjiri slaps Siddhi. Vin comes to them and his ghatbandhan breaks. Manjiri and Shankar scold Siddhi.

Siddhi says I know I have hurt you all, I had no other option, we were getting Vin married to save his life, if this marriage happened, he would have died within 48 hours. Manjiri says nonsense. Kanta says she is lying, Vaibhavi’s kundli has akhand saubhagyawati yog, you showed her kundli to Guru ji too, why did this girl do this. Vaibhavi says mum always had

doubt on Riddhi and wanted me to stay away, Riddhi loves Vin, she didn’t wish Vin to marry me. Siddhi shouts shut up, stop this drama, your game is over. Siddhi asks Shankar and Manjiri to trust her. Shankar shouts enough, Prachi throw Riddhi out of the house. Siddhi says please listen to me, if Vin gets married, we will push him towards death. Gauri and Prachi push Siddhi away. Vin worries. Guru ji comes and says stop…. this girl didn’t do any abshagun, she saved you from a disaster, Vaibhavi is not Akhand saubhagywati, but Mrityu dayni, she has Amavasya yog, if she marries anyone before she turns 30, her husband will die. They get shocked. Manjiri says you had seen Vaibhavi’s kundli before. Guru ji says yes, fake kundli was sent to me.

Guru ji says this girl came to me with real kundli. FB shows Siddhi asking Guru ji to help her. He scolds her for breaking her Sadhna. She says sorry, just you can help me. He sees kundli and says this is not the kundli which was sent to me, this jodi is impossible, this girl shouldn’t marry anyone, this girl will rule after she turns 30, marrying her means inviting death. She gets shocked. FB ends.

Guru ji says if this girl didn’t stop this marriage, you would have lost Vin forever. Shankar says such a big lie, you wanted to sacrifice my son. Kanta worries. Manjiri says we gave you place in our hearts, you cheated us. Kanta says its a lie. Shankar scolds Manjiri for being careless. Manjiri says yes, I trusted this Laxmi, this is my mistake. She scolds Laxmi. She asks Laxmi, Kanta and Vaibhavi to get out. They leave. Pratima comes and looks on. Prachi says I like Riddhi, she did the right thing. Manjiri apologizes to Siddhi. Siddhi says its fine. Shankar says forgive me if possible. Manjiri says you saved Vin’s life again. Siddhi says I did this for Vin. Pratima smiles.

Vin claps. He says great, its a filmi climax scene. He jokes on happenings and scolds everyone. He asks Riddhi to spy on his grah nakshatra and find out how he will die. Siddhi cries. He calls it enough and goes. Siddhi goes after him. She asks him to listen. He says enough, don’t interfere in my life, why don’t you go, why are you interested, don’t dare to come into my room. He goes. She cries.

Gauri and Prachi drink and get glad that Vin’s marriage couldn’t happen because of Riddhi. Rajbeer says you both always celebrate. Prachi gets a drink for him. Gauri says Vaibhavi would have got Vin’s property if she married him. Prachi says how will we get lucky girl for Vin. Rajbeer says Shankar and Manjiri will do their best to find the girl, I made a plan. Prachi says another flop plan. He says talk less and listen to me, you have to stop Riddhi from meeting Vin, Shankar and Manjiri shouldn’t come out of their room, I will manage the rest. Pratima says Riddhi, you have saved Vin’s life. Siddhi says just 2 days are left. Shankar asks how to get such girl in 2 days. Prachi says its impossible, Riddhi you did good for Vin, I m thankful. Gauri says we have to get Vin married in two days. Vin comes downstairs. He sees the mandap getting cleared. Rajbeer looks at Vin and says my brother never misses his workout, its not good to follow time, it maybe proved costly sometimes. He signs to Prachi and Gauri. He signs his men.

Vin works out. The men spray something near him. Vin gets dizzy. He falls. Rajbeer says he is gone.

Update Credit to: Amena

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