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Shakti 2nd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Jasleen questions Harman about his love for Soumya

Shakti 2nd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya asking Harman why did he save her. Harman says Jasleen and many people were standing there. Soumya says you would had drowned me, nobody would have seen. Harman asks her not to act and asks her to leave silently once Jasleen leaves and not to emotionally blackmail Preeto. Jasleen comes and asks why is he scolding her. Harman says why did she jump in water. Jasleen tells him that he got a good life partner who can do anything for him and asks Soumya to call her if Harman troubles her. Harman asks Soumya to go and change her clothes.
Surbhi comes home in car. Maninder thinks whose car it is. Surbhi says boss has gifted her car. Maninder gets happy and tells the neighbors. Neighbors bless her. Varun gets jealous and swears to make neighbors throw stones on Surbhi.


tells Soumya that she is stubborn like her, jumped in the pond. Soumya says it was matter of a challenge of 24 hours. She says Harman was with me and didn’t let me drown. Preeto self praises herself and says because of Jasleen, Harman and you are coming closer. Soumya says she is good.

Jasleen tells Harman that she will miss Preeto’s food. Harman says you are a bhukkad friend. Jasleen tells him that she will never forget him so will never miss him. Harman asks when she will come, and says if she don’t return then he will come and take her life. He says she is his only friend who never let him alone. He reminisces childhood days with her. Jasleen gets emotional and hugs him. She says whenever you need me, I will be with you. She goes. Harak Singh comes to Harman and says childhood love and first love can’t be forgotten. Harman says even I want, but I don’t want to ruin her life because of kinnar.

Next day, Harman tells Jasleen that he will drop her. Jasleen says she will go alone and asks them to drop her till cab. She hugs them and leaves in the cab. Harman turns to Soumya, now it is your turn to leave from home. He comes inside and asks her to leave. Soumya says she can’t go until she is alive. He drags her outside. Preeto tries to stop him. Jasleen returns home. Preeto recalls calling Jasleen and asking her to return. Harman asks Jasleen why did she come? Jasleen says it is not important and asks why did he acted to be normal with her.

Jasleen asks Harman why did he keep her anklet for 20 years and questions on her behavior with Soumya. Harman tells her that Soumya is kinnar and not his wife.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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