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Savitri Devi 2nd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Sanchi abandons her surname for Savitri

Savitri Devi 2nd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Savitri embracing Sanyas life (Renunciation). The pandit asks her to take charity from her family and asks her to leave everything. Sanchi asks her not to do this and says your son needs you. Savitri says you have forced me to take sanyas and says your name is everything for us and you can’t leave it for your husband. She asks for charity and sits to get her hairs shaved. Veer comes there and is shocked. Dr. Malhotra and Gayatri rejoice. Sanyasan is about to shave her head, when Veer stops her and asks Savitri not to do this. Savitri asks woman to shave her hairs. Sanchi stops her and says she is ready to remove Mishra surname from her name. She asks the Sanyasans to leave and says now Maa will not become sanyasan. They all leave. Veer asks Sanchi how you can do this, and says

I have no objection with your name. Sanchi announces that she is removing Mishra from her name and now her name will be Sanchi Veer Malhotra. Veer asks Savitri if her wish is fulfilled now, if she is happy now and says it is waste to talk to you.

Sanchi tells Veer that she has already upset one mother, and can’t upset another. She says she is not selfish to separate him with his mother. Veer says but your identity. Sanchi says it is ok, my identity is with my work. Veer hugs her. Sanchi hugs him and cries.

Gayatri tells Savitri that you have taught a good lesson to Sanchi. Savitri says this is nothing infront of Sanchi and Jaya’s work and tells that she has snatched her ego and name. She says they have snatched my son from me. Gayatri says you haven’t done anything wrong. Savitri says daughters are always daughters after marriage, but sons changes. Gayatri asks her not to worry and goes. Priya hears her and tells Gayatri that now she understood why Savitri hurt Sanchi badly. She says you are instigating my mother against them and tells that you have always ruined my life, but I won’t let you ruin Sanchi and Veer’s life, I will shield them. Gayatri smiles and thinks she has the key to control her.

Sanchi talks to Sunny. Sunny says he is very happy to know that she has married cool dude Veer, and says I like him. Sanchi says he is cool. She invites him for Ram Navmi puja. Sunny says I am going on an educational trip tomorrow and can’t come. Sanchi asks him to invite Jaya on her behalf. Sunny agrees. Veer comes and hugs Sanchi. Sanchi is worried about the arrangements of puja. He asks her not to take tension. Sunny asks Jaya to forgive Sanchi and asks her to make a new start. Jaya says she has forgotten her father’s dreams. Sunny says she has fulfilled one of the father’s dream. Jaya says ok and agrees to give her a chance.

Next day, Sanchi asks Veer to stop the car and gets down from the car. She buys milk for the puja. She sees Dr. Kabir having a meeting with someone who offers him job. She asks Dr. Kabir not to leave hospital. Dr. Kabir asks her to go. People sitting there gossip that Sanchi left a handsome guy. Veer comes there.

Jaya scolds Sanchi for abandoning mishra’s surname from her name and announces herself as chairman of SDCH.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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