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Sanky Ki Dulhania — Season 2 (Part 1)


“Jai hoo..!! Jai hooo!! Swara Maharani ki Jai ho!!” The cheering sounds were coming as a figure was walking on a red carpet with full grace and elegance. People were clearing her way and stood on the either side of the carpet shouting her name.

She then climbed two three stairs and where a shining throne was placed. She turned with attitude and the smile appeared on people’s face seeing her beautiful and cute face.
A crown was adorning her head having shimmering diamonds.

Swara showed them her hand and the cheering sounds ceased.

She then sat on her throne and said,”Whom I have to provide justice today??”

Then some people came in front of her joining their hands and said,” Maharani please give us “

“Who bothered them.. soldier go with them and bring that person in front of my eyes.”

After a while a lady was taken in front of Swara.
Those girls and boys said,”She always give lots of projects, assignments to us and never let us live peacefully.”

Swara angrily said,”Put her in jail.”

Swara’s soldiers grabbed her both arms and started heading towards the prison.
Mrs. Pathak started crying and shouting,”Please leave me…”
Swara was laughing closing her eyes. and she shouted again,”Swara….Swara!!”

“I won’t listen.. did you ever listened when I pleaded you not to give so much homework?” She mumbled.

Swara Gadodia…! You are sleeping in classroom stand up!!” A horrifying feminine voice bellowed and Swara flinched and stood up immediately.

Her teacher was glaring her through her horn rimmed glasses.

Whole class’s eyes were on her.

“Show me your assignments..!” Her teacher said.

“Actually Ma’am I gave that assignment to Sandhya and she is absent today.” Swara replied tying to be innocent.

Her teacher crossed her arms near her chest and looking Swara sternly she said,”Why Sandhya will take your assignment? She already submitted hers to me… and what she would do of your blank papers as I know you didn’t complete that.” ma’am you are misunderstanding me.” Swara said and her teacher immediately replied,”I understand you very well Swara…stop useless argu and tell me where is your assignment?”

“It is with Sandhya only..I gave her to complete mine.” Swara proudly said.

Whole class started laughing hearing her words..
“Stop laughing everyone.” Her teacher said and everyone’s laughter ceased.

Swara…It got hard to tolerate you! You were sleeping in my lecture and now you didn’t complete the assignments too…now Miss Gadodia you will give me the answer of this question.” She said.
Swara was looking the question but giving the answer that was to not available in her brain’s network.

Swara’s eyes then fell on the wall clock of their class, she saw only 3 minutes left for their college to end, then she glanced the length of that question.
She smirked and making an innocent face said,”Ma’am I am not able to understand your writing… can you read that question for me??”

Her teacher started reading the question and in the middle bell rang.

“Yay!! Bye ma’am.” Swara squealed and started walking after picking her bag. She was just on her way to the class door when he teacher said,”Swara..stop there.”

Swara bit her tongue and mumbled,” ready for the speech Swara..”

All students were going out whereas Swara moved to her teacher with slow pace.

“I am coming to your home today..” she said glaring Swara.

“Why ma’am?” Swara asked innocently.

“You know the reason very well Swara..! I am coming to complain about you to your dad. Mr. Durga Prasad.”  ( I need more strict one so..😂)

Swara’s eyes become wide and she said,”Sorry ma’am.”

“I don’t need any excuses.. you can leave now.” She said and Swara pursed her lips and walked out from there but as soon as she came out she started laughing.

Her friend Avni was waiting for her outside,

"What she said?" Avni asked and added,"Why are you laughing?"

“What she said?” Avni asked and added,”Why are you laughing?”

“Nothing…” Swara giggled and dragged Avni with her while Avni was confused.

Swara and Avni sat in Swara’s car and left from there.
Swara you asked your dad about going out for party??” Avni asked.

Noo..” she replied and Avni asked,
“So you aren’t coming?”

“Who said that..?” Swara winked and started looking outside the window just then her eyes widened seeing something.”Stop the car driver…!!!!!!” Swara shouted.

“What happened Swara what you saw??” Avni asked and driver stopped the car.

“I am dreaming or what’s happening…?? I thought I would never be able to see it..” Swara said with a wide smile.
“What??”Avni  asked in confusion.

“Those chocolates.. which stopped coming in market here.. I was searching for them since so long.. and that girl have it. How I take this from her?” She said pointing towards a girl of 6 years.

Swara stepped down from the car then she heard a girl saying to the girl with chocolate packet that.
“I am just coming Naina.”

“Ok Aditi” That girl with chocolates said.
Swara heard it and smirked.

She came to that girl in whose hand there was chocolate packet. That girl was about to take out a chocolate but Swara said immediately “Hello.. You are Naina right?”

“Yes Didi I am.” That girl said.
“I am your friend Aditi.” Swara said by which that girl started laughing.

“Hahahaha…U are Aditi.. hahaha.. Didi..she is of my age and look at you…” That girl said glancing Swara from shoes to head.

“Yes..I came from future. I am grown up Aditi ” Swara said with a smile.

“Grown up….came from future??” That innocent girl said in shock and Swara got to know that she is getting successful in making her fool.

“Yes” Swara smiled and continued”I came here to warn you my best friend. These chocolates made your all teeth spoiled  now in future you don’t have a single teeth. You eat porridge..No ice cream.. nothing you can eat..”

Reallyyyy????” That girl said looking towards the chocolate packet in her hand.

Swara nodded her head sadly while Avni was seeing how expert her bestie doing such thing.

Swara snatched that pack from that girl’s hand and said,”Being your best friend I came here from stop you from eating these chocolates.”

Naina now saw the real Aditi who was coming towards her. She ran to her and hugged her tightly. 
Naina said,”Aditi you are my best friend. You are so sweet..”
Here Aditi was unable to understand what happened to Naina suddenly. Swara smiled and went to her car.

Swara don’t you have shame. You are snatching chocolates from kids by fooling them.” Avni said.

“These are my favourites don’t even dare to look towards them”Swara said hugging her chocolate packet.
It got night then, 
A man with a bald head 🙊 was rocking to and fro on this rocking chair.

A girl of about 22 years and a woman in her mid 40s were standing in front of him.

“Papa not in his room. She fled from the window.” That girl said stammering in fear.

That man stopped rocking and looked up instantly and glared that girl.

“So Ragini what u want to say she again ran from here.?? She ran from a locked room also!! ” that man said gritting his teeth.

“Papa she ran away breaking the window.” Ragini sighed.

“Annapurna see how always your daughter always remain ready to do my insult in front of whole society! She locked her teacher in the classroom so that she won’t become able to reach home to do her complain. What I answer them? And now she fled! She again went out to create one more trouble for me…”

Annapurna was just looking the ground as she became habitual of these kinds of scoldings and taunts as Swara also became habitual of doing such things which makes her father angry.

“I also locked her in room so that this time she don’t go away with her friends but see.. again your daughter did the same.” bellowed DP.

Swara where you went now?” Ragini thought.

Now on the rain-washed highway a car was going forward in full speed. 
A girl of about 21 years was driving it.

Woohhhoooo…!! Yay!!” squealed that girl who was our Swara only.
“I escaped from Papa’s big lectures just because of my brilliant brain(which works everywhere  except  studies  😅)” She smiled widely.

A boy whose face was not getting visible was running on a road. He had a blanket over him which was not letting his face to be visible.

He was breathing very heavily that anyone can hear it. He can also feel his heart throbbing in his chest.

Then a strong flash of light of a car fall on his face but he covered her face by the the blanket more and continued to run.

It was Swara’s car which was at some distance from that boy.
” Oh god!! Why this brake is not working?” She said being anxious..

Swara started sweating heavily.
She was trying to apply the break again and again but the car didn’t stopped.

She again looked towards that boy who didn’t even noticed her horns.

“Why this boy is not stopping?? In which Olympic race he is running that he would lose if he will stop.” Swara muttered in tension.

In last Swara screamed,”Get aside my break is not working!!! “

That boy looked up towards Swara’s car then he looked behind him.
He was sweating heavily and got confused. He stood there still.

Swara’s eyes widened now.
“I already have the blame of creating many troubles and problems on my head but this problem itself want to dash into me!!!” She muttered and then screamed,”Hey.. have u gone mad!!!!!! Stop!!!”

But it got late and his body dashed the bonnet of the car..Swara’s body also dashed to the dashboard and her head collided to the window.

  • I will continue it in wattpad after few days..I don’t know I will post it here or not..
  • You guys can read it and the season 1 on my wattpad id shinchan0324. 
  • Thanks for reading

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