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Hi guys thank you so much for your response to this ff, it means a lot to me since its my first rumya ff and keep the love coming in it is needed and sorry as i have been late. I was diagnosed with chickenpox thats why this late sorry for starving you all for your dear RUMYA.


Chapter 3


It was night or you could say suhagraat of Mr. and Mrs. Rudra Singh Oberoi. Everyone looked at Saumya with so much disgust but it never bothered to Saumya. She never flinched with that look with she received from them. Now nothing could be done. Svetlana and Saumya had already applied for divorce and the Oberois for the first time were grateful to them for this. Only six months to bear a Kapoor and after that everything would be fine. Everyone went to sleep too exhausted to plan against anyone. After making sure everyone went to sleep Rudra went to the Oberoi cellar and drank. Gin , rum, wine, whiskey whatever he could get. His Sumo hurt him and his family. She was not the Love Angel he knew. She was someone else. She was Saumya Kapoor, he reminded himself.


Saumya was in Rudra’s room, thinking if everything he thought to do with Bhavya, did he felt like doing with her ? He proposed marriage for Bhavya, he never considered theirs, so what if it was a fake one he did not know that at that time did he ? He would have dreamt about making love to Bhavya and she? She was out of question. He never loved her. Before heading to Australia she said that they should be friends because she knew she loved him but he didn’t. If he had loved she would have stopped others also from taking revenge. She loved him that much. But thinking about this was wrong right now. She just wanted to change and lie down. She was insomniac. She never slept, only five minutes each night were enough for her. She hadn’t slept for twenty-two years. And she was twenty-five same age as Rudra.


She was taking out her clothes from her bag when the door flung open. It was Rudra , heavily drunk, eyes red as if he wanted to kill someone, maybe her. Saumya froze. She was scared now. He reached within no time, grabbed her hand and twisted behind her back. Saumya almost squealed in pain. “You wanted to marry me right? You wanted to be my wife right? You wanted your rights right? I will give them today to you!” Saumya was hell scared. This could not repeat. She struggled while he pulled her towards the bed. She finally got her hand out of his clutches, took her clothes, rushed in bathroom and locked herself. She cried. It was another panic attack but she held herself, reminded herself of her family and finally she overcame her panic attack. She took a shower change into her comfortable clothes and came out of the bathroom. Rudra was still sitting there. “Come on I’m giving your rights,come here baby.” He stood up and came close to her and earned a slap. Yes she had slapped him. “I don’t need these kind of rights, go give these rights to your dear Bhavya!” And she entered the balcony while Rudra slept in his sherwani. She took her ipad pro with keyboard and started coding. She loved coding and it released her stress. She took her five minutes nap before sun shined bright. After opening her eyes she entered the room and saw him sleeping. She kissed his forehead. He certainly hurt her but she still loved him. She then took a bath, changed her clothes and started reading a book.


Rudra opened his eyes and saw his love reading a book. He groaned from hangover and suddenly remembered what had happened previous night. Saumya stiffened from his groan. She gave water to him and he drank some of it.


“Sorry for what happ-”


“Say it when you mean it.”


Nobody talked during the breakfast. Saumya never came to the dining table. When Rudra came in the room he saw her taking her phone , sling bag and wearing her shoes.


“Where do you think you are going?”


“Does it matter to you whether I’m alive or not, no right so don’t fake your concern for me.”


And she left the room.


But Rudra decided to follow her and his brothers , bhabhis and Bhavya decided to accompany him.


She went to a park and Oberois were following her discreetly. They all saw Svetlana there. Saumya was going to call her when she saw a lady talking to Svetlana. She quickly hid behind a tree. Oberois too hid. The lady was none other than her Aai. Once she was gone she stepped in front of Svetlana.


“You do not respect my decisions di do you ?”


“What are you saying Saumu?”


“What you heard”




“You knew I am coming to meet you, you know that I don’t want to meet Aai but still you called her here, why?” Saumya screamed and Oberois were shocked.


“She wanted to see you once, Saumu, five years, she has not seen you for five years, she is dying to see you since five years, Maasi just wants to see you, your Aai wants to see you. For once just forget what happened five years ago and go meet her for once. I’ve seen her crying like no one else. Do you think it’s easy for me to hide everything about you from her ?”


And both the sisters broke down, hugged each other and pacified each other.


For the first time Oberois saw Svetlana as a normal human being who cared for someone.


After talking for sometime both left and Oberois reached Mansion before Saumya.


When Saumya reached Mansion she saw her worst nightmare come alive. Rohan and Soham were standing there, in the very living room of the Mansion. Fear gripped her heart, Rudra saw that immediately, she clutched her heart and ran upstairs and Rudra followed her. Here Rohan and Soham were astonished to see Saumya. Would she spill the beans? They were going to stay in mansion for few days.



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