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Rishten yeh banae hai pyaar ki rang mein (Chapter-21)



Jhanvi was on call.with the pandit..she asks him to come there as to check the If there horoscope match or not.

After a few hours the pandit arrives..

Pandit : Namatae ji..

Jhanvi : please Come in pandit ji

Arjun : Namastae ji..

Ashwin : Pandit ji we have chossen a girl for Arjun..and we want to check their horoscope

Pandint : Ji…Give me their kundilis..

The pandits check the kundili and his face expression changes..

Ashwin : Is everything fine..

Pandit : Well..I think so.

Jhanvi : What is the matter pandit ji..

pandit : According to Arjun’s horoscope his marriage should be done until the end of next month..if its not like that..his life won’t go easily..

Ashwin : That’s not a problem we can do that..

Ragini : And bhaiyya will also be happy about that..

Jhanvi : You..please decide a date for their engagement.

Pandit : Exactly after one week there is a good muhurat..

They bids bye to the pandit ji ..

Jhanvi calls Payal and tella what pandit ji told to them..Payal tella this to Rathores..Maya is happy and a little nervouse

yuvi : One week later

Lucky : Oho….di jiju os so desperate i think..

Viraj ; Shutup you two ..this is not a right time to joke …we have to do so many works..

Payal : Ha..their is only less time

Abhi : Everything wii be done after all its our Maya’s ..



Anshuman : Pakhi..I want to..

Pakhi : Not now amshuman .i ..am busy..now..

Anshuman goes to pakhi and back hugs her pakhi breaks the hug and looks at Ashuman..

Pakhi : What happened suddenly..you are getting too romantic..

Ashuman : I think its time to expand our family..

Pakhi : I was also thinking the same..we should get Geethu married..

Ashuman again hugs her..

Ashuman : Iys not about her..its about us..

Pakhi : About us??

Anshuman : Don’t you think Aayan needs a younger brother or sister

Pakhi : Ha..Yes..i also..Wait ..what..What do you mean..

Anshuman : Lets have another baby

Pakhi : No

Anshuman : Yes..

Pakhi : No..

She breaks the hug and runs out of her room Anshuman follows her ..there thay finds Twinkle and geethu..On seeing Anshuman and pakhi..Geethu & twinkle hugs eachother and emitatrs there Yes or no section pakhi & Anshuman are embarresed..Anshuman goes from there

Pakhi : Are you too not ashamed to listen or look to someones personal space..

Geethu : It was not our false..it was your’s you two should have locked the door before romancing..

Geethu &twinkle laughs..

Pakhi : Okay.I accept its our false..pls don’t tell this to anyone..

Twinkle : We will try..

Anita suddenly calls eveyone down and tells the news abouy Maya & Arjun’s engagement

precap : Abhimany & Geethu in trail room


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