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Rangreza Swasan FF (Part 1) by despacito

Here i am with first part of my story. Sorry guys for not replying your comments actualy there is some error. But thanx to all for comments, likes and dislikes. And also thanx for reading my story silent readers. Ok lets jump on story.

In a big office a mid twenty aged lady come in side the office with full attitude. All employs greet her. She just nodded and rushed to her cabin.
In side cabin
The lady enter inside the cabin which is well furnished. There a huge photo graph of midle aged couple. She goes near it and placed some flower in front it and settele down in her chair. A employee come and said- Swara mam mr maheswari is arrived.
Swara looked on said- ok Nidhi im coming.
Then swara stands up and goes to another cabin. There is a man of late twenty is sitting facing his back.
Swara- I am sorry mr. Maheswari for taking…
The man turnes and swara shocked
Swara- Who are you?
Man- Hello miss Malik i am Sanskar Maheswari son of RP Maheswari.
Swara- Ok mr. Maheswari lets start talk about work.
Sanskar(in flirty tone)- Sure ms Malik but you can call me Sanskar instead of mr. Maheswari.
Swara(angry)- No mr i am not that much frank with my buisness partner. Can we proceed our work?
Sanskar- sure sure.
They starts their work. After sometime they complete and bid bye (formaly) to eo.

In corridor
Sanskar is going through the corridor thinking about swara.
Sanskar(in mind)- Wah kya attitude hai is inocent face main attitude. Wah bhai abse yahan kan mai hi sambhalunga.
Suddenly he dashed with a girl and comes in sence.
Girl- Sorry sir.
Sanskar(flirty tone)- What sorry?? Dont needed. By the way you didnt hurt na let me see.
Girl(blushed)- No sir its ok.
Sanskar- By the way you are miss
Girl- Reva.
Sanskar- How sweet name just like you. Reva you are looking hot in this dress.
Reva(again blush)- Thankx sir.
She runs away left a smiling sanskar left behind.
In swara cabin
A girl of swaras age enter the cabin like strom and sit on sofa with big bang. Swara looks on angrily.
Swara- Sweety how many time i told you to not coming like that.
Sweety(exitedly)- Shona Shona shut up and listen to me.
Swara- now what happend?
Sweety- Rohan proposed me.
Swara- Good.
Sweety- Tu khush nahi hai?
Swara- I am but i cant express like you by jumping ok. (Annonying)
Sweety- Ok mataji you right i wrong. Listen we have to go for shopping so come home early.
Swara- Shopping!!! Why??
Sweety- You forget na tomorrow is vani’s wedding.
Swara- Oh!! See I again forget.
Sweety- Ok so come early. Ok bye.
Swara- Hmm bye.
Sweety left and swara again become busy in her work.

In evening
Swara enter in a big mainson.
Swara(monologe)- I again come home late. This sweety will kill me.
In the mansion in drowing room a boy is sitting with his mobile. He looked on when swara enter house.
Boy- Di you again came late. And what happend with your phone.
Swara- Sparsh my kidoo i had to many works and my phone become dead.
Sparsh- Sweety di called me 5 times. Ok di am leaving i have meet paapy.
Swara- Ok go say hi to Piya from me.
Sparsh- Ok didu byeee.
Swara- Hmm go safe.
She huffed and look towards her phone and put it on charge. Then she goes to call sweety from landline.
Swara- Sweety listen baby i am sorry. Come home i will defenitly go with you.
Sweety- What sorry!!! I told you na to come home early but you. Now how we will shop??? You have to come home under 8pm. Huh.
Swara- I am sorry na. Ok we will come home after 10pm ok.
Sweety(shocked & happy)- realllyy!!!!!
Swara- Hmm ok come fast.
Sweety- i am coming in 5 minutes.
Swara hanged up the call & go for change.

Precap- Swasan meet again.

Hey i am ending this part here. Thanx for supporting in previous part.
Tc everyone
With love

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