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Nimki Mukhiya 2nd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Nimki makes whole Tettar family use fork and knife for eating

Nimki Mukhiya 2nd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nimki says to Mai that I will make pasta for Abhi, I will make all dishes, I should rest for now, she leaves. Dayya says I will eat modern dishes, Mai slaps him.

Abhi is in thoughts, he recalls Nimki’s words that she wanted to marry Abhi. Aunt says are you calling Nimki’s words? Abhi says I had time but I didnt take action on time. Manager comes there, aunt leave. Manager gives him money for their share, Abhi gives his cut. Abhi says Nimki will rule this village. Nimki messages him photo of Nimki and Babbu. Manager says why you are not confident in your heart thing? Abhi says I lost my time.

Mai is pacing around and waiting for Tettar, she calls Tettar. Tettar comes there. Mai asks Babbu why he ate from Nimki’s hands? I am not letting her in house and he

is making her feed him. Babbu says Abhi was infront of me so I had to eat it when she offered, I didnt even know what pasta is, my pasta was not getting in fork. Nimki comes there and says I didnt want him insulted so I fed him, she asks if there is any fork and knife in this house? Mai says Tettar brought it from city. Tettar says we can buy some more. Mai asks servant where they are? bring it and show it to her, servant goes.

Mauha says to Ram that I miss Nimki. Ram consoles her, he wipes her tears, Dumri comes there and says why didnt you take me to Abhi’s house? Ram says I didnt want to go. Mauha forced me. Tunee says you have spoiled them. Dumri asks how is Nimki and Babbu? Mono says Nimki was falling over Babbu. Tunee says Babbu is useless. Mauha asks him to shut up, he talks to us with respect.

Nimki says to Mai that we eat from fork and knife. Servant brings them. Mai says see this, we have everything, do you have it in your house? Nimki says I am happy to see my inlaws are not that backkward but you people know how to use them? Mai says Ritu will show you how to eat from fork and knife. Ritu is tensed and tries to cut roti with knife, Mai says what are you doing? Ritu says Tettar will try it, you must be in practice. Tettar takes knife and fork. Nimki says you are holding them in wrong hands, Tettar tries to cut roti but Nimki says you need practice, you have to sit with big people so you have to practice it, Abhi is coming so we will eat from fork and knife, Babbu is my husband so I will teach him, she leaves. Mai says Ritu I thought you are educated but you are not. Rekha says now that village girl will teach Babbu. Babbu points gun at her and asks her to leave, all leave. Babbu looks at fork and knife and tries to practice using them.

At night, Nimki is dreaming of Babbu, she calls him. He takes it asks what? She says wow, you took my phone in one ring, he asks why you called? Nimki says I can teach you to use fork and knife. Babbu says I know it, I did it because.. Nimki says you faked it so I feed you with my hands? Babbu ends call.

In morning, Dayya brings mai to Babbu’s room. Mai is angry to see Babbu practicing using fork and knife. Mai sees Grandma trying to use fork and knife. Mai comes out and sees Ritu and Tettar trying to use fork and knife too. Sweety says all family members have gone mad. Mai says I wont spare that Nimki now.

PRECAP- Nimki teaches grandma how to use fork and knife. Mai is angry. Nimki eats with fork and passes it to grandma and asks her to eat from it. Mai is fuming in anger.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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