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My Secret Lover (Swasan SS) Chapter 9[B] [REWRITTEN]

It was a new day, filled with new hopes and new realizations…

The sun rays fell upon Sanskar who was sleeping clutching his diary tightly with a satisfactory smile spread across his lips

Stirring a little in sleep he finally woke

I never thought I would ever fall for someone.At least not for the time being. But it happened, I’m really disappointed in myself for realizing it late. Swara you cried because of me, not just cried you lost your smile and I do  regret it a lot.But I can’t express my feelings to you at this moment. I can’t describe how great it feels when you realize you’re in love with someone.And if this very person is your best friend, your happiness has no bounds. I don’t know how will I confess my love to you. I hope she wouldn’t take me wrong.After our last meeting she always has ignored me. We didn’t even said a Hi to each other for the month. The things suddenly became too awkward to work on any thing,let alone this ignorance.

(His thoughts were broken by the continuous knocks on his room’s door )

Sanskar opened the door and found his mom behind the door with a mug of steaming coffee, smiling he wished her good morning.

Swara was still sleeping in her room. Last night they all returned late from the function though she’s an early riser today she was tired enough to wake up early .

Soon her sleep got disturbed when she felt someone caressing her hair

She lazily opened her eyes and saw her dad sitting beside her

Swara:Good Morning Dad (and she again slept on his lap hugging him tightly)

Shekhar:Good morning Princess

After few minutes Swara woke up and sat on the bed in front of Shekhar

Swara:Dad you here early in the morning?

Shek: So I can’t come here in morning (fake angry)

Swara: Oh come on that expression  wouldn’t work on me Dad and nothing like that you can come whenever you want. I was just asking to know if you have some work.

Shekhar:Shona me and your mom have to go to Pune in afternoon. You remember your uncle in Pune. He is not well bacha.. We would come by afternoon tomorrow but tonight we would not be here

Swara:Han okay​ Papa..!! No problem

Shekhar:no problem kya beta…you don’t remember that tomorrow is your birthday… And how would I wish you at night

Swara: Awww Papa koi baat nhi na…you would come by afternoon tomorrow na… So no issues.

She gave him a smile and hugged him sleeping again on his shoulder

Sanskar was finding Akshat,he was the only person who could help Sanskar.

Finally he found Akshat in canteen

First Sanskar made sure that Swara was not present there then he went towards Akshat

Akshat turned and saw Sanskar

Akshat:Hi Sanskar, come sit

Sanskar & Akshat sat down

Sanskar was finding words to tell Akshat about his realization

Akshat: Sanskar you want to say something?

Sanskar: Hmmm yes actually

Akshat: Come on go on… I know it is regarding Swara

Sanskar became surprised that how he got to know

Akshat: now don’t ask that how I got to know. Your face says that all you want to talk about something important and you came to me..So..

He left the sentence hanging and sanskar nodded.

After few moments of silence Sanskar spoke.

Sanskar: Akshat I realized my love for swara (Sanskar was waiting for his reaction but he just smiled)

Sanskar: you will not say anything?

Akshat: No… Because I already knew that one day you will surely realize and see the day came

Sanskar: I want to confess my feelings to her.

Akshat: I’m so happy for cupcake…
So any plans???

Sanskar : I want to make it simple… And I want to confess my feelings tonight… Tomorrow is Swara’s birthday

Akshat: Superb then Sanskar, today aunty-uncle went to Pune.So you can easily do your work.It would be the best gift for her.

Sanskar: Okay​ then. But I need your help

P.S.- This isn’t another chapter just a part of chapter 9. The next chapter would’ve their confession. I suppose the most awaited chapter.

To those who haven’t read chapter 9 yet please do check it out it was updated today.

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