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Hiii everyone… I am Gopika…I am new here and this is my first work…. and I hope you guys like it…

Life is difficult. It never goes the way we want to. If it would have gone the way then this day wouldn’t have come in my life. This day of everyone’s life is so special that they cherish it all their life. But for me, I am standing actually without any smile and there is no sadness too. but there is the fear, fear about my future life.

Today is my marriage day.

There is no smile on my lips, no shine on my faces and eyes which a bride should have.there is just fear.

My family has told me about everything about marriage, how I should be at the time of rituals, what are my duties at Sasural, how I should make all of them happy and keep them joined etc etc.. but one thing that they didn’t tell me is ‘Whom I am gonna marry‘?

Yea, I didn’t know who he is, I haven’t seen him, didn’t know anything about him even his name.

My family has trapped me like I can’t even escape… There were hundred’s of the proposal given to me by family but I broke all that by highly thinking skills. I fooled so many people. Now I hope if I had said yes to any one proposal this day wouldn’t have come where I am marrying a person who I don’t know. Even if we had any pre-marriage rituals, I could have come to know about him but all that functions were skipped as he wants to fly to London for his work after 2 days and will return only after 3 months.

And our families don’t want to wait soo long. My family didn’t even show the photo of groom send by their family because they were afraid of their daughter’s highly thinking skills in breaking her marriage.

I was to run away, but they caught me and blackmailed me by saying if I go then they will fire themselves and die. I beg them that I don’t want to marry, I want to be independent. But family thinks a girl always needs a partner in her way of life.

Through the mirror, I saw my sister walking towards me. Seeing her I remember she was also a reason for my parents to force me to marry. They think that if the elder sister didn’t get married then there won’t be a good proposal for younger one. I really don’t know what logic is behind it.

My sister Gauri Sharma was always there for me at good times. She wants me to live my life the way I need and she wants my happiness. She was the one who told me to run away and never think of her, she will manage everything. She supported me a lot against our parents and also she was the partner in crime to break proposals

She looks at me and with a smile says “Maa… has sent me to bring you to mandap didi ”
I just look at her and nods.
She holds my hand and says
“I don’t know how your life will be. but I hope you get all the happiness.”
I fake a smile at her and moves with her towards the mandap

Walking to the mandap I see a large heart-shaped board and its written

The name “Shivaay Singh Oberoi” starts revolving in my mind
I saw a lot of peoples, the media, photographers, some famous business peoples….It seemed like some famous person’s marriage.

Suddenly something clicks my mind. The famous world’s richest businessman Shivaay Singh Oberoi, the elder son of Oberoi family… Am I going to marry him? In this confusion, I walk to the mandap and Gauri made me sit. I look towards the side of the groom to take a glance at him.

OH my god !! I am going to marry the famous businessman Shivaay Singh Oberoi. I am going to become bahu of Oberoi family, the one of the richest family in the world

I really don’t know what I am feeling know.

My maa came near me and says “You are going to get all the happiness.”

I looked at her happy face and sadly says “I want a simple life”
She just looks at me and rubs my hair and moves away and stand with Papa smilingly

I sit there silently. Suddenly two boys come at both my sides and say “Hii bhabhi, we are your dewar’s ”
I smile at them they are shivaay’s brother Omkara and Rudra

Rudra; ohh..yea u haven’t yet become our bhabhi…but will become within minutes.

Omkara; Yea, by the way after marriage naa..control bhai in your hands, scold him, fight with him…get angry at him and always support us in front of him

Rudra; Yea and bhabhi we are bored of having food from his hands, now onwards we will have better tastier food made by you.

I smile at them
ME (in mind); omg ! this Shivaay will cook and these two dewars want to eat food made by cool…it would be so tasty as I even don’t know to make a tea

Rudra; And also…
before he could continue. A 70-year-old lady beats both dewars head and drags them towards her and says “Don’t irritate my Bahurani”

Ohh!! Now I got she is head of Oberoi family. Dadi of these boys. I just look again at the groom and sees him smiling looking at dadi and his brothers. he turns his face towards me while I was staring at him. He smiles at me. I suddenly shift my head and bites my finger.


Thank you so much guys for reading and hope you enjoyed.
Sorry for mistakes if any…



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