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Mr. Raizada’s Ms. Kapoor by Aashi – INTRO



“Aman bring me the status report of our summer collection right now!” roared the ASR from the intercom. The AR fashion house stared curiously at a girl who marched her way to the lion’s den shaking from rage . “Dad this is not done!!!.” The girl shouted entering the cabin of ASR , who stood bounded by the beauty of the angel in front of him. “Who are you mr. and where is dad?” the girl asked arrogantly to the owner of the building in which she was standing. ” excuse me ms. this is my cabin in my fashion house and who are you and how would I know where your dad would be.” Arnav Singh Raizada asked amused. “I’m Khushi Mihir Kapoor and what fashion house are you talking about isn’t this Kapoor industry headquarters?” She asked a little unsure. “Well this is AR fashion house and I’m its owner Arnav Singh Raizada and no this is not Kapoor industry headquarters.” “Ohh… sorry Mr. Raizada for the confusion I would take a leave” the girl said embarrassed and hurried to leave opening the door. “Ms. Kapoor” “yes” “the kapoor industry is the next building ,and next time do check the board outside” Arnav added still amused by the happening. “Um..thank you..” Khushi Kapoor splutter embarrassed and dashed outside as soon as she could and the whole AR fashion house stood shocked to find the ever angry ASR grinning like an idiot enjoying the pink hue crept on ms. Kapoor’s cheeks and in his mind wanting to meet his Ms. Kapoor soon.

Coming soon..!!!!!

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