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Meri Hanikarak Biwi 2nd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Ira rejects the scholarship

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 2nd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Akhilesh praising Ira in front of everyone. He says I m a poor villager and can’t think of having children, as we have no money to feed children, Ira explained me that vasectomy doesn’t end anyone’s manhood, I understood her and my life got better after this, my wife also got happy hearing this, my mum also felt proud. He says my strength and relations are still the same, doctors are like Lord, I m thankful to Ira. Ira recalls his words. He lies to them that he is very happy with his life now.

He asks the panel to give good marks to Ira and pass her. Dr. Patel praises Akhilesh for sharing his experience. They all clap for him. The panel gives scholarship award to Ira. They clap. Dr. Patel hands over the scholarship to her. Ira gets sad and says no Sir, sorry

I can’t accept this scholarship, there are many interns who are more deserving. She runs from there. Akhilesh goes after her. He stops Ira. Vallabh comes and asks what. Ira signs no and cries. She says sorry. Vallabh consoles her. He asks her to come home. She says no, Pushpa would be waiting, don’t worry, I m fine. He says fine, take care, don’t cry. He goes. Akhilesh takes Ira aside. He asks her did she go mad to refuse for scholarship. She asks why did you lie, we both know the truth, I don’t want the prize. He says we are keeping this fake relation, why did you refuse the award, you are foolish. She says yes, you are also foolish, you won’t understand my guilt.

He says I know your dream, what did you do now. She says I did this for you, I don’t want to leave you and go, you are stuck here because of us. He asks can you ruin your dad’s dreams, why do you need to sacrifice for my sake, what’s our relation, its just a doctor and patient’s relation, who am I to you, why did you do this, answer me, I can’t bear this relation. She says I need you. He says stay away till you answer this nameless relation, else go and accept the scholarship. He goes. She thinks even I don’t understand this, what’s our relation. She gets dizzy and falls down. Akhilesh stops and turns to see. He gets shocked and runs to her. He lifts Ira and takes her to ward. Devina dances. Pushpa asks her what happened. Devina says this is called cabaret. Aditya says mom is planning for my sangeet. Devina and Pushpa argue. Devina throws a cushion. It hits Singhania. He asks what’s this nonsense, you always welcome me by throwing something. Devina says sorry, Pushpa and I play some games.

Singhania says Sanaya was young when she lost her mum, I m sure Pushpa will give her values. Devina says I m there to give her values, I also know bhajan. She sings bhajan…. He gets gifts and jewelry for them. He says we will talk about marriage tomorrow. Pushpa returns the gift and says I hate dowry, we want your daughter, this is real wealth. He gets glad. Pushpa says get Sanaya tomorrow, we will do Roka. He agrees and leaves. Devina asks how dare you return shagun, its my son’s marriage. Pushpa says I saved you, if you took shagun, you would had to give shagun to them too, how will we get money. Devina says Aditya’s marriage will be grand. Pushpa says I have to do something.

Nurse checks Ira and says she has high fever and low BP, she may get critical. She goes to call doctor. Akhilesh worries. Doctor checks her and says we have to keep her for observation. Akhilesh asks the reason. Doctor says maybe over stress of external exam. Akhilesh thinks why am I behaving such, she was stressed because of me, why did I ask such question, I m responsible for this. He prays for Ira.

Dr. Patel tells Vallabh that Ira has rejected the scholarship. Vallabh scolds Akhilesh.

Update Credit to: Amena

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