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Sanchi wanted to ask Kabir about the differences between him and his father but then she thought that Kabir was not comfortable with her. They hardly knew each other and hence she thought of giving him some space. She had sent the rejoining email to the Personnel Manager of SDCH and got the reply informing her to join from Monday. It was a Sunday today and hence she went to her house to collect all her working stuffs and meet her parents. They were overjoyed to see Sanchi. She spent her afternoon with them and came back with two cartoons of books. All her teaching stuff and books of biology were there. She was interested in biology from the beginning but her conditions did not favor her. She took up teaching as a profession to support her family. She was too young for this job as she had only one degree but she was very much bright and the students would love her lectures. She was first kept on a temporary basis but seeing the enthusiasm of students, her job was fixed. She loved teaching but still her passion was to become a doctor.

She arranged the materials in one of the empty shelves of the library. She was so much engrossed in her work that she failed to notice Kabir’s presence in the library. He was here as library was near his study room. He had heard some noises from the library and came to check upon it. There he saw Sanchi struggling with the books and the shelves. She was not tall enough to reach the topmost shelf. He came forward to help her. She smiled seeing him. He kept all her books one by one on the shelf and spoke after he was done.

K: You could have called someone to help you. Why were you doing it on your own?

S: I like to do my work on my own. Everyone was busy so I thought to do it myself only. Sorry for disturbing you and thank you for the help.

K: You are too formal. You don’t need to thank me or say sorry to me. It was my duty to help you. He went away and Sanchi also resumed her work of making notes for the next lecture.

Kabir had gone out for some work. He had informed Sanchi about his being late so that she would not wait for him to have dinner. She could not understand this person. He was always behind work. Even on Sundays he would work. He was already the most successful youngest business tycoon of the country now were else did he want to reach that he was making work as the sole purpose of his life! Sanchi wondered about his health condition. He took too less sleep which was harmful for his health. She decided to start the routine medical checkups for him. She thought of talking to him regarding this topic when he was back. She resumed her work but still a part of her mind was concerned about him.

It was 7:00 pm. She was done with her preparations and was waiting for the dinner to get ready. She was in her room adoring Kabir’s picture with his mother when her phone ringed. She saw the caller name as Kabir. She was surprised as he was supposed to be in the meeting at this time.

S: Yes Kabir, is everything okay? She was waiting for the answer when she heard an unknown voice from the other side.

V: Am I speaking to Mrs.Sanchi Kabir Kapoor?

S: Yes, may I know who are you?

V: I’m Karan Oberoi, Kabir’s business partner. Kabir was not feeling well so we admitted him in the hospital. Will you please reach SDCH?

Sanchi was completely shocked. She thought that what happened all of a sudden? She did not think it important to answer the question. She just ended the call and ran towards the car. She told the driver to reach SDCH as fast as possible. When she was on her way she called Isha and asked her to be with Kabir while he was being checked. Isha agreed immediately and left for the VIP ward. Senior doctor was already present there and examining Kabir. Sanchi had tears in her eyes as she reached the ward with a heavy heart. There she met Karan Oberoi, and came to know that Kabir stumbled during the meeting and hence they rushed him here. Isha came out after some time, followed by the senior doctor. Sanchi hugged her and Isha consoled Sanchi. The senior doctor said.

SD: Mrs.Kapoor, don’t worry he will be okay. He had a mild attack due to high blood pressure but now he is fine. We have to keep him under observation for two days after that you can take him home. He left saying this.

As soon as the doctor went, Veer came running. Veer Malhotra, the owner of the Malhotra industries and also a good friend of Sanchi, Isha and Pragya. They had know each other since college times and it was Veer who gave Sanchi job in SDCH as he was well aware of her academic qualifications. He came to know that Kabir was admitted to the hospital.

V: What happened Isha?

I: He just had a mild attack due to high blood pressure. I wonder if there was some business stress.

Karan intervened as he was well aware about Kabir’s business. He was Kabir’s business partner and also friend but he was not able to attend the wedding as he had gone to Canada for a meeting.

K: No, he did not have any business stress. I know about it.

I: Then what might be the matter?

S: Less sleep. As far as I have seen in these two days, he sleeps too less which is harmful for him. I was thinking to do his medical checkups but this happened today. She was upset and that was visible from her face. Veer and Isha consoled her. Pragya came running when she had a break during her shift. They all talked about Kabir’s health and came to know that he was not eating properly as per the requirement. Isha was given the duty to prepare Kabir’s diet chart. Isha, Pragya and Veer left after making sure that Sanchi was better than before. Just as they left, Sanchi turned around to Karan.

S: Thank you Karan for bringing Kabir to hospital on time.

K: No need to thank me bhabhi. Kabir is just like my brother. We were together during the college and then in the business as partners. I’m his sole friend in this world and he shares some of his pains with me. Actually he was alone after Kusum aunt’s death and even I was not here for him. So maybe this is the reason for his less sleep. Anyway I should leave right now. I will come tomorrow.

S: Bye.

K: Bye.

Karan left. Sanchi went inside and saw Kabir sleeping under the effect of anesthesia. She sat on the stool next to the bed and took his hand in hers. She pondered over Karan’s words. She thought that Kusum Ma died four days back and attack happens due to consistent less sleep for two months or more, than that cannot be the matter. She was now concerned about him as she knew that he was mentally affected with something and she could not help him though she was his wife. She slowly drifted to sleep while thinking all this.

It was 1:00 am. Kabir started to gain consciousness. He tried to rub his eyes with his hands but was not able to move his left hand. He turned his head to the left side and saw Sanchi who was sleeping peacefully with her head placed on her hand and the other hand intertwined with his. He adored her face and suddenly realized that he was not in his room. He glanced around the room and tried to move out of the bed. Disturbed in her sleep, Sanchi opened her eyes and saw Kabir trying to move out of the bed.

S: Don’t even think of moving out. Her voice was low but authoritative. Her eyes were swollen as she had cried a lot. He noticed her face and asked.

K: You were crying?

S: Then I should be happy? You got a mild attack in this young age what am I supposed to do?

K: What?

S: Yes. You just survived a mild attack due to your habits and now if you don’t change your routine then you can get major attacks which may lead to death. Why do you do this Kabir? At least take care of yourself. Now you have to listen to me. Your new diet chart has been prepared and you will sleep for at least 7 hours a day. Did you get that? He was shocked listening to Sanchi. He never heard her talking to anyone like that not even servants.

K: No I won’t mend my ways. How are you talking with me? I’m your husband for god’s sake Sanchi!

S: That’s the reason why I am telling you to mend your ways. You are my husband and it is my duty to stop you from doing anything wrong. If you don’t follow my instructions then you will have to stay here in the hospital for three months. Now you decide you want to come home or be in the hospital?

K: What? In this hospital and that too for three months! No, no ways. Take me home right now. I will not stay here.

S: Then you have to follow the chart. Are you ready?

Kabir agreed reluctantly. Sanchi was happy. He was kept under observation for two days and then he was given discharge. Veer had given Sanchi a break so that she could look after Kabir as he was well aware about Kabir’s health condition. Sanchi had talked to Kailash about absence of Kabir for a month in the office. He was okay with it as he could handle everything due to no important upcoming projects. Sanchi forced Kabir to stay away from the business matters for the next fifteen days. She started his yoga sessions in the morning. She would wake up with him at 7:00 in the morning and accompany him to the yoga classes. She would eat whatever he was told to eat so that he would not feel alone. She used to prepare his food with her own hands as she wanted to make sure that there were no chances of mistake. They became best friends in the span of that one month. Sanchi allowed Kabir to work from home after he pleaded much to her. She still kept a check on his timings. She made him wind up his work till 11:30 in the night and then she would massage his stress points to relieve him from stress. They were really close to each other but still Kabir was not comfortable sharing his past life with her. She tried to bring up that topic twice but he turned it down and then she left it on fate. She thought to give him more time. He respected her much more than before. He saw the sacrifices she was making for him. He adored her for her selflessness. He thought that he was lucky to have her in his life. Destiny was not that cruel to him.

Sanchi and Kabir resumed their work after one month. Kabir’s regular checkups were held and he was better than before. Sanchi was tensed before the reports came but she breathed in relief when she came to know that Kabir was okay. Karan and Sanchi also became good friends due to the regular visits of Karan in the Kapoor Mansion. The trio enjoyed a lot in each other’s company. Sanchi made sure that Kabir was following his routine in the office through Karan. She had appointed the duty to Karan who had accepted it whole heartedly. Everything was coming on track now. All was just like before but only one thing had changed, Sanchi and Kabir’s relationship.

One day while having dinner, Kailash spoke out of nowhere.

KK: I think that you both should think about kids.

Sanchi and Kabir stopped each and every activity they were doing and stared him blankly. After regaining from the shock Sanchi asked.

S: Dad, why this thought suddenly?

KK: It’s just that every empire needs the successor and so does the Kapoor industries. You have to think about the babies who would be the bright future of Kapoor industries. He said very much casually as if asking for a candy.

K: It is our personal matter. We will think about babies when the time comes for now we are not ready.

KK: Even I was not ready when you were born. So what is the big deal in it? You don’t need to be ready emotionally to have babies!

Kabir now lost it and got up at once. He was angry. Sanchi also got up with him and held his hand to stop him from doing something scary and stupid.

K: I don’t want to be a father like you. I don’t want my baby to face the difficulties I have faced. I’m telling you for the last time Mr.Kapoor, this is our personal matter just stay away from it.

He went away to their room without finishing the dinner. Kailash also went away as he was angry on the way Kabir was talking to them. Sanchi stood near the table staring at the floor. She did not feel like eating anything. She was shocked by the sudden demand of a baby. She called the servants and ordered them to clean the table and keep the food in the fridge. She went to the library to distract her mind by reading books but nothing helped. She was feeling weird to be in the same room with Kabir after the discussion on the dining table. She went to the room changed her clothes. She lay down on the bed but sleep was far away today. She had her back to Kabir and even he was not looking at her. They were again surrounded by silence but a dangerously weird one.

She had her eyes wide open as she could not sleep. She heard the noises at 12:00 am. She felt the bed beside her compress due to weight and then she turned around to see Kabir lying beside her. She was happy that he was following the chart willingly. She tossed around the bed the whole night but she could not sleep peacefully. She sighed and got up at 6:00 in the morning. It was too early but she could not be in the bed anymore. She got up and checked on Kabir. He was fast asleep. He was not affected much as he was used to mocking his father. She went to the balcony and stood there in the fresh breeze. The calm morning had its effect. She was relieved from the stress of last night. She took a hot shower and started preparing for her day.

Kabir woke up and saw Sanchi missing. He wanted to talk to her but then thought to talk later as it would spoil their day. Sanchi had left early as she had got some work. Kabir also left after having his breakfast. Sanchi did not have her breakfast as she did not feel like eating. The day ahead was hectic for both of them. They forgot their problems and concentrated on their work. It was evening when Sanchi reached home. She was tired than usual due to no sleep and no food. She kept her bag down and sat on the sofa exhausted. A glass of water was forwarded to her. She took it and said.

S: Thank you bebe I needed it. She looked up before drinking and saw the person who had given her water. It was Kabir. He was early today. She got up and placed the glass on the teapoy.

S: Kabir you are early today. Is everything okay? You are well na?

K: Sanchi I wanted to talk to you. You went early today so we did not get time to talk. (He turned around and continued) I wanted to say that you should not….. He turned around to face Sanchi and saw that she was on the verge of fainting. He ran towards her and held her at the nick of time. He picked her in bridal style and took her to the room. There he called the doctor and asked bebe to change her dress. He asked the chef about Sanchi’s food and got to know that she did not have anything since yesterday night. He felt guilty for not taking her proper care. She was doing so much for him but he was very much irresponsible towards her. The doctor arrived in few minutes and began to check Sanchi. After examining Sanchi she came out and told Kabir.

D: Mr.Kapoor, your wife was under much stress. She also has weakness. I think that she did not eat properly. You have to take care of her. She should not be stressed. I have given her injection and please make her eat once she wakes up. She will be fine. The doctor left.

Kabir went inside and saw bebe sitting besides Sanchi. He gestured her to go and she went at once. He sat beside Sanchi on the bed. His laptop was also there as he was working before she came. He stared at Sanchi as he was thinking about her sensitivity index. She was affected by a mere request of a person like Mr.Kapoor. He noticed frowns on Sanchi’s forehead. He began to gently stroke her hairs while she slipped into a deep slumber. She held his hand during sleeping and he did not make any attempts to free his hand.

Sanchi woke up at 8:00 pm. She opened her eyes and saw Kabir sitting besides her working on his laptop. She found him strange as he was working with the left hand though he was a righty. She then saw that she was holding his right hand while she was asleep. She tried to remember the things but she saw only blackness. She called out Kabir in a voice low than a whisper. He heard it at once and helped Sanchi to sit straight on the bed. He then handed her a glass of juice and she drank it without any rebels as she wanted some energy to talk. She saw that Kabir had shut his laptop and was going out when she held his hand and stopped him.

S: Please talk to me Kabir.

K: Sanchi are you mad. You did not eat anything since yesterday night and you stressed yourself for that damn wish of your so called Dad. Sanchi lowered her eyes as she felt bad because he was scolding her. Kabir softened seeing her sad. He sat down and cupped her small face in his large hands. He spoke softly and lovingly.

K: Sanchi you don’t need to take stress about such things. I’m not going to agree for a baby this early. You are young and even you have aspirations. You need not take his talks seriously and you are not going to skip your meals from the next time. Okay?

Sanchi hugged him and he placed a soft kiss on her forehead and hugged her back. They remained in this position for some time. Sanchi was feeling relieved being in his embrace and even Kabir felt peaceful. They broke the hug and went to the dining table for dinner. Kabir made sure that she ate properly and then they retired for the day. Kabir had decided to spend some time with her. They sat on the couch in the balcony and talked on random topics. Sanchi was leaning her head on his shoulder and Kabir wrapped his hand around her shoulder. They talked till midnight and then went to sleep.
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