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Mehrya My version Part 62

As Shaurya watching Mehak via CCTV, she kept herself busy at kitchen. As she finish all her cooking she felt like needle pincing pain in her abdomen. Mehak gets gastric pain as she didn’t had any meal since morning. She held her abdomen and try to calm herself. Shaurya saw her face expression as she is clearly suffering in pain. She grab a chair and gets a glass of water and gulp it, she can’t stand properly she just called at Vicky and he ask her what is it bhabhi she said she needed to go home as tired , by then Shaurya rushed out from his cabin but he walked coolly in front of them as if nothing happen. He asked Vicky what are you doing here Vicky, he replied bhabhi called him and she wants to go home. Shaurya ask Vicky to drop her back home but Mehak interrupted she can manage and gets up from there slowly and waited for her auto to return home. Shaurya walked out to see on her but she manage to get an auto and left White chilies. Shaurya was worried what happen why she is suddenly not well.

Mehak reached home and Dolly maasi saw her and went near her, asking her what happen today you are back very early compare to usual. Mehak said Maasi I am not well stomach very pain, like gastric pain. Dolly maasi asked did you eat since morning, Mehak shakes her head, if you don’t eat and all the meals you eat lesser and lesser of course you will get gastric bahu. You sit here I will go and get you milk with spices, you take that and have medicines go to rest. While waiting for maasi to prepare milk Mehak tried so much to control her pain, the pain gets very intense while maasi comeback give her the milk Mehak holds the cup but in no time she drop the glass and started crying maasi it’s so pain I can’t handle the pain anymore, hearing her cry Karuna maa and Harish papa run to the living room, Karuna maa asked what happen Dolly why is she crying, Dolly maasi conveyed what happen Harish papa quickly dialed doctor’s number.

Within 15minutes doctor came and checked her and put the pain relief injection. He give prescription to them. Told them she have not eaten anything that’s why the gastric. Must eat properly. She will sleep after the injection and feed soup and soft foods. Shaurya came home and went around kitchen, garden and his room Mehak was not there. Dolly maasi came there and loudly said the person you are looking for is not here, poor girl what else she need to go through because of you. Shaurya didn’t understand and asked what are you saying maasi. What did I do now? Maasi gets irritated with his tone and replied him sarcastically, you men gets married for what? Not one thing also can do properly, since you come back from Mumbai you are working so much and not even talking to her, work is important at least spend time with your wife that’s even more important. Did you even bother to see if she eaten or not she sleep or not, nope you don’t care, you only care about yourself. Don’t know what is wrong with you two. Karuna maa came there asked what’s happening why Dolly why are you scolding Shaurya? Karuna maa looked at Shaurya , she place her palm on his cheek and said beta your wife is not only your responsibility but this family’s heart and don’t know why  I notice you are being cold towards her since you came back from Mumbai. If you are tension about business and others please don’t show your tension to your wife. Poor girl she only have you in her life, we all are around her but in her heart is only for you. Poor girl reached home and suffered with severe gastric pain, papa called doctor and he came give her pain relief injection. Now she is sleeping, must give her food and take care of her. Hearing this Shaurya’s expression changed and he felt guilt pang in his heart, she became sick because of him. She wasn’t well and he didn’t even bother to check on her. Shaurya moves away from there and heads to their room, he turns the door knob and saw Mehak sleeping. He close the door and move closer to her and sat on the bed’s edge. He pushed the hair which is falling on her face. He caressed her cheek with back of his fingers. Admiring her and feel guilty for causing so much of pain in her. He is working out his plan against Archie and wants to tell her everything once all settled. I am sorry Mehak because of me you are suffering and I promise all these will ends soon he was telling deep in his heart. He planted a kiss on her forehead and watched her sleeping.

Later after noon Mehak gets up from her sleep and found herself at their room, she adjusted her duppatta and looked at the clock, she realized she slept too long and quickly gets up from the bed. She fall back as she still feel light headed and feel like the floor is slippery. Shaurya was sitting at the balcony heard some noise and walk in to the room and saw Mehak has already wake up. He went to her and asked how is she feeling Mehak just kept her head low and ignored him , she tries to get up again but she can’t stand straight , she walked slowly Shaurya tries to help her but she pushes his hands away walked to bathroom. Shaurya realize she is angry that’s why she is behaving like that, he intercom to kitchen and ask them to bring the food for Mehak. Awara said yes. Mehak came out from washroom and saw Dolly maasi and Awara entering the room with the food tray. Dolly maasi quickly went to Mehak and makes her to sit down. Maasi ask Awara to leave and Shaurya watches them from balcony, maasi asked her to eat the food as doctor already said you became weak now you want me to feed or you can eat on your own. Mehak tries to persuade her as she don’t feel hungry or she wants anything , she smell food makes her sick. Maasi asked her to be quite and eat with stern voice. Mehak obeyed her and eat slowly. While Mehak was eating Kanta chachi called her mobile, maasi gets up to answer the call. She greeted her and both were exchanging news on both side families. Maasi wished Kanta chachi as Mohit finally will be working and he will soon learn to be independent. Kanta chachi thanked her and asked where is Mehak , maasi said what do I tell you , this girl is stubborn , didn’t take care of herself , didn’t eat properly don’t sleep properly and now she was in bad gastric pain , doctor came today and put injection and she is feeling better. Now we give her food but she was telling not now later etc. but I didn’t I make sure she eats in front of me. Kanta chachi heart sank as Mehak is sick and she didn’t tell anything about it. She asked Dolly maasi whtr she can come to visit her, maasi said she is your daughter and please come anytime to visit her. She hanged up the call.

Maasi make sure Mehak finishes her meal and pass her tablets to eat. She asked her to watch TV for a while and Mehak ask her to sit with her as well as she is feeling boring watching TV alone.  Both watched kids dancing competition on TV and laughed seeing the stunts the kids pull out.

Maasi and Karuna maa didn’t let Mehak comes to downstairs. They give her the food at her room. Although Mehak notice Shaurya sitting at balcony she didn’t bother to look at him. Shaurya went downstairs to have his dinner and came up saw Mehak already sleeping due to the medication. Shaurya have important presentation with his new partners and lawyers too. He was finishing his documents and all. While Mehak already sleeping he just continue to do his work. As it’s getting late he heard some crying sound and found Mehak sleep crying, he went near her and called her name few times. Mehak was in deep sleep and saying mama papa don’t leave me, I will be good girl please mama please papa. She held her hand straight as if asking them to hold her. Shaurya felt guilty because of him she lost her parents and now she is having nightmares. He try to console her nothing Mehak don’t worry I am here, I won’t let anything to happen. He hold her hand she becomes calmer and continue sleeping. He caresses her hair and kissed her fingers. He too fell asleep.

Next morning Mehak felt better but Karuna maa didn’t let her to come downstairs at all. All food were sent upstairs and Dolly sat with her to accompany her. Kanta chachi came to visit her. Karuna maa greeted her and ask her to go upstairs and she will being her some juice. Mehak gets up from bed and hugged chachi. Dolly maasi ask them to chit chat and left the room. Awara came to pass the snacks and juices for them. Chachi sat on the bed and Mehak lie down on the lap, she was caressing her hair and said someone now grown so big that refuse to talk to us or hiding from us all. Mehak understand what she is saying and said chachi I wish that I am still small and still playing around the house and you always scold me. This being grown up have so many responsibilities which I am not matured enough to handle. Chachi said you are the most responsible child I have ever seen, you see you helped your brother get a job despite how you talk about you, that day when we heard the way he talks to you all our heart shattered and I was feeling sad that why I didn’t give birth to a daughter like you but useless son like him. Mehak said chachi you didn’t give birth to me but your upbringing is who I am now. Don’t say like that. Chachi apologized on behalf of Mohit and Sheetal aunty Mehak said it’s not necessary all are family members its normal we hurt ours feeling unknowingly. Mohit is my brother and he was upset because I am getting all the attention and we neglected him that why. Then why you didn’t come home few days didn’t call me also, do you know how much I was waiting for you to call me. Mehak said I was so busy chachi and being bahu in big house is not so easy too. Chachi calmed down her and ask her to take care of herself and do come to visit them once she is healthy and not busy. Mehak stops her and said chachi can I ask you something, she look at her, and asked ask what is it. I don’t know few times I dreamt of mama and papa. Since few nights I am having this dreams I tried to run as fast as I can to hold them but they go away. Chachi am I good daughter is my parents are happy about me? Few days my I am feeling something in my chest and it’s not a good feeling.  Chachi cupped her cheeks and said yes beta Meera bhabhi and your papa will be so happy and proud of you, don’t think so much and rest properly. Shaurya was outside the door and he listened to their conversation he felt another blow why he ever did such cruel thing to her. He is feeling guilty for using such harsh language and tone at her and he didn’t know how to face her, he knows eventually he needs to break the wall between them and speak to her and comfort her but he first need to sort Archie’s interference. Archie should think that she has happily separated them and she won’t plot a new plan against them anymore as he have working with new agreements and partners for his business. Everything is coming up nicely and he doesn’t want to ruin all. He knows if he talks to Mehak all about this she will understand and things will get better but this is not the time yet. He thought maybe he will end all this on Valentine’s Day he will apologies to her in special way the Shaurya Khanna’s way. He left from the door.

Later Mehak and Kanta chachi came downstairs. Mehak followed her to send her off. Harish papa greeted Kanta chachi and asked how everyone at home is. She replied all are fine and I heard Mehak was not well that’s why I came to visit her. They all sat and talking about family matters and Dolly maasi suggested that since weather is so good we all should go for family picnic. It’s been long we didn’t go outing and enjoyed with family. Harish papa second that idea. Karuna maa said yes we all should go and Dolly said tomorrow lets go as bahu also can rest too. She must feeling bored resting like this at home. All set plans on their family picnic adventure.

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