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Love makes a change – CHAPTER 18


Both of them were taken to the ICU ward. After half an hour ragini got her consiousness. Whole family were gathered near ragini except sanskar.

Rag: Laksh, is Shoru fine? Laksh nodes his head in no.

Rag: y laksh!, God is doing like this to her? Y is he not enough of snatching her family. Laksh hugs her and consoles her.


Sanskar was totally broken he felt like he was stabbed. He felt immense pain seeing his swara…his love on the hospital bed. All the memories he spent with her came in front of his eyes. He wanted her back, back like before who talks non stop, who smiles made him skip his heart beat. He badly wanted her to take her in his arms. He thought that he was at fault for the happings!


Swara is suffering like this all because of me only, because of only swara my swara is in this state.pov ends.

Doctor came out.

SAN: Doctor swara is fine na?

Doc: Control yourself Mr. Maheshwari, swara should have got consious by now but she didn’t so even after 12 hours she didn’t get her consious there is a chance for her to slip into coma. Saying this doctor left.

Sanskar sat down on the chair with a thund. Doctor’s words were ringing in his ears continuously, tears were flowing from his eyes unconditionally. Laksh came to know about swara’s condition and came to meet his brother. Seeing sanskar’s condition he was too totally broken yet he controlled himself. He wiped his tears and went and sat beside sanskar.

Lak: Nothing will happen to swara, sanskar!

San: What is there to happen more lucky?. His voice showed how much he was broken.

Lak: No no Sanky, u shouldn’t loose your hope.

San: What more hope should I have lucky?(stood up).

Laksh too stood up and kept his hand on his shoulder to which Sanky jerked. Laksh immediately hugged him tightly. Sanskar who couldn’t control himself anymore melted in his arms. He started to cry bitterly. After sometime they broke their hug. Laksh cuped his face.

Lak: Sanky swara is a strong girl. She will definitely come out fighting for u! So don’t cry (wiped his tears through his thumb).

San: (holded his arms):  Will she come for me?

Lak: Surely Sanky!….

Sanskar hugged him. Their bond was admired by sujata who came to see swasan. She smiled through her tears. She wiped her tears and went towards sanlak. Seeing sujata sanlak hugged both of them. Suju sat in the middle and made sanlak sit beside her. Both placed their heads on her both shoulders and both were catching her hands. After sometime laksh left to see ragini. Suju looked at her son. His face were all red and pale due to continuous crying. Tears stains were left on his cheeks. She has never seen him so broken not even once. She caressed his face and she cried silently not disturbing her son’s sleep. She prayed only for one thing she wanted her son’s and daughter’s (bahus) to be happy. She kissed his hairs hoping everything will be fine. Raglak went home as suju sent them. Ragini was protesting that she won’t go but laksh somehow convinced as she was too weak.


PRECAP: Will swara come to consious or will she slip into coma?

Actually I wanted to show Sanskar’s pain that’s y I took an whole chapter. Hope u all will like this and I promise to make everything fine as soon as possible. Do comment and hit the like button if you like.


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