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Love makes a change – CHAPTER 17

                SWARA LOOK AT ME PLS!…

Sanlak blood boiled seeing their love getting slaps. The head of the goons came and asked them to stop. He headed towards sanlak. His face was also hidden with a cloth.

Goon: So Mr. Maheshwaries how r u? Oh definitely u all could have been fine as I was in jail right? But now I am back.(he laughed) and took the cloth out from sanlak’s mouth. Sanskar immediately recognized who it was!

SAN: Leave us NIKHIL. Don’t test our patients!. His voice contained anger yet a dangerous tone.

Lak: If we come out of this, then u will face the hell!…(shouted).

Nik: How come sanskar u always find me?(removed the cloth from his face) U r absolutely correct I am back!(smirked).

SAN: u have enimity with us only right? Then y u dragged my family in this? (Roared).

Nik: K I’ll leave them!. Nikhil went near swara. And continued…

Nik: So this ur wife right Sanskar? Not bad ur selection is good. He said and traced his hands over swara’s cheek with lust to which she turned her face aside in disguise. Sanskar’s anger reached at the peak, his eyes turned blood shot red due to anger.

SAN: U bastard! Leave her otherwise I’m sure u will even feel difficult to even live.

Nik: Oh live? He went behind the pillar where swara has been tied. He loosed the grip of the rope but in no seconds he tightened it more than before. Swara closed her eyes tightly in pain and tears scrolled down. Sanskar felt immense pain seeing his love like this. Ragini was crying seeing her sisters pain. Nikhil went to sanlak. While leaving swara’s phone dropped out from the pocket. She quickly took the phone through her legs and hid it in between her legs. Without anyone’s notice she dailed the police number. Sanlak were arguing with nikhil. In the mean time swara remembered one thing. She always have a Swiss knife even if she wears a saree for safety reasons. She some how tried to take it and succeded too! She started to cut ragini’s rope. While cutting she got many cuts on her hands yet she didn’t care. Blood started to ooze out badly from her wrist due to over pressure. Soon the rope got cut and police too arrived. Sanlak bet him blue and black and the police went with nikhil. Ragini took out swara’s rope and hugged her. Swara’s vision started to get blurred. Sanskar noticed it and went in the mean time swara fainted. He took her in his lap.

SAN: Swara wake up! Look at me (panicked)

But swara didn’t wake up so he took her in his arms and headed towards his car. Mean time ragini too faints so laksh too took his car with sujatha with him.


Sanskar was driving the car as fast as he could while driving he looked at swara who’s head had blood bleeded marks and her hands had many cuts. Sanskar seeing his love in such a state he was completely broken. Soon they reached the hospital and swaragini was admitted in the ICU ward.


PRECAP: Ragini discharged, swara’s health condition getting worst.

I knew I gave another heart attach to my readers. I know many wanted swasan scene but this scene is quite important to this story line. So hope u all will like it and do comment and hit the like button if u like 😊


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