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Laado 2nd April 2018 Written Episode Update

Laado 2nd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anushka telling that she is tired and needs to sleep. Shagun asks her to sleep. Amrish says I think we shall go to our respective homes and rest and asks Shaurya to go. Shaurya asks him to mind his own business. Amrish says I was saying, you can take rest here. Shagun is surprised. Amrish goes to room. Dadi asks what you are thinking? Shaurya says Juhi is changed so much. Amrish gets angry on Kajal as her ball hits his wine glass. He says he wants to kill her. Kajal gets scared. Shagun calls Kuldeep and asks him to take Kajal. Kuldeep pacifies Kajal. Shagun taunts Kuldeep and tells that the business is good because of Amrish and his wife is kept nicely at home because of him. She takes the drink and plans to take Anushka’s signature on the papers. She thinks why my pain is not ending

and feels burdened with lies. Shaurya is taking his stuff to Anushka’s room. Dadi says I will call someone to lift the box. Shaurya tells that it was his mistake as he forgot that they are meeting after many years. She says what is it? He says proof that I missed you very much.

He says it has everything which you liked and it shows how much I missed you. Shaurya says I will open the box and now we will eat it. He opens the box and it stinks. Dadi says it is all rotten and asks if he haven’t opened it. He says I thought I will eat it if I open the box. Anushka laughs. Shaurya smiles seeing her happy. He asks why did she not tell about her. He reminds her of childhood incident. Anushka says you shall go, it is late now. Shaurya says ok, I shall leave. Dadi asks do you want Shaurya to go and says it seems you are stressed. Dadi goes. Anushka tears her pic with Juhi in the newspaper. She recalls Shagun getting her pic taken and referring to her as Juhi infront of media. She then tells Anushka that she is doing this for her mother in law (Dadi’s well being).

Malhari talks to someone and says nobody shall know. Rantej tries to hear her. Malhari calls him and says I am your mother. Rantej asks her not to take his name with her mouth and repents for agreeing to her every saying. He says when I need your support, you left me. He says you have killed your husband and don’t take time to get rid of us. Malhari says she is feeling pain of having an useless sons. She says your manhood is gone. Rantej shouts and says I have become impotent because of you. Malhari says she has to hire someone to get control of Veerpur again. Rantej says I will find your planning.

Shaurya comes home and says it seems I came at wrong time. Bunty says you have come at right time and says he has cleared the rent and now he can stay here for 3 months. He says all the boxers know about your weak point and asks where did he go after fight. Shaurya says my Juhi is back. Bunty hugs him.

Anu tells Shagun that she wants to go to park. Dadi says she goes to park since childhood and asks Shagun if she thought Juhi will run away. Shagun says she didn’t think. Dadi asks her to go. Anu goes outside. Shagun thinks until they get the property, they feel suffocated. Anu is sitting in park and recalls Dadi and Shagun’s words.

Anu sees park lights off and thinks she shall go home. Shaurya comes there and says don’t worry Juhi, you don’t need any light when I am here. Anu looks at him and says you came here also, and asks are you following me. Shaurya says I knew you will come here. He lights lighter and shows Shaurya loves Juhi on the tree, and reminds her that this is the same tree where we used to sit and talks for hours. Anu says I shall go home, it is late. Shaurya holds her hand and says dadi knows that you came with me here. Anu asks what do you mean? Shaurya says Dadi knows the places where we used to meet secretly. Anu says I came here as I like this place. She asks him to go and sleep. She thinks he is holding her dupatta and asks him not to cross the limits. Shaurya asks with whom she is talking to, to a bench. He takes dupatta and covers on her. He says good night.

Shaurya lifts Anu and says you want this. Anu says I don’t like it and warns him not to do this. Shaurya says I was mad to wait for you, you can’t be my Juhi. Amrish and Shagun are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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