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Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2nd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Namrata scares the villagers

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2nd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rahul saying I don’t know anyone. Narendra calls him. Namrata takes the phone and answers. He asks how did you get this number. Namrata says some men were threatening me about you all, I don’t know about shivlings. He says I think its in this truck. She asks where are you. He says don’t know, Shambu baba and his men are taking us. She asks him to checks maps and tell his location. He says we crossed Jhansi, we are near temple. She says fine, we are close. She thinks how did Rahul identify Preeti and Minty, is he playing any game.

Inspector tells Yashpal about Shambu and Rudra’s truck reaching Jhansi. Seth ji gets a call. He asks the man to follow Namrata, she can’t be trusted, snatch the shivlings. Narendra asks Shakti not to worry, Namrata will come with

police. Soumya tears the truck cover and sees Shambu and his man going away. She says I m going, anyone who wants to come can come. They all get down the truck and run. Shambu and Rudra hide and see them. They smile. They drive the truck and leave. Rahul sees Preeti and Minty and turns. Namrata asks did you see them. He asks who. She asks him to take car backwards. They stop the car and see the villagers. Namrata says you all were captive, how did you come out. Soumya says we tricked them and came out. Namrata scolds her. Shakti says we are hungry and thirsty since many days, why are you angry. Namrata says they took my shivlings, they have left you go deliberately. Soumya says you are shouting as if we did a sin. Namrata slaps Soumya and says you know Seth ji is after my life, I lost the shivlings. Minty and Preeti ask Rahul to take them, she is scared.

Namrata says he is just my Rahul now, he will do what I tell him. She puts her ring in his pocket. She asks him to tell everyone that he loves her. Rahul says I love you. Namrata laughs. She shows a knife and scares them. She asks Rahul to take them away and do what she says. Preeti says no. Namrata pulls Minty’s hand. Rahul takes Preeti and others. Namrata says don’t cry, I doubt on Rahul, I have put transmitter in his pocket, now I will know everything what he tells them. She hears their talk on phone. Preeti asks Rahul what happened to him. Rahul asks them to just go ahead, else he will kill them. Narendra says Rahul fainted me. Rahul says yes, shut up. Soumya says I will shout aloud. Rahul slaps her. Namrata laughs and says he has slapped Soumya, he is my Rahul. Namrata gets Minty there. Narendra asks are you behind this.

Namrata says yes, it was me behind all the murders, I have killed even Aditya too. They all get shocked. Namrata says you have let my shivlings go in truck, you all will die, walk towards the jungle. Preeti asks Rahul to do something. Namrata asks what will Rahul do. She asks Rahul to kill Preeti. Pujari asks her to get scared of Lord. Namrata says you get scared of me first, Rahul kill this pujari, go and give him a tight slap. Rahul slaps pujari. Namrata laughs. She thinks whom to kill and decides. She asks Rahul to kill everyone, they have to follow Rudra. Preeti asks him to stop. Rahul catches her neck and keeps knife at her neck. She cries.

Rahul takes another knife from Namrata. She asks him to kill everyone.

Update Credit to: Amena

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