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Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 2nd April 2018 Written Episode Update

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 2nd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

(First part in Aapke Aa Jane Se section)

Scene 1
Devika makes Varun dress up. She ties his rope angrily. Varun says ouch. Devika says you were enjoying Urmi’s yoga, she was flirting with you and you were enjoying. Varun holds her hand and says something is burning, Devika asks him to sleep, she leaves. Varun says something is happening in her heart, I will become something for her soon.

Sahil is eating an apple. Nidhi comes there dressed like Vaidika. Sahil eyes and starts leaving. Nidhi says what happened? I love you and can do anything for you, I can change like someone you love, I can be like Vaidika who loves others. Sahil says you are not original, change your clothes and dont do this again, why you are wasting time? I dont love her face or dressup, I love

her heart, he angrily leaves. Nidhi looks on.

Varun’s phone rings, he takes it. His friend Ashish calls and says there is some dance competition in Kanpur, you can win 1lac. Varun says wow? one lac. Ashish says my friend Sahil is in city, you meet him in Kanpur, he will tell you everything. Varun says I am going. Varun packs his things. He puts sticky note on bed post and leaves.
Devika comes to Varun’s room. She sees his message that he has some government work in Kanpur, so he has to leave. Devika says his region is somewhere else, is everything fine?

Sahil drinks tea and thinks Nidhi is cheap, if Vaidika gives her attention then she wont leave and Badi Amma thinks that if she forces Nidhi on me then I will accept her. Varun comes there and says Sahil? Sahil says Varun you? they hug each other. Sahil asks what are you doing here? Varun says I wanted to meet you so universe brought me here, I heard there is dance competition in this city, I want to earn money. Sahil says you can ask me for money. Varun says its against my rules, he shows him address. Sahil says my location is changed, I will drop you there.

Scene 2
Devika calls and books car for Kanpur. Urmi asks where are you going? Devika says doesnt concern you. Urmi says you came here on your own but cant leave without permission. Maasa comes there and says let her go. Devika says Prince went to Kanpur, I thought something might be wrong so I am going too. Maasa says yes you should care for your groom, you will get to spend time with him too, you will enjoy there, Devika says I will prepare to go, she bumps into Urmi and leaves. Urmi fumes in anger. Maasa says I am alive and I take decisions of this house, how dare you give decisions? go and teach yoga to people, Urmi turns to leave and thinks that soon I will be owner of this house, she leaves. Maasa says Varun went to Kanpur without telling anyone? I have to tell him that Devika is reaching there too.

Varun comes to competition arena. Announcer tells him that its couple competition. Varun says what? he asks can I get some partner? announcer says you need to bring your partner. Sahil says lets go.

Sahil and Varun comes to Sahil’s house. Varun is tensed about money. Sahil says I have an idea, me and Vaidika can take part in competition, we will win it and you will get money. Varun says Vaidika? Sahil says my wife. Varun says you didnt even call me? Sahil says it happened suddenly, I had to break all society rules but soon things will sort out and we will give huge reception. Varun says whats the matter? Sahil says she is 42 years old and I am 24 years old, we have to fight for our love. He tells him how he kept meeting Vaidika, how he kept getting closer to her, how he became renter in her house, how Badi Amma was against it but I propose Vaidika but Gautam came inbetween and Vaidika accepted his proposal but then Vaidika saved him from Gautam but then Sahil got married to Nidhi as Vaidika cheated. Sahil says but Vaidika is my wife, my life. Varun says I hope I fall in love like you. Vaidika comes out. Varun says bhabhi? Varun says his bhabhi, I am your brother in law. Vaidika eyes Sahil. Sahil says he is my best friend, I cant hide anything from him. Vaidika asks him to come inside, she doesnt want any drama outside house. Sahil thinks that whole city will see drama now as God wants it, he got me to know about this competition, we will take part in dancing competition and prove that our jodi is best, my love will cross all limits and you will have to accept that I am your true love.

Vaidika says to Varun that I just want to say there is no place of lie in love. Sahil comes there and says you are saying that? I thought you dont have problem with lie, I told everything to Varun, like how you called me to mandap and cheated me, he also knows that my love wont decrease for you, that marriage was not marriage, you are my wife. He says give Varun good advice. Vaidika silently leaves. Sahil says I am thinking to take part in this competition with Vaidika for you and let people know that lovers dont care about age. Varun says you will make Vaidika agree for it? Sahil says yes. Nidi comes there and says I am Nidhi, Sahil’s.. Sahil says she is always behind me. Nidhi says he is joking, I am his wife. Sahil says this is joke now, she pretended nicely. Nidhi glares at him and leaves. Varun thinks I hope Devika got my letter. Varun tells Sahil about competition. Nidhi spies on them and thinks that I wont let Sahil succeed, if not Sahil’s wife then I would take role as daughter in law of this house, I wont let Sahil and Vaidika take part in dancing competition, I will tell whole world that I am Sahil’s wife. Sahil thinks that between this competition, I will get Vaidika’s approval and love.

PRECAP- Devika strikes with Vaidika. Devika says I have come for best jodi competition. Vaidika says you have come with a boy? Devika says Varun?
Sahil says to Varun that competition will be between friends. Varun asks if he made Vaidika agree for competition. Sahil says what I think, I get it done.
Nani gives idea to Nidhi that if Vaidika doesnt agree to dance then Sahil wont be able to make her. Nidhi tempers with cooker so it will burst when Vaidika uses it. Vaidika comes in kitchen and is about to open cooker. Nidhi hides and looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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