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Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 2nd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Daali finds hard to adjust

Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 2nd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kanhaiya telling Daali that this is his house. He gets a call and introduces himself. He calls his friend Pilot. Pilot gets tea for Daali. Kanhaiya asks her to drink it, its special tea. Kanhaiya asks Pilot to arrange a vehicle for someone. Pilot compliments Daali and sings. She gets angry and slaps him. Kanhaiya asks him not to cry. He asks Daali not to get angry, he will arrange food. She refuses to have food. Kanhaiya goes. Sheela calls Daali and asks how is she. Daali says I m in hell, I m in Kanhaiya’s chawl.

Sheela asks why did you marry him, you knew he is a beggar servant. Daali says no, I will leave from here and make Kanhaiya right. Kanhaiya hears her and thinks where are you going, you will leave wearing sindoor, saree, you will just listen to me. Rocky

and Maya get bailed. Rocky says I had to stay in jail because of you. She says even I had to stay there because of your foolishness. She scolds him. He asks her to calm down.

She says I want revenge from Kanhaiya, I met Kanhaiya in ashram, I will not leave him. He gets a call and says Kanhaiya took Daali to his chawl. Daali talks to Janki and complains about the chawl people. She says I don’t know Kanhaiya’s surname. She calls Kanhaiya in and asks his surname. He asks what will you do knowing this, it can be anything, I had sung a song, Na roop dekhiya na naam dekhiya…..

He cooks up a story. She asks him again. He says its one year contract, then we will go our ways, go to sleep now. She asks if there is any ghost here. He scares her and laughs. He then tells about the chawl ladies. She asks him to remember he is her servant. He says I m your husband too, I know every husband is wife’s servant, I got hurt, every husband has permission to sleep on bed. She asks him to sleep on ground. He asks her to sleep. He goes to sleep. She says I had no option else I would have not married kanhaiya. She sees a cockroach under pillow and screams. He asks what happened. She shouts cockroach and jumps. She slips. Kanhaiya holds Daali and smiles. Ladies come and asks what’s happening, why was she screaming. He asks what happened. Lady asks them not to romance on Kaalratri. Daali scolds them.

Ladies dance in chawl. Kanhaiya and Daali dance on Mungada song.

Update Credit to: Amena

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