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Ikyawann 2nd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Susheel takes a drastic step

Ikyawann 2nd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts Leela asking the man to fix it there. Sejal says what’s this drama. Soumya says wow, I always wished to have my big picture, look Satya. Satya smiles. Kali asks what’s this. Leela says my gift for Soumya, you should be happy that Satya started smiling again. She makes Satya and Soumya sit to pose for pic. She says we will have to use this photo for remembrance. She joins them and says welcome to Ajmera family, Soumya.

Susheel comes home and sees police. She asks what happened Maapaa. Jatin says she has beaten me up. Dada ji says I m ashamed. Susheel tells inspector that she has saved the girl from this devil. Jatin says I was just teasing her. Susheel scolds her. Dada ji scolds Susheel. Inspector says this is violence, law will decide now, she should have called police, we

are going to arrest this guy, its against the law to threaten someone. Jatin gets arrested. Inspector says next time, call the police if such incident happens, you reminded me of Fighter Didi, she was just like you. He goes. Susheel says I saved that girl’s life. Dada ji says shut up, the police came to my doorstep because of her. Mehul says but nothing happened.

Dada ji says fine, we will wait for her to go jail, was that girl related to you, you promised to manage the marriage, you didn’t manage, he is in love with someone else. She says why did he cheat me, he should have told me if he has any problem, he has broken the marriage vows. Dada ji says from the day you were born, everything bad is happening, you are the 51st child of our family, no girl was born in our family, all the women of my family died after your birth, what good did you do, your mum died after giving birth to you. Mehul asks did this happen because of her. Dada ji says yes, you refused to marry Kiran because of her, I left my old house, she has broken her marriage, she has made 51 number unlucky. They all ask Susheel not to care and come with them. Susheel cries and says Dada ji, you have vent out your anger on me. Nitish says no Susheel and wipes her tears. Susheel says sorry that I came back here, you don’t stay worried in your own house. Mehul asks her to come inside. She holds his hand and cries.

She says you did everything for me, all of you have done a lot for me, my value won’t be decided that I m 51st child of this family, I never thought of being lucky or unlucky, Satya left me as he thinks I don’t deserve love, I won’t be judged because I dress up like boys, I behave like boys, I will be judged by my actions, I will do something for sure that you all feel proud of me, don’t come to me, please Maapaa. Mehul and everyone cry. Dada ji turns away. Susheel goes out and bolts the door. They ask her to open the door, where is she going. She sees the black footmarks and says I will do everything for this family, but I will stay outside the house, I will prove that a person can do anything for family’s happiness, I will make Dada ji regain his pride. Soumya fixes the frame and says everyone should first see my pic. Leela says yes, you went on me, you deserve to be praised. Soumya smiles. Leela says I will fix your and Satya’s marriage date. She hugs Soumya. Satya looks on and smiles.

Susheel gets her bag. Mehul asks did you ask her if she will come back. Nitish says no, she won’t come, I have given her bags and arranged grocery for her. Mehul says she did good, she shouldn’t come back, the way dad behaved with her, so much happened, she will reach great heights. He blesses Susheel. Susheel sees her clothes and recalls Satya’s words. She removes her bangles. She gets some poles and uses sarees to make a tent. Mehul and Nitish smile. Soumya says I want to see your face after waking up, and you also see me first, can you come to my room every day till we get married. Satya agrees and kisses her. Soumya asks Leela will you praise me and do my aarti. Leela says yes, every day. Leela signs Jhanno and says when its dark, the street becomes mine, we dry chillies outside, nobody is allowed to come in this lane.

Susheel prepares her food and recalls Satya and Dada ji’s words. She thinks who is this Fighter didi. A car enters Leela’s lane. The man says way is closed and puts no entry board. He pours chillies on the road to dry. The lady asks why is this road blocked, move else… The man asks her not to create a ruckus. Kali looks on. The men laugh and asks why are you become chilli, shall we dry you too. The lady asks driver to come out. She races the car and drives over the chillies. Kali gets shocked. The man asks the lady to pay for the loss. She starts beating the men and throws off her dupatta. Kali looks on and smiles.

Kali asks why were you reading about Fighter did, don’t you want to learn wrestling from her. Susheel asks why. Kali says to prove everyone that you can do everything. Susheel comes to fighter didi and says I want to learn wrestling to prove to people, I m very strong. Fighter didi pushes her down.

Update Credit to: Amena

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