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HATE ? REALLY (A RagSan Fanfiction) Chapter 13

HATE ? REALLY (A RagSan Fanfiction) Chapter 12

Ragini stood in front of him confused looking at his horrified expressions. She raised her one eye brow to analyze what was wrong with him.

“Sanskar” she finally shook him when he remained nonreactive for a long time. “Hun?” he asked as his expression changed. “Where are you lost?” asked she and his eyes moved to her hand which was holding his shoulder.

“Listen to me Ragini” he surprised her holding her by shoulders. She was all annoyed due to his sudden behavior. “Go home. And….” “ Go home? Why?” asked she interrupting him.

“Don’t you ask me the reason. Just do what I say” he looked at her annoyed. “And why should I do so? Don’t you remember what AP aunty told?” asked she releasing her shoulders from his hold.

He dragged her back holding her wrist. “Will you be ever serious when I tell you to do something?” asked he as blood rushed to his eyes.

She shivered a bit due to his blood shot eyes but composed herself. “Give me a reason.” she released her hand and cross them across her chest.

He rolled his eyes taking a deep breath and glared her when she stood giving him attitude. He placed his hands on his waist looking at her twitching his jaws.

“Fine. Listen Swara Bhabi had burnt her hand while lighting the diya in the temple and just now Laksh texted me saying her hand has burnt a lot” he said with genuine concern.

Her eyes went wide as soon as he finished saying that. “What?” she panicked and rushed out of the building. “Phew” he sighed and then he realized how will she reach Maheshwari Mansion as she doesn’t even know the proper way back.

He rushed behind her and found her getting inside a taxi. Before he could near her the taxi accelerated. He stood stopping his legs near the gate looking at the back of the taxi.

“Thank god” he panted for breath and started walking inside the building. He opened the message again. It was again from the private number and he hit his leg in air due to annoyance as the identity of the sender still remained unknown to him.

He remembered the last text the day he announced that his memory was back to the whole Maheshwari family. “So happy Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari to gain the family back. But remember your maina’s life is in my hands. I think you have seen the trailer on the river side when she was injured fatally. If you want her alive you have to keep her away from our plans. Otherwise you will be responsible for her death. This time I will make sure her last breath leaves her body. And there is one more trailer in the room where she is staying” his eyes widened looking at the message.

He rushed to Ragini’s room where she laid unconscious. There was a scorpion crawling near her hand. He immediately lifted it and threw it out of the window before it stung him.

He dialed the number. “I had told you earlier only if you want my help you have to stay away from Ragini. She is innocent and I don’t want her to be the victim of all this vengeance thing” he spoke controlling the tone of his voice.

“tchu tchu…. So much concern for a friend? Am I seeing the stone heart Maheshwari melting?” the voice spoke from the other side and he closed his eyes annoyed. “I had told you to use chloroform then why did you hurt her?” he was alerted when Ragini moved a bit.

“So that I can show you how dangerous I can turn out. If you ever cross your limits and try my patience don’t forget she is just an inch away from my reach. And when she will breath her last you won’t even realize. So if you want to keep your Dost alive do as I say. Keep her away from our plots or she will see my wrath” he rolled his eyes annoyed.

“And sure you don’t want to risk her life right. So all the best Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari” the call disconnected and he looked at his phone annoyed. “Damn” he cursed and looked at Ragini who was still unconscious.

“And I won’t let you be the victim of all this Ragini” he spoke and walked out of the room.

He sighed coming back to present.

Rubbing his both the hands over his face he looked at the clock; it was still 11 in the morning. His phone ringed and he found Ragini’s number.

“Oh my Maatha she reached so soon and I should be prepared for her nagging now. Chal beta Sanskar. Be ready for Ragini maatha’s prakop” he smiled and placed his finger on the answer button.

“Hello” he placed the receiver near his ear.

“Hello” he looked at the phone hearing a male voice.

“Ragini is that your real voice which you hid from the world?” he folded his lips controlling his laugh.

“Sir” he heard again the male voice and his laugh died and worry covered him.

“Sir there was an accident in MG Road and I found this phone beside the girl and….” “ What?” he screamed before the man could complete.

He disconnected the call after the man gave him the proper address and ran out of his office and drove to the spot as soon as possible.

He stopped the car where the person had told. He looked around finding no one. Placing his right hand over his forehead he tried analyzing the situation.

He felt a pat on his back and turned.

Ragini stood giving him a wide grin. He couldn’t define how happy he was to find her all fine.

Soon his face covered with the anger and he slapped her hard as he could no more hold his anger when he realized she played a prank on him.

Her lips started bleeding a bit and she looked at him with her hand on her cheek and tears flooding her eyes.

“I….I” he tried explaining her but she started walking from there. “Damn” he threw his fist in air. “Ragini” he walked behind her.

“You can do anything in the world Mr. Maheshwari but you cannot tolerate my pranks. Well I deserve it” she said without stopping.

“Ragini” he gently pulled her back facing him. She stood not meeting his eyes. He held her chin and lifted her head but she did not lifted her eye lashes to look at him.

“I’m sorry” he whispered shrinking his eyes. She lifted her eye lashes and those almond eyes filled with tears made him lose his mind momentarily.

A tear finally dropped out of the edge. Traveling on her already pink cheek which had his hand print it reached her lips which was bleeding. It pained him for hurting her so badly.

He cursed himself for hurting her.

His thumb touched her cheek and wiped the tear trace and it reached her lips.

She closed her eyes feeling the pain and it did squeeze his heart too deeply. He carefully wiped the blood and caressed her cheek tenderly and she lost in his touch not able to move.

Her heart fluttered and she could not define the happiness the pain brought with it. He caressed her cheek as tear filled his eyes looking at her red cheek. He controlled his emptions and dragged her into the hug. She covered him and he placed his head over her hair.

Closing his eyes he was feeling those unknown feelings. He remembered how she collapsed in front of him with the blood smeared face when the goon behind her hit on her head on the river side even; before he could realize what was happening she was on the ground before him.

He dragged her more close remembering the day.

She closed her eyes hearing his heart beat which made her blush. She was happy that her presence could make someone’s heart beat race.

She felt special.

“And how did you find out that I played a prank?” he asked calmly. “Swara called me to check how my first day at office was going on? And I asked her is she not hurt then she said Puja was done morning only then why will she go to light the Diya in the temple now?” Ragini chuckled.

Sanskar dragged her out of the hug. “Swara Bhabi really has a very bad timing” he said giving her a serious look. “Hey don’t say anything about my sister alright?” she warned him showing her finger.

But soon burst out laughing as she could not disagree with him. “But why did you played that prank on me?” asked Ragini and Sanskar’s face turned pale.

“Um. Just for fun” he said avoiding the topic as they walked to the car. “You are bad” she hit him on his shoulder and he moved a bit to avoid getting hit from her further.

“I’m devil” he gave her a smirk. “I know” she said drifting her gaze.

A good one though’ she blushed thinking in her mind. ‘And a hot one’ her mind spoke and she brushed her thoughts and walked further till they reached the car.

“I think today is not a good day. Let’s go back home and I will take you office on some good day after consulting the Pandit” said Sanskar opening the car door for her. She held the door and gave him an unbelievable look.

“What?” asked he confused. “Like seriously? I think you hit your hard skull somewhere” she said mocking. “Yeah now I remember I hit my skull to your brainless skull morning” said he.

“Pakavu Joke” she rolled her eyes. “And I know that” said he proudly.

“Self centered Maheshwari” she said sitting inside and closing the door. He leaned to the window.

“And you can’t deny that I’m irresistibly handsome too” he twitched his jaws. “Oh come on. Stop praising yourself Mr. Greek God. There are handsome men alive who are infinity times better than you” she said looking up.

“Really?” he leaned to her and she hit back the seat. He smirked at her expressions. “I hope you don’t want to try my magnetism though- after the morning incident” he walked to the driver seat. She rolled her eyes and moved her gaze outside as she could not hide her blush.

He wore his goggles back and ignited the engine and drove the car. When they were just a kilometer away from Maheshwari Mansion Ragini applied the blush to her cheek.

“What are you doing?” asked he confused. “Just covering the mark” she finished doing that. Perfect” she turned smiling to him.

Her innocence touched his heart and he looked at her lost. “You aren’t angry on me?” asked he and she laughed at him.

“It is a proof that I scared the hell out of you” she turned her gaze to the front.

“You surely did” he said slowly and held his fast beating heart which was still scared.

And I have thrown my dice. Let us see how will you survive that Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari’ Ragini spoke in her mind and her lips curved up at one side with a smirk.


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