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Half Marriage 2nd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Sulochana welcomes Chandani

Half Marriage 2nd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maya thinking Chandani shall not come here. Rakhi asks Sulochana to accept Chandani and says she is not wrong. Sulochana doesn’t agree. Maya comes there and says she came to give her medicine, and asks her not to take stress, says I am like your daughter and not your bahu. Sulochana says I wish you would have be my bahu. Rakhi says Arjun loves Chandani and asks her not to think as such. She asks Maya to make her understand. Maya says Rakhi is right. Sulochana says Chandani is bad sight of the house. Maya thinks it is good, what to do so that Chandani don’t enter home. Mr. Shekhawat calls Maya and says they came to Arjun’s locality to surprise Raj and asks her to come out of house. Maya is tensed. Janki tells Shakti and Anuj that Arjun is poor again. Shakti says he is Arjun

and that’s why returned home to Surinder. Janki says but he is still poor, what he would have earned by now. Maya comes and says this will be decided now itself. She tells Shekhawat family came there. Mr. Shekhawat praises Arjun and his values. He praises Sulochana’s teachings. He tells that Bobby found him injured and he has only one name even in unconscious state, and ie, Chandani. He says when he gained consciousness, he lost his memory, but remembered Chandani only. Sulochana gets upset.

Mrs. Shekhawat tells that they found him when Mr. Shekhawat was unwell. She says Arjun has taken care of their family and business, and they got blessed to get him. Mr. Shekhawat says Arjun got their company to new heights and says whatever we have will be of Arjun, and he will stay with you all. Arjun says no dad, whatever you have is of Bobby, not me. Janki thinks he will be poor always. Bobby says I will not give my brother to anyone. Arjun says your brother will be always yours. Mr. Shekhawat tells that we knew that you will not take anything, and asks if we don’t have any right on you. He asks Maya to come with them to Delhi. Maya says I can’t come with you and have to stay here as sir needs help to establish the factory. Mr. Shekhawat asks Arjun if this is okay with him.

Mrs. Shekhawat tells Sulochana that Arjun and Chandani are very good son and daughter in law and they are both incomplete without each other, and asks her to accept Chandani as bahu, and says she loves him a lot. Arjun hugs Mrs. Shekhawat and says I will miss you. He asks Bobby to take care and says he will meet her soon. Mr. Shekhawat blesses him. They bless Chandani also and leaves. Manohar tells Sulochana that he has never interfered in house matters, but today he is taking a decision, and says Chandani will stay in the house, and says he can’t let injustice happen with her. He says Chandani is standing out since long time, can’t you welcome her with smile. He says if Chandani wanted, then she would have taken Arjun from here, but she didn’t do that as she wants to unite the house and not to break it. He asks Sulochana to welcome bahu. Sulochana goes inside and brings aarti plate surprising everyone and shocking Maya. She does her aarti. Chandani kicks the kalash and enters inside. Maya is upset. Arjun smiles. Manohar gives Chandani’s hand in Arjun’s hand.

Arjun tells Chandani that her face shall be in his eyes even if it is closed. Maya says she has tattooed Arjun’s name on her chest and says if she can give her life, then she can take it too. Janki comes and says obsession in love.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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