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Everything Is Fair In Love Chapter 30

Episode  30
As soon as the function started Swara quietly slipped out of the hall were the function was held and went and sat near the fish pond. She was really suffocated with Ginny aunty and her talks and meeting equally idiotic would be grooms, she just needed some relief. So she just smiled and started talking to the fishes and tortoise in the pond…
Swara: Come on fishy even you don’t go and hide is even your head paining…… Hello Mr. Tortoise I wish I too had a shell like you to hide were no one could reach……..
Just as she was talking man emerged from the shadow behind her…
Laksh: Hi… Cinderella!
Swara: What the hell are you doing here?( Getting angry)
Laksh: By the way if you forgot I own this place and since few days live here. (Sarcastically)
Swara: Ok fine then I am going….. (Getting up to go)
Laksh: Well can I ask what the very life of party the chief guest herself doing here in this dark corner. (Getting up too)
Swara: Ho shut up!!!
Laksh: Well are your all would be mother in laws bored with you or their moronic sons over with staring you like tart. I think you should make pamphlets of your resume and distribute each one of them personally…. (Glaring her)
Swara: Fine then….. Let me go and work on it as soon as possible (Sarcastically)
She was trying to escape from there…. From Laksh quickly but he was stopping her with his body. When she moved right, he moved right. When she moved left, he did too. Finally when she turned and tried to walk away he caught her wrist and pulled her to himself. Their bodies crashed and their proximity was too much for each of them to bear…
Laksh: Wow Swara you are in a rush to move away from me, but you had all the time in this world for that Ajmera chap….ha… tell me what did he told you?……. The size of his bank balance…… ha….(Getting angry with each passing minute)
Swara: Laksh leave me it’s hurting (Trying to free her hand)
Laksh: Swara for heaven sake he is a divorce….. do you understand that before trying to trap him…..
Swara: Laksh just listen to me…… (Trying to escape him and not trying to cry in front of him)
Laksh: Well if you wish I can I can tell him few tricks how to tame you…. (His eyes were now spitting fire)
Swara: I think he know a few tricks himself and much better than you….
It really stung Swara that how could Laksh throw on her face those movements in farmhouse which though painful but she still treasured. She never wanted to create a scene so she just tried to free her hand and run away from there. But in this fight Swara’s leg gets hurt and she falls on the bench crying in pain…
Swara: Haaaaaaaaa….. My leg
Laksh: Sorry……. What happened Swara? (Concerned seeing Swara in this condition)(Trying to hold her)
Swara just removed his hand and shouted back
Swara: Don’t you dare touch me!!!!
Laksh: I am sorry Swara. (Trying to touch her face)
Swara: What do you want Laksh Maheshwari. You have everything….. Success, money, and what not. Your girlfriend is ready for marriage and engagement is going to be announced today. You took your revenge from me. What more do you need Laksh, just tell me what more?
Laksh was struck by her words. Each word she said was like an arrow to his heart.
Swara: Listen Laksh Maheshwari, I had enough of your madness, enough. Your engagement is going to be announced and I too have moved on. You understand that……. I.HAVE. MOVED. ON. And you have to just deal with it. You cannot have everything. I just can’t understand why can’t you just leave me alone?
She said those words wiping her tears. After that she just ran away and did not stop till she reached her room and bolted from inside.
Laksh also did not try to stop her this time. He knew he did not have any answer for her questions this time. Her questions had crumbled all his decisions and will. He felt lost like when he was 4 years back on his father’s death……
Swara just threw all her jewelry and the dress all  over her room and cried her heart out. She really didn’t knew why Laksh was holding her back, when he has already moved on with Kavya. Taking each step forward was a mammoth task, and at each step Laksh was creating many hurdles and pulling her to himself with full force. She really didn’t knew what to do……
As she was sitting and crying she heard the fireworks going on in other side of the road, and she knew the announcement of engagement has been made. It tore her heart into million pieces, just like the million sparkles of light but she decided to hold on, she was not one easy to break, she was determined to hold her head high and move forwad everything was over…
Laksh was really disturbed by Swara’s questions. As soon as she ran away from there he just rushed to his study and closed the door. His action was noticed by his mother who was really worried for him.
Sujata decided it’s high time that she tell her son the entire truth what happened four years ago, she would not be bind by any promise now. Just because of her three lives were being destroyed and also many relations spoiled. Her husband always said “Saying truth is very painful for one time, but telling lies kill you each time you say one though less painful.” She decided to talk to Laksh in the morning…
At four in the morning she heard some sound when she came to drink water, she saw Laksh going out talking car and she knew she was late……

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