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Ek Deewana Tha 2nd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Sharanya gets doubtful of Vyom

Ek Deewana Tha 2nd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sharanya runs towards Shiv and actually ends up holding him. They look at each other in wonder. They are overwhelmed to be able to touch each other. A song plays in the background. He kisses her on her forehead. Past memories flash in the background as she shouts in surprise. I can hug you and feel you! Vyom is shocked. What’s this drama now? Is Shiv cancelling his plan again? Suvarna smiles seeing Shiv and Sharanya happy. Shiv says God heard our last wish. He hugs her. Vyom is not at all happy to see Sharanya hugging an invisible Shiv. Sharanya asks Shiv if he must leave. He nods. I am going with the promise that I will return. No one will be able to separate you from me then! He kisses her on her forehead again. Think it to be a momentary distance. We will meet again and this is my promise.

She nods. He kisses her on her lips. Vyom looks on in shock.

Shiv looks on as Sharanya light fire to his belongings and dead body. Bhula Dena plays in the background. Shiv says goodbye to everyone. I am sorry that I couldn’t spend much time with you guys but I am atleast relieved to have those around me who I love. Shiv will always be Sharanya’s in every birth. Sharanya adds that she will be his now. Vyom thinks that now Sharanya will only become his. It is enough time loving a spirit now. From now on, Sharanya will only be Vyom’s! Shiv looks at his family. Sharanya was my yesterday, today and if I get a life after death, then also it will be Sharanya! Sharanya’s Shiv and Shiv’s Sharanya! He disappears. Suvarna hugs Sharanya while Vyom keeps his arm around both of them. Vyom looks pointedly at Shiv’s pyre.

Vyom, Suvarna and Sharanya are in the car. Vyom notices Freddy’s incoming call and halts the car abruptly to make the phone fall on the floor. He lies that maybe the tyre got punctured and gets down to check. He talks to Freddy. Freddy tells him he got passport and money. Vyom tells him to leave the country asap. You have to kill your partner Odhni. She knows a lot about us and isn’t safe for us. Freddy agrees to take care of her in such a manner that police wont even find her dead body. Even if they do, they wouldn’t be able to recognize. I have learnt making such perfect plans from you only! Vyom smiles thinking of how he tackled Shiv and his dead body. Sharanya notices Vyom happily talking to someone on phone in the side mirror. Vyom ends the call after telling Freddy about his parents. He turns and finds Sharanya staring right at her. Who were you talking to about Mom Dad?

Freddy picks his gun and smiles. Odhni hits him on his head as he gets up.

Sharanya repeats her question at Vyom. He fumbles. I was telling my friend I was feeling guilty I couldn’t do anything for them. She tells him she saw him smiling while talking on phone. He tries to disagree but she seems to be doubtful of him. Are you hiding something from me? He replies that he has nothing to hide from her. I have lost my parents. I don’t have my best friend with me. What will I hide from you? Suvarna asks him about his tone. Vyom says sorry but repeats the same lines. I have nothing to hide! I understand Sharanya is upset. We all are upset. Let’s stop doubting each other. Shiv’s and Rajan’s words echo in Sharanya’s mind. Vyom makes Suvarna sit in the car. Sharanya feels something is going wrong. I feel as if Shiv was right. Dad also spoke of Vyom’s madness before dying. Show me some clue Devi Ma!

Madhvi and Rajan are in the car. They are relieved thinking that everything is over but find themselves facing Sharanya! They duck so as to be seen clearly from her but it is too late. Sharanya tells Vyom it was Mom. I saw Mom Dad in the car that just passed by. He tells her not to hurt him by saying so. Dad is no more while Mom left the country. She insists she saw them but he keeps trying to divert her attention. You might be imagining or thinking too much. There is no one. Sit in the car. She pushes him as he turns and takes the wheel. She drives away.

Vyom hopes nothing should go wrong now. I have worked really hard for this moment.

Precap: Sharanya is driving. Rajan and Madhvi stop their car in front of Sharanya. Odhni calls Sharanya. The phone is on speaker. Odhni tells her not to perform Shiv’s last rites. Vyom is behind all this. Vyom takes the phone from her. Sharanya slaps Vyom.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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