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Previous day :- R.k gives Pari a case ; He gives her condition that she alone has to handle this ; Pari come across a creepy lady .

PARI hurriedly reached NGO and calls R.k Pratap .

Pari and R.K were sitting ( Discussion going on )

Pari keeps the contract Papers on table .

Pari : I’m ready Sir , I’ve signed the Deal .

R.K : I’m impressed , Finally you decision turns to be positive .

Pari : I’ve decided that I’ll die but I’ll surely fight for sake of women .

R.K : Good , Welcome Agent PARI to case ‘ SERIAL KILLER / WOMEN ‘ .

Pari : Thanks Sir , I’ve something to show to you .

R.K : Amazing first day , And the clue is ready .

Pari on her Projector shows the images of murders .

Pari : See this knife , And this weird Alphabet ‘P’ here

R.K : Yes , Seems like the Knife is specially crafted for murdering .

Pari : I think so Sir . Also , One thing more Sir . I came across a Women yesterday she gave a necklace on which same shaped small knife was hanging .

R.K : Strange , But what was that woman up to ?

Pari : I don’t know , I met her first at hospital when I was there for a checkup .

R.K : What ?

Pari : Sorry Sir , I forget to tell you that ( She narrates her Lie )

R.K : I think we should let this Lie go on , Don’t disclose it now , This Lie will surely help us in some way . Well Do you doubt her

Pari : No I don’t think so , She was sounding as if she was warning me of some danger , She told me to take care .

R.K : This woman can help us , We should interrogate her once .

Pari : I think I should do it ?

R.K : Yes , Ask her if you see her again . Okay ! Now I should leave , Find out more evidences .

Pari : Okay Sir ! Bye .

R.K : Once again , Thanks for saying Yes .

Pari gives a weak smile . R.K stood up and Goes slowly to the door .

R.K in his mind ( Unknowingly about the danger that is involved in this case , You have say Yes , Now let’s see how much brave you’re. But whatever, If you wouldn’t have Say yes , Then how could I take my avenge form Veer . ) .

Suddenly the door opens , R.K was just near , Veer comes in .

Pari and R.K stood shocked Seeing him .

Pari : Veer ! Why’d you come here ?

Veer : You left the home furiously so I was worried .

He turns to R.K .

Veer : R.K ! You here ?

R.K sees him with agony , In his mind ( There’s my biggest Enemy , Veer Mehta )

R.K gives a odd smile and hugs Veer .

R.K : Veer ! How’s you ?

Veer : I’m good , Pari told me you gave some donations to NGO .

R.K : Yes ! I must say she’s intelligent .

Veer : Thanks R.K .

Pari : Veer you know him .

R.k to himself ( How’ll I forget him , My whole carrier was destroyed because of him )

Veer : Ya ! We both once worked together .

R.k : You guys continue , I’m busy I’ve to go .

He lefts .

Veer sees pictures of murders on Screen .PARI rapidly turns the Projector off .

Pari : Meeting is over now , Shall we leave ?

Veer : Wait ! In a meeting about donations , What is role of all these images of blood and killings .

Pari : Actually before he came I was working on a case , Then later I forgot to switch it off .

Veer keeps his hands on her shoulders : PARI , Before this we both use to discuss each and every case with each other , Why not this one ?

Pari : It’s not like that Veer , Believe me , It’s a simple case , Don’t worry , Let’s go now .

_________ In the car …

Veer : Well , What is the case about ?

Pari : Nothing serious , A piece of cake it is .

Veer : Hey, would you like to have an ice cream .

Pari : Ya I’d love to

Veer  Parks and goes out .

Pari again came across that Woman .

She came out of the car and goes to her .

Pari : Wait ! I need to talk to you .

Lady was staring at her .

Pari : why did you gave me that Necklace with that dagger .

Lady : Take care, Someone will dare , Take care . You would be killed , Someone will dare .

Pari : Please tell me what you want to say ?

Lady : Shhh!!!!!! Start counting your days …..Take care , Someone will dare …

She goes away . Veer ” PARI ! whom are you talking to ? ”

Pari : Nothing let’s go .

________________ They reached home _____.

Veer : Pari you go I’ll come after some time .

Pari : Okay fine bye .

She goes in …And Veer goes to Police station .

Veer’s POV …

Constable : Sir , Here are all the pictures of all the murders that happened before in Delhi .

Veer : Thanks .

He studies all the pictures , And finds out that one of them was very similar to one he saw at Pari’s NGO .


Inside Pariveers Home …

Uncle : Pari , Could you see these Pictures , These I bought form Punjab .

Pari : Yah ! Veer is looking so cute here . Thanks for sharing these with me .

Uncle : You know since he was a little boy , He used to solve all the cases in our home . If anyone spoke Lie then he could instantly find it out .

Pari to herself ( This is what I’m afraid , I just hope he dosen’t gets to know )

Sunny : That’s correct Uncle , No one could hide anything form him .

Uncle : Eh sunny just turn on the television .

Sunny turns it on ..” The breaking news , A woman found stabbed with a knife near COLABA main street , Again a murder , Who did it ? ”

Uncle : Shut it right now ! How inhumane are people today . Pari go to your room and Take rest .

Uncle and Sunny goes to their rooms .

Pari to herself : I’ve to go to crime spot to find out some clues , But there Veer would also be there , I’ve to go .

She secretly goes out , To the crime location .

Pari reached there , She came out of the car , She had disguised herself . She covered her face with a black cloth .

Pari goes to the area , Veer stopped her .

Veer : Sorry mam , You can’t go in , Can’t you read this sign board here .

Pari : Sir , Please let me come in .

Veer : No , It’s not allowed , Stay  out .

Veer goes away . Pari ” what can I do now , Whole area is sealed , I think I can search nearby area ”

Veer : Take this body for Postmortem. And seal this whole area .

Officer : Yes , Sir .

Veer looks to all sides and finds the girl going away to forest area .

Veer : Why is this girl going there ?

He goes and tracks her .

Pari was moving Into the woody area ” I’m sure I’ll get some clue here ”

Her foot touched something metallic . Pari ” Ouch what this so hard ”

She bowed down and finds The same knife but in large size , With Same alphabet ‘ P ‘ and blood over it .

Pari : The knife , It will help us a lot to find who’s the killer .

Suddenly someone knocked her shoulders , Pari twisted back , It was Veer .

Veer : Hey , I told you Na not to come near the crime spot .

Pari while covering her face in lower volume ” Sir , I was searching for something ”

Veer lowers his head downward and Sees a Knife with blood in her hands .

Veer : A Knife , Give it to me

Pari to herself : No I can’t give him .

She gave him a smooth push and Ran away .

Veer runs behind her : Hey , Gimme , Gimme the knife .

She ran away , Veer tried to catch her , But he couldn’t , But he was able to catch her black veil which covered her face .

Veer : who’s this girl ?

He sees the black veil and finds a earring in it .

Veer : This earring , I’ve seen this somewhere ? But where ?.

He keeps it in his pocket and moves away to the spot .There CBI officials have already arrived .

CBI official announces all the the police to go away as this case is under their charge .

Pari reached home , She keeps the knife with her .

Pari took out the knife from her bag

Pari ” This is the same knife , Which that Lady gave to me and I saw in all the pictures .

She calls R.K and tells him everything . Then she hides the knife and sits on Bed .

She was sitting on bed , Her back touching the back wall.

Pari : Today I was almost caught , I’ve to be better careful next time . If Veer got to know that we both are working on same case and He dosen’t know then

Then Veer comes in , He saw PARI sitting on bed , Her eyes were closed and uttering something . He goes and sits beside her and keeps her hands on the face .

Pari exclaimed with a little surprise ” Sorry , I’m sorry ”

Veer : Sorry , What ? why ?

Pari : Veer you came ?

Veer : Yes , why you look so disturbed .

Pari : Nothing , I’m fine , It’s little hot today .

Veer : Ya ! But the air conditioner is switched on and you are sweating .

Pari wipes of sweat and Removes hairs form her face .
Veer finds that one of the earring is missing .

Veer in his brain : What this earring is of Pari , She came there , No , No it can’t be like that .

Then uncle calls them …
They both go down . Uncle calls Veer . Pari stood at a corner , Talking to someone on Phone .

Pari : Don’t worry Sir , I’ll find it out everything about that Knife .

R.K : Well done , Pari , This evidence can help us very well .

Pari : Okay sir , I’ll report you in the afternoon , I’ll try to reach NGO .

R.K : Alright , You’ll send it to forensic expert .

Pari : Okay sir , Bye .

She turns and Saws Veer standing .

Pari : Veer, what did uncle said ?

Veer to himself ( She’ll report to that Person in afternoon , I’ve to find it out who’s that )

Veer : Come uncle is asking for you , I don’t know why !.


R.K’s POV …

Head of CBI : So your agent really did good work .

R.K : Yes sir I told you , Thanks you didn’t gave this. case to any Police officer , She’s great .

Head : It’s correct Mr. . But you know it’s a serial killer and he’s killing women ruthlessly , How much risk is involved in this case ? If that killer got alert he can Kill her too .

R.K : Don’t worry that would never happen . she’s a smart girl .

Head : Let’s see what happens ahead . I just wish that girl remains safe throughout this Case .

R.K in his mind ( I don’t care that girl lives or dies , I just want that she should solve this case , So that I could take my revenge form Veer )


Uncle : Pari see dear , Your aunt called me , She’s got Ill , So I need to go .

Pari : No uncle , It’s not complete 3 days you’ve been here , Veer say something

Veer : Yes, That’s correct .

Sunny : Uncle please don’t go

Uncle : Your aunt needs me dear .

Pari : Promise us you’ll come back soon .

Uncle : I promise you , But before going I’ve a little surprise for you both .

He hands them over a Envelope .

Pari unwrapped it ” 3 days nature camp for mom and dad ” She read .

Uncle : It’s a nature and relaxation camp for pregnant women. So I want you both to go there .

Sunny : Wow it would be great fun , Veer you should go .

Pari shouts : No , No I can’t go .

Everyone stares at her .

Uncle : But why !

Pari : Doctor , She said Na I shouldn’t go anywhere .

Uncle : Oh Yes ! Okay then your choice .

Veer : Thanks uncle for being with us , We love you .


It was afternoon now , Sunny has gone to leave uncle , Veer and Pari were at home .

Pari : Bye Veer I’m going to work .

Veer : Wait I’ll drop you there .

Pari in her brain ( I shouldn’t say No , He’ll doubt me then ) : Okay !

At the NGO .

Veer leaves Pari and Pretends to go away . When she goes in her office , He thinks of keeping an eye on her .

Veer: No is shouldn’t do this , Without any good clue I shouldn’t doubt her .

He sits inside the car and goes away .Then R.K Pratap entered .

Pari : Good afternoon Sir , I’ve sent the Knife to forensic lab , Reports will come out soon .

R.K : Good , And I just hope that no one got to know .

Pari : No Sir .

Sera brings the reports .

Pari opens and read .

Pari : Sir , It says that the blood on this knife is of a mixture of a human and Animal .

R.K : Of a Animal .

Pari : Yes , Sir . But how’s this even possible .


Veer’s POV .

Veer to his junior : What the heck , That girl tool away the knife

Man : It’s okay , Sir , As the charge of this case is with CBI not us .

Veer : CBI is doing nothing , They’re just chilling , I’ve to take some steps .

Man : But Sir .

Another officer comes in .

Officer : Veer Sir , I’ve got to know form some sources that CBI is taking help from some organization .

Veer : An organization ?

Officer : Yes to keep it a top secret , No one even , Media isn’t allowed to say anything on this , They are seeking help from some welfare groups .


R.K : Blood of animal , You found this Knife in a forest .

Pari : Yes !

R.K : This is getting more mess now

PARI : Don’t worry I’ve a plan .



[ For tomorrow :- Veer and Pari are on a secret mission ; They both unknowingly are on same place ; Veer is curious about Pari ]



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