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Do You Want Shades Of Love Season-2 ???

Hey Everyone, Its me Riana…Hope you guyz are doing well…Okay today i am here to ask whether you guyz season-2 of my ff Shades Of Love or not.

As you readers and commentators knows, i use to write an ff called shades of love based on the three prime couples of Ishqbaaz i.e. Shivika, Rikara, Rumya. its a Romantic Comedy ff. It was based on the same oberoi family with a very different timeline of future and also some big changes in characters.

Anika, Gauri & Soumya were best friends and O’bros met them and soon they all got befriended with each other…After a lot of obstacles and loads of events, three couples got married with their soulmates.

Now i promised at the epilogue of Season-1 that Season-2 will be coming very soon. And many of you readers said that you guyz will wait. But now its 2 months on and still i didnt got any way to start the next season as my current ffs are still there..

So here i would like to ask you whether you guyz want me to continue the story and discover the hidden tracks with season-2 or should i stop thinking about the season-2 story and concentrate on my current ffs. Here’s a poll so that i could get to know about your answers.

Whats your opinion regarding Season-2 of Shades ??

1) Yes, we want season-2
2) No, do concentrate on your current ffs

See if yes, then as soon as my exams got over i will start the new season as this time i am writing it on wattpad too…
Pls do share your opinion in comments section below. Thankyou

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