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Chandrashekhar 2nd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Sitaram worries for Chandra’s mistake

Chandrashekhar 2nd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sitaram opening the door. He gets shocked seeing Gomes with police. Gomes says we need to search your house. Sitaram asks but why, what do we have. Richard says we will know once we search your house. Gomes says three kids are missing from railway line construction site. Sitaram asks them to check the house, just his family stays here. They check the house and don’t find kids. Sukhdev says they spoiled my sleep. Gomes says we have to search the garden. Chandra and Jagrani worry. Sitaram says fine, check the garden, you won’t get anything there. Chandra says police will get the kids there. Jagrani says we have to tell your dad.

The police goes to search. Jagrani worries. Sitaram asks her to go home. Jagrani says those three kids are in garden. He asks what…..

She says they are hiding in godown. He asks what nonsense. She says I m saying truth. Chandra says he will kill us. Sitaram scolds Jagrani. He asks what did you do. Gomes leaves. Sitaram sees them coming back. Gomes says there was no one there. They leave. Chandra says I just helped, is helping a crime. They come back home. Gomes asks Sitaram to open the lock. Sitaram goes in. They find the kids and arrest them. Sitaram imagines this and thinks what sin did I do. He doesn’t open the door. Policemen break the lock and get in. They search for kids. Chandra says where did they go if they are not here.

Policemn says there is no one here. Gomes says lets go. Sitaram says if I get those kids, I will take them to circuit house. Jagrani says Lord solved the problem. Sitaram says problem will increase when police catches the kids and asks who has hidden him. They argue. He says you teach foolishness to Chandra. She asks is helping someone a sin. Sitaram sees inspector behind. She thinks did he hear my words. Inspector says sorry, I forgot my torch. He takes the torch and asks Sitaram not to worry. He goes. Sitaram says we got saved today. Jindal scolds his men. He says we didn’t go to loot jewelry, but grains, Chandra ruined our plan, we have to get Chandra to teach them a lesson, he will make us reach Watson. Jagrani and Chandra look for kids. They don’t find the kids. He cries. She says we will search for them tomorrow. They come home.

Sitaram scolds Chandra. Jagrani says we didn’t get the kids. Chandra says its because of your fear that my kids are lost. Sitaram says you do mistakes and then argue, enough now, leave from this house. Chandra goes. Jagrani asks him to stop Chandra. Sitaram says this boy will never change. She cries.

Sitaram says I will not go to work today. Sukhdev and Chandra get their school results.

Update Credit to: Amena

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