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Blood For Love (Episode 11)

Deep’s Pov

After 1 year

Deep is in his office when his manager comes to his room

Manager:Sir congratulations

Deep:For what

Manager:Sir we are officially no 1 in both india and London

Deep:Finally the moment I have been waiting for.Inform everyone that tomorrow is a party

The manager goes out and makes an announcement Deep open his wallet to see a photo of arohi

Deep:We have done it .I always had belief on you.You handled our business in india perfectly

The next day deep is getting ready for party he wears the same suit he wore on arohi’s birthday He leaves for the party at the hall every one welcomes deep.Deep together with his employees cuts the cake .He then sits to answer some questions

Reporter:What do you think which things made you soo much successful

Deep:Not only me it’s my staff their determination I am just a boss the real credit goes to them

Reporter:What are your plans after this

Deep:We are already number 1 in india and London. We are thinking to open more branches in Manchester and also one in Dublin

Reporter:I know it’s a personal question but do you have a life partner
Deep:Yes I have she is the reason I am alive my wife my arohi

Reporter:But didn’t bring her here

Deep:A year ago  because of me she was almost dead when she opened her eyes in the hospital bed she didn’t remember me all our memories died she suffered with memory loss and now she doesn’t even know me

He starts to get emotional and tears start rolling down his eyes

Deep:But I love her and deep down inside I know that she loves me too I have faith that one day she will remember me and then we will live a happy life

Everyone claps for him

Deep:Excuse me

He goes to washroom to wash his face he goes out when he hears some female employees talking

Employee 1:How lucky is his wife but she doesn’t even care

Employee 2:Yes I hate her for leaving our sir I wish that I was in her place

Deep:Enough how dare you to say that about my arohi.It wasn’t her fault since I came in her life everyday she saw death.Today I am forgiving you but don’t ever talk about my wife like that or I will fire you

Deep is drinking champagne when his manager comes to him

Manager:Sir good news

Deep:what is the good news

Manager:The owners from india wants to meet you.Your flight is tomorrow

Deep:OK you call my servent and tell him pack my stuff

Deep gets happy and starts smiling

Deep:After 1 year I will meet my arohi

In india

Arohi manager tells her about the representative of London

Arohi:Invite them to my house tell me how many are there so I can get their rooms ready

Manager:Only two deep sir and his manager

Arohi starts seeing blurred flash backs she holds her head in pain

Manager:Are you OK arohi mam

Arohi:I have heard that name

Manager:You should go home the representatives will also be coming there

Arohi:Maybe I need some rest .I give all the responsibilities of the arrangements to you

Manager:Everything will be ready on time

She leaves.Deep gets off his plane and is exited to see arohi after a long time he sits in the car.He reaches raichand mansion

Deep:After a long time

He enters the house when Papaji bhabi and Nikku see him they all hug him and welcomes him

Deep:I missed you soo much

Nikku:We missed you more

Bhabi:You said you will never come back

Deep:I know but there is an important meeting with our indian owners

Papa ji :When is the meeting

Deep:Tonight here

Bhabi:You should go and get fresh

Deep goes to his room he takes a quick shower and wears a formal suit he goes downstairs with his manager he looks for arohi

Bhabi:She is in the garden

Deep:How do you know I was looking for her

Bhabi:I know you very well

Deep:But the doctor said

Bhabi:Deep she is better now doctor said now she can see things from her past

He goes out he tries to find arohi but couldn’t find her he is about to go inside when he sees a girl playing with her dog her laugh echoes in his ears


He goes towards her when arohi turns around and gets up .She slips but deep holds her

Arohi:Thanks for saving me

Deep:You’re welcome

Arohi:By the way who are you.

Deep:I am the representative from London .My name is deep raj Singh

Arohi again holds her head

Deep:Arohi are you OK

Arohi:Have I seen you before


Arohi:Never mind let’s go inside

They both enter the house at the same time

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