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Bhootu 2nd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Gopal Helps Pihu Again

Bhootu 2nd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Anandita tells Sooraj that she is feeling unwell after having this tablet, please call doctor right now. Sooraj walks out to call doctor. Pihu escaped from store room asks where is mamma. He says he is busy and leaves. Bobby and Mohini see Shona and thinking her as Pihu tie her back to a chair in store room. She resists to free her. Neelam support them. Shona removes cloth from her mouth and showing her broken teeth and says she is Shona. They free her and scold Neelam for being careless. Shona thinks she should let them scold Neelam and badmouths about Neelam.

Anandita feels dizzy and collapses. Vikram is waiting for her to fall catches her and gets worried. He makes her sleep on bed and goes out searching Pihu. Mohini and Bobby catch Pihu again and shut her mouth. Sooraj passes by. Mohini confuses him and sends back.

Pihu cries reminiscing insulting Gopal and asking him to go away from her. She cries that she is so bad and insulted friend, so he is not coming to help her. She prays Gopal to help her, else she will be booth forever.

Vikram sees Shona and scolds her to go back to Anandita. Shona returns to Anandita and angrily tears Pihu’s doll. Anandita wakes up and asks what is happening, why is she tearing her favorite doll. Shona reminisces Bobby and Mohini’s warning not to let anyone know that she is Shona. She acts as Pihu and says she is hungry. Anandita goes to prepare food for Pihu and and gets dizzy. Sooraj holds her and thinks Pihu is getting arrogant now a days and is not taking care of her mother.

Pihu continues praying Gopal to help her. Gopal’s feather falls on her and frees her. Pihu gets happy thaat Gopal is helping her again. Gopal creates timer and tells Pihu that she has very less time and should do her job before this timer sand finishes. Pihu checks timer and runs out.

Precap: Bobby asks Mohini to catch Pihu. Pihu tells Anandita that she is Pihu and Mohini/Bobby tortured her a lot, the other girl is doppelganger. Vikram sees Shona and thinks she is Pihu.

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