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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 2nd April 2018 Written Episode Update Bindu delivery services

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 2nd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Meenal says anu consult a lawyer if you don’t believe,anu says no Meenal this delivery business is so cool,my friend in Mumbai does so and she earns in crores,Meenal says forget her I’m offering you this business and in 3 years we will earn huge.

Vibhu walks to them and says me and anu accept this deal,anu says wow vibhu I was thinking of how to convince you,vibhu says there’s no reason to reject,anu says but boys and workers,vibhu says I will manage them,Meenal says Vibhu you know the procedure right, client will make me calls and place order and I shall forward it to anu,anu says and I shall forward it to you and you have to go to following restaurant get it packed and ask your staff to deliver it,vibhu says I know baby.

Anu says I have a brilliant idea,we shall fix 28

min delivery time and if we don’t we shall pay the bill,Meenal says I’m not ready for this risk,vibhu says I’m with Meenal,I think it should be 25,anu says let’s name it in my moms name,vibhu says no my mom it’s Munni,anu says last business we did and it flopped so my mom it’s bindu Delivery service.

Tikka malkhan tilu at tea stall,tikka asks so wassup,and can you lend us some money,malkhan says we shall return,tilu says how will you,tikka says we shall manage,tilu says I know you shall rob or steal so forget it,vibhu walks to them and says stop it boys,do something for gods sake,tikka says it applies to you too,vibhu says I’m into business and I have job for you two.

Vibhu says salary is 10000 per month and its delivery boy job,tikka malkhan say we are yours from now on.anguri walks to them,vibhu says hello,anguri says stop wasting time and go do some work,vibhu says I’m into delivery business with anu,anguri asks what do you deliver,vibhu says food and at times you don’t feel like cooking and so you call us and we deliver food at door step.

Anguri says sorry i don’t need this I love to cook,vibhu says what if cylinder gets over,anguri says I have chula I shall cook on that,vibhu says ok suppose your guest wishes to eat out,anguri says not possible people visit me to eat food cooked by me,vibhu says she seriously doesn’t get.

Anu takes details from Meenal on call,tiwari walks in,and asks what are you upto,anu doesn’t pay attention and and falls vibhu and forwards details,happu walks in,happu asks Tiwari what are you doing here,tiwari says you tell me what are you doing here,happu says duty,tiwari says you are disturbing her,and both get in argument,anu says shut up you two,you both are disturbing me I’m busy,don’t you have common sense can’t you see I’m avoiding you.tiwari says so,anu says you two leave I’m busy and if you feel like visiting imagine a board which reads tiwari happu and dogs not allowed.

Vibhu tikka malkhan in uniforms for Bindu delivery service,vibhu walks to them and checks their hygiene,and says our company has to deliver in 28 min but we will in 25 min,tikka says if we have orders from Mumbai,vibhu says tikka stop using your Brains,Anu walks to them and says this is the list of orders and address and remember the time limit.

Malkhan says I will but I don’t know about tikka,and both get in argument,vibhu says enough move it boys,boys get to work,anu says if business works we will be rich kya don’t mess vibhu,vibhu says don’t blame me I’m working hard,anguri walks to them,and congratulate them and says I’m here to order for breakfast,and please get it on time,anu says thank you anguri I know it’s for us,vibhu says first delivery will be at your place,anguri leaves.

Anu gets call from Meenal with other details and she sends Vibhu,tiwari calls anguri and asks her where is food,anguri says patience it’s been just 10 min,vibhu drops in and says here’s the order and gives the box,tiwari opens and finds skeleton and gets scared,and asks what is this,anguri says I’m scared,vibhu says I’m kidding here’s the order.

Vibhu says my bill please,anguri says give me money tiwari,anguri says here money,vibhu says okay bye and leaves.

Happu asks tilu where’s tikka malkhan,tilu says must be somewhere eating time,happu says no must be busy with Anita and vibhutis new business,tilu says I don’t think they are good for nothing,tikka malkhan drop by tea stall for tea break,they tease happu and tilu,tilu asks what nonsense is this,malkhan says we earn now and that too 10000 and won’t misbehave with friends like you do,Malkhan takes orders details from Anita on call.

Pre cap: tiwari kiss vibhu instead of anguri on cheeks
Vibhu sees anguri okay with a baby and is shocked.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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