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Bepannaah 2nd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Aditya’s revenge game starts!

Bepannaah 2nd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Zoya gets on the lift hesitantly. It is about to close when Aditya keeps his hand between the doors. Zoya is taken aback to see him. Aditya keeps looking at her. Someone walks in and pushes Aditya towards Zoya. He keeps his hands around her but does not stop staring at her. He apologizes to her. It is too crowded. Zoya is highly uncomfortable. She heaves a sigh of relief as she steps out of the elevator and watches Aditya go up. How did he come here?

Zoya’s mother is shocked to hear her husband speak of Noor’s wedding. She is just 22! Wasim reasons that they were 21 when they got married. She reasons it was a different time. He replies that he has spoken to the groom’s family already. We will do engagement right now and the rest can happen in a year’s time. Till then she will complete her

studies too. She asks him if he has asked Noor once. He asks her if she wants another Zoya in the house. We gave Zoya whatever she asked for including the right to make her own decisions. She just broke my expectations every time! His wife insists it isn’t right to punish Noor for what Zoya did wrong. He announces that the decision has been made. Inform Noor. Saying so, he walks away. Noor asks her mother what her father was saying. Noor is shocked to hear her father’s decision. Her mother tells her that the groom’s family will come to see her. Noor is in disbelief.

Mahi begins the meeting. People complain that they have lost their money. Zoya asks Mahi to explain to them but Mahi says they are furious. They want the firm to close down. Zoya calls Zosh Yash’s dream but Mahi acts helpless. Zoya addresses everyone. Her and Yash’s photo is displayed in the background on the projector. She shares her introduction with them. This photo was taken on our wedding day. Our family was against this wedding so we had a simple one. Our bond was really strong though. A lady points out that maybe this is why Yash was found with someone else. Zoya continues. This company was Yash’s dream. I promised not to come between his dreams ever. He promised to take this company to great heights one day so I will be proud. This company is also a relation who ties you and us like wedding; a commitment; a responsibility to be taken care of both partners in all the highs and lows. Yash isn’t here but I am only asking for a chance to take this company to where you all imagined it to be. It was Yash’s life. I promise to give my all to it to make it reach the top. No one would lose anything. Just give me one chance. Aditya gives his support to Zoya. Mahi and Zoya are surprised to see him walk inside the meeting and take the centre seat. She is right. This company cannot shut down. In fact, I wont let it happen! You must be wondering who I am. I am Aditya Huda, the co-owner of the company! Mahi and Zoya’s eyes widen in shock. Aditya walks out of the meeting room.

Arjun reaches Mussorie. Dad may try to hide it but I will find out the truth; I will find out what Dad is trying to hide. Noor is driving scooty and is disturbed by her mother’s words. She collides with Arjun and ends up scolding him. You don’t seem to belong here. Where are you from? He tells her he is from Mumbai, says sorry to her and begins to walk away. She turns to go but hears him asking someone the location of Siddiqui House. She thinks him to be the prospective groom chosen by her father and misguides him. He thanks her and goes in another direction. She waves at him after sending him to bus stand. She thinks he will be dropped in the middle of Dhaualti jungle now. He will forget everything about marriage!

Aditya comes to Yash’s cabin. You ruined my life. I will destroy everything that belongs to you! Now you will go through what I went through. I will ruin your name and everything! I will destroy everything! Zoya notices the torn painting in his hand. What did you do? He tells her he found it to be too irritating. She calls him rude and pathetic. Did you not realise anything by going to jail? Keep a tab on your mindless tongue for once. Atleast try! He tells her to be quiet. Why do you keep threatening about police every time? You might be the one going to jail today. I have a surprise for you. He gives her the papers of the company. She is in tears after reading it. Aditya tells Zoya he is exaggerating the truth by calling himself the co-owner. In reality, I am the owner. Everything here belongs to me and I can do anything to them! Till the time you return my money to me, I am your owner too! I own you! He notices the look on her face. Does it happen only when I come in front of you or otherwise too? You conveniently ignored what you saw in super market. How will you ignore the fact that my wife donated 5 crores in your husband’s company? Which new lie will you tell yourself now? I remember your cheater husband whenever I see your face! He isn’t here so you have to bear it! She asks him to let her go. He asks her if she is running away again. you can try but you cannot escape from the truth. I told you I own you. You cannot go anywhere or even breather without my permission! I will destroy your husband’s dream! I will make you pay for my every pain till you accept the truth! She runs out from there teary eyes / in panic.

Zoya pours water over her face and calms herself down. Aditya’s words echo in her mind. Zoya calls her mother. Zoya’s mother picks the call but is unable to talk as her husband comes just then. He asks his wife about Noor. She tells him she will be home soon. He repeats that he does not want another Zoya in the house. She tells him to not say anything at any time without giving it a thought. She begins to talk about Zoya but he does not want to hear her name in the house anymore. She is living her life the way she wants to! I am talking about my other daughter. Ask her to be home and do some favour on me or she can become another Zoya. He leaves. Zoya breaks down hearing everything on the other end. She disconnects the call. Her mother calls her back but Zoya does not respond. Mahi pats at Zoya’s shoulder. Did Pooja Huda invest 5 crores in Bhai’s company? Your eyes seem different. Did doubt gets replaced by love? Zoya begins to mumble when her phone rings. Mahi does not want Zoya’s father to pay it off in one go as she would not get the insurance amount then. I will have to make Zoya trust Bhai and love him. She talks positively to Zoya. It’s okay. It’s a huge amount. Pooja might have avoided telling her husband. Other shareholders have also invested in the company. We doubt Pooja Huda just because she is a woman? Zoya hugs Mahi. Thank you! I don’t know what all I was thinking! Yash never wanted to trouble me. He loved me very much which is why he dint tell me of this huge investment. I tried cooking for him one day. I got hurt while cutting onions. He barred me from going in the kitchen as he dint want to see me hurt. Mahi asks her what Aditya Huda was saying to her. Zoya does not mind whatever he says. I wont let Yash’s dream break. Mahi agrees to support her. That Aditya Huda knows nothing. Zoya thanks her again.

Arjun is back to the same place. That girl messed up real bad with me. He asks a guy about Siddiqui House. He offers to take him to Wasim’s Home as Wasim is his neighbour only. Arjun thanks him profusely.

Noor gets her mother’s call. She assures her she will reach soon. She thinks how to handle Abbu now as the groom disappeared. It is safe to return though.

Aditya keeps his feet on Yash’s photo. Zoya ignores it. She picks up the stuff from the floor as Aditya messes with Yash’s another photo. She takes it out of his grasp. He notices her trying picking the canvas under his feet. You are still loyal to that cheater? He removes his feet himself. When will you change? Zoya says I know you feel that my Yash and your wife had something. He reminds her of Pooja’s name. You should have gotten accustomed to her name by now. She accepts that he is right to be upset as his wife put his money without telling him even then it is his money after all! Where is the smartness in destroying it? Aditya replies that it isn’t about money. It is about trust and love. I loved my wife very much. It was no deal. I wouldn’t have given her this much amount if I cared about money. When I can give her 5 crores for the sake of love then I can burn them too! I am having fun. In fact, I will destroy everything that is associated with your cheater husband’s name. I will enjoy the most when I will see it all burning down to ashes!

Precap: Aditya introduces his partner Zoya to a couple. She will give in everything but she wont let anything go wrong. The couple gets excited. Zoya tells Noor she has never done something like this in the past. There is so less time and that Aditya Huda wont sit peacefully. Aditya pulls Zoya for work.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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