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Belan Wali Bahu 2nd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Family plans to throw Dada’s new wife out

Belan Wali Bahu 2nd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Kamini asks Dada to move her wheelchair, you are my husband. Prem says I will do it. Kamini says I asked him. Dada moves her wheelchair to dining table. Kamini sits on seat. Roopa makes Dada sit on wheelchair. Roopa and Lata are about to sit but Kamini says till we dont eat, you both are going to stand. Suddenly train passesby, all try to hold things. Kamini says hold me. All family members hold Kamini and her food while things fall around. Lajjo’s photo falls off too, Jitendra tries to pick it up but Kamini says this picture will not be on wall, I am his wife so my photo will be there. Pinky and Chinky puts Kamini’s photo on wall. All are disgusted.

At night, Kamini comes to Dada’s bed, he doesnt lie in bed with her. Kamini says lie down, we are newly married.

Dada says I will sleep on floor. Kamini giggles and sleeps on bed. Dada lies on floor but cant sleep, he sees her sleeping and leaves.

All family members gather in store room. Roopa asks them to not make noise. Dada says I made Kamini sleep. Prem says what to do. Roopa says they are doing this because of contract papers but if we find contract papers and tear them then they wont have any proof. Naren says papers are in brown file, we have to find it, all go to search for it.

Shalini finds brown file in Pinky’s room. Lata finds brown file in lounge. Jitendra finds brown file in passageway. Premt finds file on roof. Roopa finds brown file in small cupboard.

All family members meet again, they all show files to each other. They read files. Naren reads ‘we made you fool’. They are all fake files. Lata says they are clever. Jitendra says Dada can ask Kamini about file, Dada slaps him. Lata says we have to do house work now.

Scene 2
In morning, Katori comes to Lata’s house and sees Lata mopping. Katori says I came to take sugar. Kamini says arent you ashamed to ask for sugar? you take one bowl of sugar for how many years? Lata sys 10 years. Kamini asks her to get lost. Katori leaves. Lata and Roopa dances. Kamini asks them to focus on work.

Roopa is searching for Laddo’s ghost. He is not on tree. She sees dog barking and follows him. He brings her to mandir where he is sitting. He asks what are you doing here? I dont want to come home. Roopa says dont be miffed, there have been problems in house so I sad things, Dada is not anymore. Laddo’s ghost says what? Dada died? he comes to house and sees Dada in room. Roopa says I meant to say that Dada is not same anymore. Kamini calls Dada, he runs to her. Roopa says this is what Dada has become. Laddo’s ghost says I wont help. Roopa says they call you intelligent but you wont help us? Laddo’s ghost says let me think, we can find contract file and tear it. Roopa says we tried and failed. Laddo’s ghost says that servants will leave house only when Dada is dead. Roopa says what? Roopa says we have to pretend that Dada died.

Roopa says to family that this idea will work, Dada have to pretend to be dying. Dada acts like in pain. All family members scream that Dada got an attack. Kamini and her daughters come there. Prem cries and says Dada is not in world anymore, he died. Pinky says how this happened so suddenly? Prem says I dont have father anymore, my step mother will have to leave too, Dada had a lot of debt so Kamini have to pay that, we just have this house. Roopa says he had debt of 5 crore. Kamini gets tensed. She says why did he leave? he should have thought about me, we will live with his memories. Kamini says lets prepare to take him to cemetery. All are stunned. K

PRECAP- amini says wont you do his last ritual? Prem says we cant do his last ritual, his elder brother lives in US so we are waiting for him. Kamini says till then his body will deform, make his body lie on ice cube. Dada’s body is laid on ice bar, he tries to stay still.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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