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Badho Bahu 2nd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Lucky decides to find Badho

Badho Bahu 2nd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Avinash declines. It isn’t like what you are thinking. Titli isn’t at fault. Don’t doubt her for no reason. My health wasn’t fine because of the breakfast I had at a dhaba today. Malti ji asks him to rest then. Titli takes him inside.

Pragya is getting ready when she notices the makeup kit that Vardaan had brought for her. She thinks of how that girl was trying to lure Vardaan. It is good that he too is moving ahead in his life but I dint like that girl. She was trying to get so close. Why do I care then? If he likes such a girl then what can I do? I only want him to be happy in his life like I am! She looks at the mirror. I must not think of anyone else anymore. I should focus only on Teji ji and our relation.

Teji ji pays money to Premika. Now Pragya will only think

about me. Thank you! She tells him she only works for money. Let me know if you need my help in future. He looks at her as she goes.

Titli gives medicine to Avinash and helps him wipe his face. She mentally apologizes to him. I did want to teach you a lesson but this wasn’t my intention. How am I wrong though? You ate all that extra spicy food. She asks him if he is fine now. He nods but his mother tells him he looks otherwise. He insists he is fine. You can go home now. She asks him go give his verdict first. Did Titli pass? Avinash sits quietly. His mother announces that Titli passed the test. I accept this alliance. This Titli only will become my DIL. He liked the food made by her and ate to his heart’s content. Titli took care of him when his health worsened. What else do I want in my DIL? I am happy if he is happy.

Chunnu and Munnu are having dinner. We want you to have dinner with us but we are helpless. Pardon us for that. Chunnu says we would have had to order food from dhaba if she had kicked our food too. Munnu refuses to leave Chunnu alone as he can be easily overpowered. Chunnu reads Lucky’s message for Komal – I am missing you very much Badho! Break your Maun Vrat and talk to me. Come back soon. Komal gets sad. Munnu advises him not read husband and wife’s personal message. He takes phone from Chunnu. Komal cries helplessly.

Next morning, Titli thinks of Avinash’s mother’s decision. I find this sweet Lassi bitter because of whatever is happening. Malti ji brings breakfast for her. You dint finish the first glass till now? What happened? Are you fine? Titli nods. Malti ji asks her if she is worried about the wedding. Titli nods. Malti ji says it happens with every girl. I too went through this. Everything becomes fine slowly. You are a great girl. Why are you afraid? Titli wonders how to tell her that she does not wish to marry. I cannot find a reason to say no! Malti ji asks Titli to finish her meal quickly. She goes. Titli thinks I never thought I wont have a mood to eat anything that too on my birthday! I used to eat to my heart’s content every year but today is so different!

Raghubir ji is pleased to see both Rana and Lucky doing really well. I am sure we only will get the medal this time. Lucky agrees with him. Committee member and Lucky’s friend, Randeep (doctor) come there. Pinki is sure there is something. I must tell Ma ji. Committee member tell Raghubir ji that wrestlers these days take medicines to boost themselves. Raghubir ji says this is such a shameful act. Our kids don’t do anything like that. Rana nods. We don’t need anything like that. Committee member says I know it already but while investigating the same we found out that Lucky got a fake certificate from Randeep. Raghubir ji questions Lucky if it is a lie. Randeep apologizes to Raghubir ji who tells him to be quiet. Randeep apologizes to Lucky. Committee member refuses to allow Lucky to take part in Nationals because of what he did. Only Rana will be able to participate in the National Game now. We also ban Dr. Randeep from practise from here on. He leaves. Pinki smiles while all the other ladies look upset.

Chunnu is cutting veggies but finds Komal glaring at him. He brings water for her thinking her to be thirsty. She is feeling restless. I wonder if Lucky ji is in some trouble. Just bless him and be with him and my family Lord.

Lucky confesses everything before his family. I am completely fit now. I had to qualify for that reason which is why I got that fake certificate. I know I did wrong. Please say something. Raghubir ji slaps Lucky angrily. Now I realise that you knew you were not fit! Kailash ji tells his brother to calm down. Raghubir ji requests him not to intervene in this matter. This boy broke my dream completely! It would have been better if you had killed me instead of what I had to see and hear today! Malti ji requests him to come inside but he keeps scolding Lucky. I rue being Lucky’s Guru! You insulted your Guru ji! You maligned my respect today! I don’t want to see your face after today! Lucky’s eyes well up. Kamla ji asks Lucky if he dint think of anyone else. What will villager do / say? Pinki also adds fuel in the fire. Why did you make Babu ji look down in front of the entire family? Lucky goes inside. Pinki smirks. Kamla ji calls it wrong. Titli accepts Lucky did wrong but scolding him wont help us find any solution. You all say that we should be together in the troubled times. We can explain to him and everyone. Kamla ji tells her husband to get ready to face everyone. Pinki tells Rana to get ready for the championship. You might also be questioned for faking something or the other. Be very careful! Titli tells her to stop. Do you realise how much your words can harm someone? Pinki ask sher who she is to say so. Titli calls herself Lucky’s friend. It is my duty to support him. Being a wrestler, I can understand why he did what he did. Even if no one else is with him, I will still support him.

Lucky paces thinking about his father’s words. Forgive me father. I broke your and family’s trust. I did it all for everyone’s sake. Everything is over Badho! He calls her but there is no response. He throws it away and wipes his tears. Lucky talks to Komal’s photo. Everything is over today! Babu ji’s dream broke! Your Lucky broke today! Only you can handle him today. Where are you? He remembers Jamuna ji giving him an envelope in the past which was Mahender ji’s savings. Badho might be anywhere. I am going to bring her home. He is going out when Titli tells him to calm down. He leaves in the jeep even when she tries to stop him / talk to him.

Precap: Titli says it is my birthday so I will decide what I have to do. I wont celebrate it! Avinash offers her sweets but she throws it away. I told you I wont eat it so I wont eat it! I am not mad to celebrate when my friend is in trouble. Titli’s father isn’t happy to see her reaction. On the other hand, Lucky reaches the place where the Ashram was supposed to be. He enquires with a few people but no one has any clue about it. He drives around aimlessly and is crying. Just come back Badho! I need you! He stops the car abruptly. Badho can be from the window of the house right in front of him.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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