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Arranged Marriage ke Siyappe (vol 3) pt 21

Let’s begin…..

Rag was still hugging and crying…

And realisation stuck sanskar that she hv expresses her feeelings…

He smiles widely

He tries to pull her out of the hug..bt she hv hugged him tightly.. That he couldn’t free her….

She was crying like a kid who has missed the favourite toy

San laughs: Ragini…

He was trying hard to control his laugh

San: are you feeling guilty (he was laughing in between) ha?are you feeling so?

She was still crying…. She rights her grip more

He couldn’t move or do anything..bcs of her tight hug and kiddish cry😉

San: Ragini listen…

Rag crying: i…i don’t want to listen… You are laughing…yahan pe mein gir gayi hoon aur aap hass rahe ho

San laughs again: now i definitely feel that you are feeling guilty..right?

Rag: not guilty.. Still hugging him tightly

San: then

Rag suddenly gets up and looks around bt not sanskar

Rag: i will come in 2 mins…

She runs out….

San was shocked bt remembering her confession he starts to laugh

Rag dashes to arjun

Arj:ow..aate hi bhoothni ban jaati hai..bhoothni kahiki

Rag shouting running:mein bhoothni tho tu uska bhootiya bhaai

Arj:waaat? Wat hpnd to you???

Bt she hv went away

Arj: yeh ladki each mein pagal hai…

Rag enters Naina’s room where Naina was packing the room

Rag: jiju kahan hai

Naina: hein?? Sanskar is in your room na

Rag 😡😡:jijuuuuuu….

Naina: he is in home

Rag:abhi bulao…

Naina: are you mad

Rag:call jiju fast
Naina looks at her wierdly: wat!

Naina calls the phn

Rag: tell him to come in 10 mins…nai tho

Naina: nai tho kya??

Rag: nai tho i will go there

Naina:tu na sach mein pagal hai…

She calls Raghav and tells him to come soon…

Here arjun goes to ragini’s room

Arj: sanskar

San looks at him: ha arjun…

Arj:kuch nai bas aise hi…

He gets in

San: so how’s business going on?

Arj: good..

There was a silence

Arj:did…d..i mean Ragini…

San smiles: don’t hesitate arjun

Arj: did she do some prank on you

San laughs a bit: no…

Arj: oh…

Here Raghav comes

Rag sees him….

Ragh: wat hpnd?

Naina was seeing this

Rag: tu jaa…

Naina:u and ur secrets

She goes

Rag: jiju…i fell in love with….

Ragh smiles: Sanskar

Rag: ha..😣😣😣 mein gir gayi na

Ragh: so why r you crying??

Rag: it hpnd to me..me Ragini

Ragh smiles: so?

Rag: i m scared

Ragh: don’t worry.. Go and tell sanskar that you love him

Rag 😦:i told

Ragh smiles: then wat is your prblm? Did he say he don’t love you

Rag: no

Ragh: then?
Rag: then i don’t know
Ragh: wat???
Rag: meko nai pata…i feel like i am a heart patient
Ragh laugh
Rag: u also laughing.. He also laughed…m i joking here 🤧

Ragh: sorry sorry.. See Ragini there’s not a big deal… There’s no one in the world who will not Fall(he laughs a bit) In love so you don’t need to be worried or scared.. Its just the next level of your marriage.. And i can’t make you understand more than this….if you want more info ask with sanskar.. He can only help you

After sometime

Everyone hv seated in dining table

Rag was sitting next to sanskar

Everyone are hvng food and taking with sanskar

While Ragini is in her own dilemma

She was sliding down the chair

Arj sees her: Ragini?

Rag sits straight

Arj: today i fell…

Both RagSan looks at him

Arj: why r u all looking at me.. Wn ppl fall in love can’t i fall due to water in the floor

San controls his laughter

Rag looks at Raghav who is also laughing

And sanskar coughs to control his laughter

Arj: wat hpnd???

Raghav: excuse me….

He goes

Arj: arey.. Tell me wat hpnd?

Rag: accha hua tu gir gaya.. Why didnt your legs break

Arj: wat is your prblm with me

Jan: arjun Ragini… She looks at sanskar.. Its their habbit they just fight like Tom and Jerry

After sometime….

Sanskar comes to room…

He sees Ragini is sleeping covering comfort

He very well knew that she isn’t sleeping bt acting to be in sleep

He sees some books…. And takes one from it…

“How to be adventurous”he smiles

He keeps it back

Rag slowly peeps out from her comfort to see wat he is doing… Her eyes goes wide as sanskar was seeing her with a folding his hands

Rag immediately covers and bites her her nails

She again slowly peeps bt this time sanskar was so close to her…

He has bend to her by taking support from bed stand

Her breath has stopped… Bcs he was so close to her….

She tries to cover the comfort bt sanskar had held the comfort already
She was pulling bt she couldn’t cover herself 😉😉

To be continued….

So how’s the part?

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