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Adhoore… Swasan os by Aashi


Adhoore by Aashi


A girl is seen crying keeping a photo frame close to her heart ”I love you too sanskar…..but I love my parents also”. ” why don’t you understand your mom won’t accept my family ever in her life , and my parents also have their own self-respect which I can’t ruin because of me”. The girl starts crying silently remembering their memories spent together.
A boy is seen watching the girl and his photos , he closes his eyes being devastated , a tear escapes from his eyes showing his helplessness.
They both knew that they are incomplete without each other, but they still can’t be completed……..
But what was their fault……that they fell for each other in spite of their opposite community…….
They were destined for each other but………..
The girl is revealed to be swara shekhar bose , a Bengali girl who fell for a Marwadi boy named sanskar maheshwari who loved her beyond limits but……. They forgot while falling in love that there is a thing called society which can make their world crash in front of them………
The story is about a couple who belongs to a completely opposite community from each other……the story starts after both the families meeting each other but the meeting turns out to be the wreck in the relation of the young couple who are completely devastated from the happenings between both the families…..
Swara and her parents reach their home , sharmistha bose look at her daughter who is trying to mask her emotions from her , she keeps her hand on swara’s shoulder asking if she is okay and swara just plasters a fake smile indicating she is fine and hurriedly enters her room being unable to pretend further in front of her mother who can sense her inner turmoil………
Sanskar and his mother arrives at their house , sujata maheshwari a typical Marwadi women who is the actual cause of the breaking of the alliance because she can’t bear to have a Bengali girl in the life of her diamond son , keeps chanting throughout the journey from Mumbai to Jaipur that the Bengalis are trying to trap his diamond son and swara is a bad omen . sanskar tired by all the misshapenness in his life just leaves silently from their because he is not having the mental state to fight back………
Sanskar is seen calling swara , swara ignores his calls…..
Both engross themselves in work trying to forget their memories…..
But both are unable to do so , the more they try the more they fall for each other…..
Both their families are witnessing their pain but they can’t accept each other either…….
Several days pass , weeks pass , months pass but sanskar didn’t stopped calling her……..this was his source of living or else he is a lifeless body…….he used to call her whenever he was going to sleep or during his office breaks hoping someday at least someday she would reply him , call him…………but his someday never came but he didn’t lose his hope he continued calling her , if it will take his lifetime still he is ready to wait for her call…….people call him insane but only he knows she is his only sanity……..swara also started waiting for his call unknowingly…………but when he called her she just ignored it feeling helpless……what could she do else she loves him but she also loves her parents also . She can’t even imagine choosing between him and her parents………
Sanskar was not in talking terms with his parents…….one day at the dinner table………
Sujata : today I made your favourite dal bati churma wanna eat my son .
Sanskar just glares at her and keeps mum , ram who had enough of the silent torcher speaks up
Ram : now you’re not talking to your mother also , what mistake we have committed sanskar that from eight months , eight months you’re not talking with your own parents .
Sanskar : I’m tired dad , forgive me I’m not having the strength to fight . saying this he left the table being shattered by the separation he is bearing from eight months….
Ram just sighed and met his gaze with sujata who seemed to realise her mistake but was not accepting it in her ego….
Sanskar sat in on his bed calling swara but as always she ignored his call.
“I WISH I COULD IGNORE U…LIKE U IGNORE ME…. BUT I JUST CAN’T!!! “. sanskar said to himself being hurt.
Unable to bear the separation anymore , he picked up his bag and left for airport in mid night.
Next day , Kolkata
Swara is seen giving the presentation , suddenly in mid presentation , receptionist enters and whispers in swara’s ears : shona , sanskar is here.
Swara tries to smile at the members but fails miserably in doing so , thinking about sanskar and goes from there.
Swara : why you are here sanskar .
Sanskar : to say sorry .
Swara : it’s not your fault
Sanskar : but I’m bearing the punishment
Swara : you know your mom won’t be able to accept my family.
Sanskar : let’s runaway
Swara turns her face away from him .
Sanskar : swara we love each other isn’t this enough ?
Swara : it was never enough .
Sanskar : swara I’ll be destroyed .
Swara : what do you think , I’m not getting hurt .
Sanskar : if you’re getting hurt then why are you doing so .
Swara : that’s because we won’t get more hurt.
Sanskar : I love you swara .
Swara : please go away sanskar .
Sanskar looks at her being dejected .
Swara : listen , please stop calling me or else , or else I have to block your number. She says with a heavy heart and left from there unable to control her tears , leaving a broken sanskar behind watching her leave .
Swara runs out of her office in tears , now she can’t lie to herself , now she can’t . she ran and ran until she reached the Howrah bridge which was quite near her office , she fell on her knees crying miserably she loves him , she loves him more than he can ever think . This wasn’t easy for her, ignoring him when he needs her the most , she needs him the most , they need each other the most . she always told herself a lie , she didn’t missed him , she didn’t needed him , she is very strong , she didn’t waited for his calls , she is fine . NO NO NO , a big NO…….. She missed him more than he missed her she did , she really did….. She needed him to share her pain , her feelings , her state of mind , she needed him to hug her and tell her he is there for her and everything is going to be fine. She isn’t strong , she isn’t she is very weak , she is a coward to face him . She waited , she waited every single minute for his call , she hoped that every single call on her phone would be his , she had become addicted to his calls , his calls were the only source of living for her , a hope for their union , she believed he would fight for her , them , their love till his last breath and her belief was true . she wasn’t fine she wasn’t she the dark circles under her eyes told she isn’t fine , every single morning her red puffy eyes told she isn’t fine her pale face , her fake happiness , fake smile screamed she wasn’t fine…… Today seeing his devastated figure , lifeless eyes , shattered soul and pain filled voice , only she knew how much she controlled herself from crying in front of him , she knew how tough it was for her to not jump into his embrace……
He knew , he knew she is trying to be strong in front of him but in reality she is weaker than him , her eyes reflected immense love and pain , love for him and pain for the separation , he knew he wasn’t the only one who was dying every single day , every single moment . He knew how much she tried not to break in front of him , he knew , he knew every single thing about her……
The next day
Sanskar has returned to Jaipur , but to his surprise he found his parent’s absence in the house . He was about to call them , but his phone rang making him shock seeing the caller id , it was , it was swara his swara called him . he happily received the call but what he heard made his eyes wet . He had won , they had won , their love had won………
His mom and dad have gone to Kolkata swara’s house for their alliance and the Bose family happily agreed for it , because both the families knew the sufferings their kids have faced in these eight months…….
The Swara and Sanskar who had been incomplete are now completed as
Our very own swasan , who still use to make us fall in love with them every day
This dedicated to all the swasan fans
Hey guys Aashi here , hope you guys liked the story , I had written this os way long ago for a os competition and thought to share it here

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