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Abhigya – Obsessive love Episode 38-39

Hi guys !..Thank you so much for all of your comments .. Happy to see your comments..So let me stop my bak baks and let’s quickly jump onto the episode 😊😊

The episode starts Abhigya hugging tightly ..Mein phir bhi tumko chaahunga plays..

Abhi – Pragya don’t cry ..Comeon now come and sleep

Pragya sleeps in Abhi’s shoulders…

Abhi lifts her and makes her sleep in bed and kisses on her forehead ..

The next morning

Pragya gets up from the bed and sees Abhi is not in the bed ..She gets shocked..

Pragya – Where is he ? If Ranvir did something to him..

Image result for abhi zee tv

She gets ready and rushes searching Abhi..

Pragya was about to fall ..And Abhi was coming in the way..But Ranvir catches her..

Abhi sees Pragya and Ranvir gets shocked ….

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Ranvir makes a smile with attitude…Pragya gets stunned gets up quickly ..

Pragya – Thank you Ranvir ji .. You saved me from falling ..

Ranvir sees Abhi standing – It’s ok ji ..Be careful ..

Pragya turns and sees Abhi – Abhishek !!..Where do you went ?..I was searching for you only ..

Abhi is very angry but controls it – I went to the reception to complete some formalities ..

Hotel Manager comes there and calls Abhi – Sir you forgot to give your signatures ..Please come..

Abhi – Ya ..come

Pragya was about to go to Abhi and tell him in the hand ..Ranvir holds her hand..

Pragya – leave my hand ..

Ranvir – You are going to tell the truth to him right ?..

Pragya looks on..

Ranvir – Go go..But after that i will not give guarantee to his life..

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Pragya gets shocked..

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Pragya – Please don’t do anything to him ..Whatever you tell me i will do that ..Please i beg you..

Ranvir – No no darling ..Please don’t beg before me..You are my princess …

Ranvir holds her hand tightly..Pragya can’t bear the pain..

Ranvir – Darling if you follow my words ..Nothing will happen to him..I promise ..Will you ?

Pragya is forced and she nods her head..

Ranvir – That’s my girl ..

Ranvir leaves..

Pragya gets tears..

Ishani comes there..Pragya hides her tears..

Ishani – Pragya where were you ?..I was searching for you..

She sees tears in her eyes and thinks that something is wrong..

Pragya – No ..i was just..

Ishani – Ok now comeon we all are in the restaurant..chalo..

Pragya and Ishani moves..

Abhi reminsces Ranvir and Pragya together and little upset and angry with Pragya..But then he thought what Pragya said to him last night ..

Fb shown

Pragya cries and hugs him – I love you..only you

Image result for abhi and pragya hug gif

and hugs him..

Fb ends..

Abhi convinces his mind with that..

Pragya and Ishani comes..

In the restaurant


Image result for ishveer in restaurant


Image result for rabul in restaurant


Image result for raghav and naina in restaurant


Raghav – Dusky where do you went ?

Pragya – No Duffer i was just searching for you all ..

Aditya – Ok now comeon sit sit..

Pragya sits next to Abhi..

Pragya – You didn’t order anything..

Abhi – I was just waiting for you..

Abhi and Pragya have an eyelock ..Mann chala mann song plays

Related image

Ranvir notices Pragya and warns her to be not close to Abhi..

Pragya can’t provoke that and reduces her closeness with Abhi..

Abhi thinks – Whenever Ranvir is present why Pragya is behaving so weird ?

Naina – I was thinking that meeting and presentation..everything is over ..So why can’t we leave to India ?

Pragya thinks – Ya if we leave to India then Ranvir can’t do anything and i can be free..

Pragya – Ya i too thinking the same ..Missing mom and dad..

Abhi – Ranvir can we leave today ?

Ranvir – Ya sure i will book the tickets for today’s flight..

Pragya gets happy..Ranvir understands why she is getting happy !..

Rv – Guys shall we move ?

Bulbul – Ya we have to pack right ?!..

Purab – Ya comeon let’s move

They all leaves..

In Abhigya’s room

Abhi is upset about Pragya..

Pragya comes in…

Abhi sees her..

Pragya – What happened ? You are looking so tired ..

Abhi – Nothing head is little paining..

Pragya – You didn’t tell me..Anyways get up i will massage your head..

Abhi – It’s ok..

Pragya – Arreyy comeon i said na ..

Abhi turns back..Pragya forgets her pain and massages for Abhi ..

Aaja chanda bahon mein song plays…

Abhi too forgets what happened and feels happy..

Abhi – Ok now comeon i will massage for you..

Pragya – It’s ok you sleep..

Abhi – No comeon turn back..

Pragya suddenly remembers Ranvir’s words.. (Ranvir’s words in Fb – How much close you move to Abhi that much chances increases for his death..If you don’t obey my words..Then Abhi will pay for it)

Image result for Pragya head massage

Pragya comes to senses – No !..

Abhi is freezed – Why ?..What happened ?

Pragya – No no it’s ok..We’re getting late for flight ..I will pack the things..

Abhi thinks – What happened to Pragya ?..How much close i want to go Pragya ..That much distance she is maintaining from me..No ..I should find out the reason..I will never lose my Pragya …

Precap : In phone call Ranvir to Pragya ”

I said na that if you don’t obey my words then Abhi will pay for it ”..Pragya looks on with a teary eye..Ranvir says Now your Abhi is in his car fixed with bomb..Pragya is scared..Ranvir says 5,4,3,2,1..BOOM !!.. Pragya gets shocked …

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