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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 2nd March 2018 Written Episode Update: Sameer-Naina hold hands for the first time

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 2nd March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Naina thinks Sameer is upset, but is sure she will be able to convince him. She will appreciate him. He likes hearing that, and he deserves appreciation as well. She is speaking good things about him and says how one cannot fall for him. Sameer is listening all. She turns and gets quiet seeing Sameer. Sameer asks her to say again. She blushes and runs to classroom.

Sameer also comes to the classroom. Munna and Pandit remind him about taking her hand in his. They are decorating classroom. Naina tells him that she didn’t go with Rakesh purposely. He stopped her when she was leaving and said he will drop her. Sameer said and his bike seat remained empty. She says she owes her one. He repeatedly tries to touch her hand, but fails every time. He gives up in end and goes out. Naina

goes behind him. She asks why he is angry. Sameer says he is fine and avoids her. Naina blocks his way and asks him to tell what happened. Sameer looks at her hand and walks towards her. Rakesh is coming in his car. All students move out of car way. One girl pushes Naina and she falls in mud. She can’t get up. Sameer holds her muddy hand and gets her up.

Female narrator says nothing happened straight for them. First time they held hands and that too were muddy hands. Sameer tried whole day and when it finally happened, he didn’t realize it.

Naina comes to wash her hands and realizes it has Sameer’s touch. She doesn’t want to wash, but has no choice. Sameer also comes to wash his hands there. Both are looking at their hands and remember their first touch. Naina is sad as she had to wash her hand. Sameer puts his hand on hers as she was leaving. Naina’s heartbeat increases.

Male narrator says don’t know how he got so much guts that he held Naina’s hand openly in school. Maybe it was to make Naina realize that he will never leave that hand.

Naina feels shy and runs away. Sameer kisses his hand.

At home, Sameer is looking at his hand. Munna and Pandit tease him. Other side, Naina is also looking at her hand. Both do their work with single hand and don’t use the hand which they had held. Munna and Pandit say it’s good that they didn’t hold both hands, otherwise they would have to do all Sameer’s work. Naina is eating with her left hand. She struggles. Preeti comes and feeds her. They continue looking at their hands and remembering their first touch.

Precap: School’s last day party is going on. Sameer is going to the party. His Nanu gets heart attack and falls on the floor.

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