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Vighnaharta Ganesh 1st March 2018 Written Episode Update: Mahadev cries at sati’s body.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 1st March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The episode starts with lord Vishnu and brahma dev appearing. Brahma dev and lord Vishnu say mahadev, what happened was truly wrong, devi sati died and we both couldn’t do anything as we were bound to the yagya. Brahma dev says yes mahadev but prajapati daksh is dead, veer bhadra took the revenge and destroyed prajapti daksh’s head. Lord Vishnu says mahadev but for the sake of earth for its protection, you have to give life back to prajapti daksh, if he is not brought back then the universe’s balance will be at danger.
Mahadev’s gets angry and his eyes become red. Lord Vishnu says mahadev I know that even you will think about this world first, prajapti daksh did a mistake but he has to live for the sake of the world. Mahadev says shree hari Narayana, tell me will sati come back if

I give daksh his life? Mahadev walks to daksh’s yagya place. All gods follow mahadev. All gods are sad.
Daksh’s wife and daughters cry and say father we cannot live without you. Wife sees mahadev and says prabhu you are god, please forgive my swami and give him his life back. Mahadev says to lord Vishnu, Narayana! You know when someone is killed or destroyed by the fire of my anger they cannot be brought back and the head of daksh was burnt by veer bhadra, it cannot be brought back. Mahadev says an animal’s head shall be put on daksh’s body. Mahadev gets a donkey head and he puts it back on daksh’s body. All gods see. Mahadev uses his spell and power and gives life back to prajapati daksh. Prajapti daksh gets up and says I am alive, he says mahadev forgive me mahadev, I am truly sorry. Mahadev is in a state of shock as he thinks about sati. Prajapti daksh says I had drowned in my own ego and did not see that you are shiv, the ultimate being in the universe and nothing could be more pure than you, I called you impure prabhu, forgive me! I killed my daughter, I am very sorry, my daughter. Daksh cries and cries and says no sati! Come back, forgive me.
Mahadev goes to see the body of sati. Brahma dev says to lord Vishnu, if mahadev sees sati’s body his anger will awaken and no one will be able to stop him. Nandi steps in between mahadev and stops him from seeing the body of sati. Mahadev says nandi get away from my path, let me see sati’s body at least once. Nandi gets aside and mahadev sees sati, the trishul falls from maahdev’s hand. Mahadev is in shock and he sits down near sati and cries loudly for the first time ever, mahadev cries and cries as all gods feel bad. Mahadev says no sati! Please come back to me sati. Mahadev cries and then he sees sati. He says sati I shouldn’t have let you go alone, I am a fool, I should have come with you, forgive me sati, I should have come with you. Mahadev picks sati’s body. Brahma dev says we have to stop mahadev.

Precap: mahadev holds sati’s body and does tandav in anger. His anger knows no bounds as worlds clash. All gods go to lord Vishnu, lord Vishnu says there is only one way to stop mahadev.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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