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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 2nd March 2018 Written Episode Update: Uma rejects Meera’s proposal

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 2nd March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meera proposes Uma and tries to put ring in his finger, but he takes his hand back. He says he respects her feelings, but he can’t marry her. Meera asks he is refusing her? He knows his path of success is through her. She truly loves him. She asks him to marry her and hugs him. Kanak sees from distance and is in tears. Uma sees it. Kanak goes from there. Uma tries to go behind her, but Meera stops him and asks him to think once more. Only she can fulfill his dream. He will become biggest business tycoon. They both need each other. She hugs him again. Uma pushes her this time and says he came to her to become her business partner, not life partner. If his path is through her, then he will make a new path, so she better not try to do any deal with him. She is saying she loves him,

but if she knew anything about love, then she wouldn’t be making deals like this. And now she has lost his respect too. Uma leaves from there and tries to find Kanak. Both Meera and Kanak recall their moments with Uma and cry. Uma calls Kanak, but she disconnects.

Uma finally finds Kanak sitting lonely and is relieved. He sits beside her. She asks why he came there, referring him as businessman, he found someone to fulfill his dreams. Uma says he’s upset with her. She saw and believed everything. She only has that much faith on their love? He doesn’t have any dreams in which Kanak is not there. Business partnership with Meera was important for him, but he exists if Kanak exists. His happiness, success doesn’t matter if she is not with him. He had respect for Meera and she misunderstood it as love. He made it clear to her. Kanak asks she agreed? Uma says even if she doesn’t, then why does it matter. Business partners can be changed, life partners can’t be. She asks what about his dreams? He says they are important, but she is precious. If she is with him, then nothing can stop him from achieving his dreams. Kanak gets emotional. She asks him to apologize her. He asks why him? He made all arrangements for her, but Meera spoiled all. After that he came running behind her, but couldn’t find her. She didn’t pick up call either. Why she didn’t trust him? She reminds him that he also got jealous seeing her with her college friend. She hugs him and says she was very scared that she lost her Uma. They have given so many tests so she gets afraid that she may lose him forever. Uma says with every test, their love has become stronger only. They will always be together.

Meera is furious. She tells her dad that she achieved everything in her life, but not Uma. He is first one who has touched her heart, but he doesn’t love her. He rejected her. Her dad says he’s seeing her losing control over herself for the first time. She looks like a different Meera. She says she lost first time too. Her dad says she is not a loser, Uma is a loser. He doesn’t know how bad this decision will turn out for him. They will finish him, his career. Meera says he won’t do anything to him, otherwise she will hurt herself as well.

Uma tells Kanak they will write down where they see themselves in 2 years from now, their dreams, etc and see what they managed to accomplish. They will hide that paper there. Kanak is impressed with changes in Uma. They list down that they will have a big house, Uma will be a very successful businessman.

Other side, Meera tells her dad that she can’t see her future without Uma and cries.

Uma says and when he comes back from work, they will have dinner together. They will have no fights, there won’t be any third person in between them. There will only be love between them. Both smile at each other.

Precap: Both Kanak and Meera say they will become Uma’s wife. Uma receives a call and gets shocked.

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