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The day when it rained – Part 3

I am really sorry for the late posting. I had a medical emergency that is why i was not able to post it before. I hope you all will understand, and keep loving and supporting my story and me. And I wish all of you a very happy HOLI!!!!

We walked to the library. We have to get our library cards issued. We reached near the library building and then I heard someone calling my name.
Shefali: Naina
Me: Hi Shefali.
Shefali: Hi Preeti. Naina I was looking for you.
Me: Me? Why what is the matter?
Shefali: I want you to meet someone.
Me: someone! Who? Arjun??
Preeti: Arjun who?
Shefali: a friend of mine.
Me: Special friend.
Shefali: Came. He is waiting.
Me: Preeti come with me.
Preeti: why should I come.
Me: yaar, please come with me na..
Preeti: No yar, You go. I will wait for you in the library.
Me: Please check for my card also ok?
Preeti: OK and try not to be late.
Me: Ok.
I went with Shefali to meet Arjun.
Arjun seems to be a nice guy. I don’t know what had Shefali told, he seems to be caring to me.
Arjun: So, how is College? Do you like it?
Me: Its fine.
Arjun: Do you face any ragging or .?
Me: no. nothing.
Arjun: If you face any such problem you can come to me. Afterall I am you senior.
Me: Thank you, But I don’t think we have to face ragging anymore.
Arjun: Not just that. I am willing to help you with anything I can do as a senior.
Shefali: Yaa Naina. We should take benefits of being friends with a senior. Right?
Me: Friends??
Shefali: Yaa. You two can be friends right..
Me: Ok.. nOw I have to go. Preeti is waiting for me.

Evening. After the college.
I was waiting for Shefali to come, so we can walk together to the hostel. That’s when I saw the poster of audition for Drama club of the college had invited the first years for an audition. The auditions were due on next day. I love to be part of drama. And back in school I always want to be a part of school dramas. But papa was always against it. He doesn’t like me being active in extracurricular activities. He wants me to stick to my studies.
Hostel room. Later that evening.
We were on our way to the hostel mess. As it is the first day after the vacation many students was not coming for the dinner. They were still the blissful mode of home food and was ready to stay hungry a night rather than having hostel food. This was a usual scene in hostel which will last for a day and occurs after every vacation.
Shefali: Naina, what happen? Why are you sad?
Me: Nothing much yar.
Shefali: then why is your face looks sad?
Me: Shefali, there is auditions for college music club tomorrow, and I wish if I could also participate.
Shefali: If you want to participate, go for the auditoions tomorrow na. who is stopping you??
Me: Papa!
Shefali: Papa??
Me: haan Yaar. Papa don’t like all these things. He won’ t allow me.
Shefali: Is he here?? No na. So what??
Me: Still. If he knows, he will possibly kill me.
Shefali: Don’t worry, if he kills you for that I will pray for your soul..
ME: it’s not joke Shefali.
Shefali: Ok baba, listen to me. Now you are here right. No one is going to know. And after all it’s just a college drama club. If you want to join just do it.
Me: Shefali, but Papa..
Shefali: Naina, we will think about it later. Now just think about tomorrow’s auidition. You want to participate na?
Me: Yes..
Shefali: Then do it.. That’s all. OK??
I nodded.
Shefali: Good girl. Now eat something.
We have our dinner and went to our rooms.
Shefali and I sat on our respective tables to study. I was trying to read my books, but my mind was confused about what to do. Should I go for the auditions or not. I will get confused sometimes and it makes hard for me to make a decision. So I used to have a trick to solve these confusions. I used to keep a coin near the prayer area. And when I can’t decide what to do, I will toss the coin and do as it says. So that day also I do the same. I took the coin and decides if it’s heads then I will go for the auditions. But just before tossing the coin I got a message in my mobile; from Sameer. “When you find a dream inside your heart don’t let it go. Dreams are the tiny seeds from which beautiful tomorrows grow. Good night.”
I know that message was a usual forwarded good night SMS that may be had sent to many others also. But at that moment for me that SMS hold more value than that. I believed this was sent purposefully to solve my confusion. So that night I choose to trust the SMS than the coin. Directly or indirectly that night I choose to trust him, Sameer.

Thank you every one

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