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-SSLK- Rabir: Beyhadt pyaar ( Limitless love)

Hey everyone, I’m here with a new story of Rachna and Kabir… I hope you people will like it 🙂
So the story will start when Kabir left Rachna on the wedding day and Rachna decides to help Bittu. But her family will not agree with it and Dayal said that if Rachna helps Bittu, she will be no longer the daughter of this house and she is dead for them. Rachna with heavy heart goes to pack and decide to live her life as she wants.

In Benares, Shail was doing puja. She closes her eyes and tears fell down. Someone put a hand on her shoulder, and she opens her eyes and finds Gunjan teary eyes also.

Gunjan- Mausi Ma please don’t cry, Rachna will come, I’m sure

Shail- Gunjan you are saying this from past 5 years, but my little daughter never shows up.

Gunjan- I know, but give her sometimes. I mean we all were rude to her and top of that Mausa ji told her that she was dead for us, she is hurt but I’m sure she will come back.

Shail just nods and continue her prayer. She was about to finish her prayer when Dadi came.

Shail- Are, Mausi ji aayi… Aapko kuch chahiy?

Dadi- Nahi Shail, I’m fine… I was feeling alone so I came…

Shail- Any news about Nanhe?
Dadi- Still not… I’m very very confused why he decided to go, leaving me alone. He said he will come in three days. Today’s been three days maybe he will come tomorrow

Shail just hugs Dadi… Gunjan takes water for her and she drinks it. In these five years, a lot of thing change… They come to know why KT leaves Rachna from Dadi… Everyone forgive KT as he was not at fault he was just confused about her mom and brother. He always craves for her mother love and her dadi was here for him but no one can replace a mom no? So everyone forgives him, but what the use, Rachna was gone and for good. KT tries to search her everywhere everyone is sad.

Just then a car stop near Garg’s house. We can see a pair of female shoes and then tips of fingers on the door of the car. We can see that it’s a woman well dress looking around. She takes off her sunglass, and it’s revealed to be Rachna.

Driver- This is your house (pointing to a house near Garg family).

Rachna nod- Ok please take my luggage. I’m very tired.


She was about to enter her house when someone calls her. She turns around with a stern face. The person revealed to be Dayal. Dayal has tears in his eyes, after all, he was seeing his daughter after five years, so he emotionally comes near her but Rachna steps back. With Dayal calling Rachna everyone come out and finds Rachna. They were happy but soon sad when they see Rachna stepping back.

Dayal- I know you angry with us but…

Rachna shows her palm to Dayal which shocked everyone.

Rachna smiles- I’m sorry Mr whoever you are… How can I be angry with you? I don’t know you.

Everyone was shocked. How can Rachna talk like this and that too with her father? Everyone understands how much hurt she is and everyone saw how mature and confident she became.
Rachna enters her house and driver come with her luggage. She was very tired and sleeps like this.

Gunjan thinks about Rachna… How she grew up in these five years and think about something which will unite Rachna and her family.

The day goes like this. Rachna in her house unpacking and Garg family happy to see Rachna after all this. At night, Rachna order some food and the delivery came. He rings and Rachna open, only to find Mayank smiling at her.
Rachna looks at him and then hand him money and said a quick thank you. Mayank looks at the door sadly and turns away.
He thanks the delivery boy and goes to his house.
Mayank- Gunjan, how can she behave like this? I mean, she was so cold and behaving strangely. She is not our Rachna, our bubbly, shy and cute princess. Just look at Mausa ji, since he meets Rachna, he is his room. He ate neither he talks. How can Rachna behave like this?

Gunjan- With time everything will be fine aur haan I have a plan to unite family with Rachna.
She explains her plan to Mayank and he was smiling.

Mayank- Great idea Gunjan! I just want my little sister.

Gunjan- Me too, I was missing her a lot.

The couple sleep. Rachna was not sleeping, she was eating on her balcony. Her house is near Garg family and KT’s house. She was in her thought and didn’t hear her phone ringing. The phone ring again and Rachna answer.
Rachna- Good evening baby… Yes I’m fine… did you eat? Yes, I’m eating now… Yes, tomorrow I have to see the M.D… Good night… I love you too

With a smile, Rachna eats her dinner and goes to sleep.
Next day Rachna wakes up early, she goes to her jogging, after one hour of running she came back to her house. Dadi was at her doorstep and find Rachna with sweat.

Rachna- Good morning… Can I help you?

Dadi- Hum… Yes Rachna… I… I want…

Rachna cut her- Why don’t you enter? We can discuss around a good coffee.

Dadi- Coffee? Don’t you drink tea?

Rachna just smiles- No but if you want I can ask for tea.

Dadi just nods, and Rachna asks her maid to make tea for dadi and black coffee for her. Dadi was surprised to see the change in Rachna. The maid comes with a tray of two cups: one coffee and one tea. Rachna take her cup and give the other one to dadi

Rachna- So what you want to say

Dadi- I just want to apologize for what happened five years before

Rachna confused asks- What happened? and why are you apologizing?

Dadi- What do you mean by what happened? I mean whatever happened…

Rachna- I don’t know what you are saying but whatever happened in the past remained in the past. Don’t need to apologize to me because I’m not the girl you are searching.

Dadi- You are my Rachna, you are…

Rachna- Yes I’m Rachna but not your Rachna! You might have confused me with someone else.

Dadi was about to say something but then prefer to stop.
Dadi (in mind)- What happened to Rachna? Why is she doing like nothing happened in her life? Oh God, she is very hurt

Rachna- Excuse-me, I don’t want to be rude but it’s time for me to go to the office. I need to get a shower first, so I will leave. It was nice to talk to you.

Rachna goes to take her shower and then prepare herself into a formal blue navy combination. She takes her laptop bag and phone. Her taxi driver was here and waiting for her.
She gives the address to the taxi driver and settles down at the back of the car. She was finishing her presentation on her laptop when the driver said that they reached. She thanks him and enters the building. She was in advance so she has to wait for a little. After 5 min, the secretary said that the M.D. was waiting for her.
She smiles at the secretary and they head toward the office. The secretary knocks and announces Rachna. The M.D. turn around and he was shocked while Rachna was normal.
Hey here it’s the first chapter! Please do tell me if you like or not I will be happy to read your comment
And yes, I know it’s a short chapter

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